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Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno does beautiful work with such basic materials: a pen and a brush. His illustrations begin in black and white, upon which Moreno builds, adding layers of color and images of other places and people tattooed into their skin. Flowers, birds, and faces organically expand from his subjects, as if a rush of creativity, or a dream, is escaping them.

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CGPortfolio - yanyan ye Mysterious Ancient Books… The ancient books intrigued the girl. I have tried in this painting, watercolor and Realistic paintings together. use a different texture of the natural brushes;hope you like it. then hope you different views.thank you~ some part of progress here.. 20 Amazing Watercolor Masterpieces This is the first of its kind post on Designzzz. The reason this subject of watercolor paintings is selected because these paintings cannot carry as much detail as other routine oil or digital paintings. That is due to the fact that watercolours are not that sophisticated with gradients and swirls.

Conrad Roset Conrad Roset makes the most gorgeous watercolor illustrations. And the – what might seem – random splash of color just gives it that finishing touch. Conrad Roset is a 26 years old illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. Via mood proekt Satirical Art Drawings by Pawel Kuczynski Fun Pic, Pop Culture — By Dave on 2011/02/28 1:48 PM These beautiful works of art are from Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski. Pawel was born in 1976 in Szczecin.

A Butterfly Effect Art Print by Norman Duenas New All « PrevNext » « Prev1234 ... 80Next » Video Transcript artwork by lawrence yang Prices for original work ranges from $200 to $1000. Please email me for more details. Limited edition prints are also available here. "Encounter" - ink and watercolor on paper - 20" x 16" - SOLD "Hydra" - sharpie on bristol- 24" x 17" - not for sale Garden "Garden" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 10" x 10" Artwork © Lawrence Yang 2010 my blog | my site | purchase inquiries Floppy Disk Art by Nick Gentry Each floppy disk used in Nick Gentry’s paintings has a its own story. It represents the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, where objects are created, used and disposed quicker than ever. >

Gothic horror illustrations by Tatsuya Morino Artist Tatsuya Morino puts a unique twist on the great monsters of Gothic literature in a series of illustrations featured in the book Kaibutsu Gensō Gashū. Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, 1818 [+] The Fly - George Langelaan, 1957 Tim Simmons Artist Statement Tim Simmons’ haunting, ethereal landscapes examine the multilayered relationship we have with our physical environment. Taken in natural, often very ordinary settings, his pictures nevertheless have a surreal, otherworldly quality, placing them in a realm beyond immediate recognition. This illusive atmosphere invokes a sense of the spirit of the earth, inspiring quiet reflection in the viewer and prompting questions about mortality and our place in the world. Tim Simmons’ Website

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