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Paper Plate Weaving How To

Paper Plate Weaving How To
I have to confess, that there are not “many paper plate crafts” on Red Ted Art yet. I am not sure why, but paper plates are not something we have in our house. But it was it was time to change that……… especially as it is such a fun material to work with. The first thing we decided to have a go at, where those gorgeous Paper Plate Weaving crafts. Weaving is something we have wanted to do for a while and combining it with a paper plate is just perfect. (We are really “into” using wool for crafting at the moment. Click here to subscribe Or join us on Facebook ! Paper Plate Weaving Materials: A paper plateWool of different coloursScissorsoptional – plastic needle for guiding Paper Plate Weaving How To: I did all the paper plate weaving PREPPING for the children. 1) Begin by marking out an UNEVEN set of “petals”. *note: some peoplemake a hole in the centre, and thread all the wool through in “pairs”. 2) Take your wool and place it between your first two petals. 4) Now you are ready to weave.

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Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids (+ templates) Phew, I finally got round to making some Christmas decoration templates for kids. (I don’t know about you but my to-do list is out of hand at the moment!). My two boys are still a bit young to do the cutting-out so I did it for them. Their job is to go wild with the glue, glitter, silvery markers etc etc! If you wanna print some out for your little ones to cut-out or decorate then you’ll find templates after the jump.

Origami Paper Bows - GORGEOUS GIFT WRAP IDEA! Oh how I love love love paper bows! And now that I have finally gotten my YouTube channel *going*, creating a how to make a paper bow video was simply the best way to show you how to make this lovely Kirigami craft. Kirigami is the art of paper folding, where a little cutting is involved (as opposed to Origami, which is JUST folding and no cutting). You don’t have to cut a lot.. so don’t be put off! These paper bows look FABULOUS on brown paper parcels. I am ALWAYS running out of wrapping paper, but ALWAYS have brown paper.. pop on a paper bow and you are done.

Paper Plate (and Coffee Stick) LOOM They are pretty, aren’t they? The best thing about them, however, is how easy they are. Even young kids can manage once you start it for them (it’s a little trickier at the beginning). This is the coffee stick which we modified a little to turn into a wonderful needle which is perfectly safe for little fingers And this is the plate which we turned into a loom by snipping around the edge.

Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging I love looking at images of flower torans, which are festive garlands hung in Indian households as celebratory decorations, and decided to figure out a crepe paper version. Torans are so fun – the patterns and colors are super cheerful. There are a million ways to use this technique – you can make a wall hanging, garlands, bunting, leis, etc., and you can scale them to suit whatever space you’re decorating. They would look great as a backdrop at a party or wedding! You will need: a wooden dowel (available at your local hardware store and they should be able to cut it to whatever size you want – I used a 3/4″ wide by 24″ long dowel), crepe paper in various colors, string , clothespin clips

Stellated dodecahedrons! Hello there. I seem to be stuck in a geometric-paper-model rut at the moment! I promise this will be the last one for a while! (I have just white-washed a lot of the walls in our home so I have been looking to make some colourful objects to hang up…these are just the job). Making stellated dodecahedrons is fairly time consuming and requires a light-touch and a fair bit of patience…so teenagers/adults only! (I would say that each one takes about 2 hours to make…but you can do most of it with your feet up in front of the telly). Super Cool Kids Art Ideas: Name Snowflakes When I first had the crazy idea to make Name Snowflakes, I honestly wasn’t sure how it would go but Immy and I actually found it very addictive! Once both of our names were done, she insisted we work on making a collection for her school friends too! I just love how individual they are. I love that they can be used to combine art with math and that there is a good dose of fine motor skill thrown in too!

Woven paper gift topper I‘m pretty chuffed with these woven paper gift toppers. They are a sinch to make and look really great with recycled newspaper wrap. The idea originated from this woven yarn gift topper which you can see at and from this image which comes from the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. How-to ♥ Cut some strips of colored paper. Mine were 0.5cm wide. Free Printable Paper Dolls I know today is a miserable snowy day for much of the country so I thought I'd share a fun project that you can do with your little ones! When I was little, me and my sister used to love to make paper dolls and we'd even make custom clothes for them from cutting out pictures from magazines. They are great, cheap fun.

paper decorations {winter edition} Here are some Christmas decorations inspired by the good old British weather! We’re putting the tree up this weekend so more decorations to come over the next week. When do you normally put yours up? (When I was little it was usually a Christmas eve job but nowadays my neighbourhood seems to go for December 1st!). (BTW: Don’t forget to put your loop of thread in before sticking the models together – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done that!)

How to Make Paper Cherry Blossoms - U Create Thank you to all the wonderful readers at U Create and Kari for having me here today to share with youa simple DIY that will bring some gorgeous flowers into your home, even before spring arrives! I am Ananda from A Piece Of Rainbow,where I blog about creative and useful DIY for our home and garden. I love decorating with flowers made of all things, such as Kari’s stunningly beautiful denim flower wreath! Today we are making cherry blossoms! Who does not love cherry blossoms? They looks so lovely in any style of home from country to vintage to modern!

Quick 'n Easy Giant Paper Pinwheels Summer Crafting Fun With The Kids Summer is fast approaching, and we are giddy with anticipation in our house. I can’t wait to spend some extended hours outside with my daughter, after the endless cold, wind and rainy this spring, and with that in mind am making lists of fun diy garden games and Summer Crafts to keep us both entertained. Mini paper medallions {hello 2013!} Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We took our decorations down a few days ago which is always a bit sad :-/ so I made a few new decorations to hang up in their place. Paper medallions have been around for aeons.

Paper Crafts for Children » Games and Toys You will need card in two shades and all the usual crafty bits like a pencil, scissors, glue stick, googly eyes and sticky tape Draw two circles on the light green card so they overlap a little. I drew round a side-plate and a mug to get the size I wanted. Draw on the legs, tail and a bit extra for the nose. Cut out leaving the overlap uncut. Cut out the slits. How to Weave a Paper Ball Ornament When I was in Thailand, I would see the local people weave palm leaves into beautiful bowls, fans, balls and other amazing things. I asked my aunt if she knew how to make these things and she gave me a book that was all in Thai. I don't know how to read Thai, I can barely speak it. Somehow after a week of fumbling around with strips of paper, I managed to decode the pictures and figure it out. Here is my tutorial for you, it is not in Thai, and hopefully it won't take you weeks to make. I did take pictures, but please watch the video.