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Woven paper gift topper

Woven paper gift topper
I‘m pretty chuffed with these woven paper gift toppers. They are a sinch to make and look really great with recycled newspaper wrap. The idea originated from this woven yarn gift topper which you can see at and from this image which comes from the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. How-to ♥ Cut some strips of colored paper. Mine were 0.5cm wide. They need to be long enough to wrap around your gift. I also made a rainbow gift topper….no surprise there then! Happy Monday everyone!

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Paper medallions Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We took our decorations down a few days ago which is always a bit sad :-/ so I made a few new decorations to hang up in their place. Paper medallions have been around for aeons. I remember making them when I was a kid. paper decorations {winter edition} Here are some Christmas decorations inspired by the good old British weather! We’re putting the tree up this weekend so more decorations to come over the next week. When do you normally put yours up? (When I was little it was usually a Christmas eve job but nowadays my neighbourhood seems to go for December 1st!). (BTW: Don’t forget to put your loop of thread in before sticking the models together – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done that!) Templates – – – – – – – –

DIY paper doll faces and speech bubbles ⇆ bloomize “Smile”, “Hello”, “Thinking of you”, “Be happy” and “Uh-oh” were the expressions that came to me as I made these cuter-than-I-expected faces and assigned a speech bubble to all of them, except one. Give anything a speech bubble and anything speaks. All their faces were folded using 6″/15 cm single-sided origami square papers. Easy sewing patterns for kids What sweet easy sewing patterns for kids! We do rather enjoy a bit of sewing… We were lucky enough to have mothers and grandmothers who could sew, (not being gender specific here, that’s just how it was then!) I have incredibly fond memories of my school summer dresses and school party dresses being made by my mother, the fabric’s and patterns spread over the dining table, the shiny pins, and chalk, the drum of the electric sewing machine noise. So it’s down to them that our interest in sewing continues, even if now the extent of sewing stretches as far as cushion covers, and hemming of school trousers!

Paper Flower Roundup As promised, here is a roundup from around the web of some gorgeous paper flowers! All of these would be great for weddings, home decor or a gift for your special someone this Valentine's Day! Above you will see a rose that I made thanks to a great tutorial and template from Ellinee. I tried several roses, I will post more photos of mine at the bottom of this post, and I can say that regular copy paper (or paper of a similar weight) is easiest for these, though you can also make them with card stock and vellum without too much trouble. I really love these as I have seen several tutorials for roses around the web that are either too simple and so don't look very realistic or need you to cut out every single petal individually (and who has the time to do all that?).

How to Weave a Paper Ball Ornament When I was in Thailand, I would see the local people weave palm leaves into beautiful bowls, fans, balls and other amazing things. I asked my aunt if she knew how to make these things and she gave me a book that was all in Thai. I don't know how to read Thai, I can barely speak it. Stellated dodecahedrons! Hello there. I seem to be stuck in a geometric-paper-model rut at the moment! I promise this will be the last one for a while! Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial - Dog Under My Desk I use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled. Some of you have commented that you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. This is definitely simple to make, and a little more fun than the typical rectangular zippered pouch! I can see these as the perfect gift for teenage cousins or nieces or girlfriends or even teacher gifts. Fun, quick, and cute! It doesn’t take very much fabric so you could even use scraps!

How To Make Honeycomb Pom-Poms I’m seeing lovely honeycomb pom-poms floating around here and there and they make me happy! They seemed quite straight forward to make so I tried making them with some tissue papers I had. It turned out really well – easy to make and quite satisfying, so I’ve made this little tutorial for you. Paper Plate Weaving How To I have to confess, that there are not “many paper plate crafts” on Red Ted Art yet. I am not sure why, but paper plates are not something we have in our house. But it was it was time to change that……… especially as it is such a fun material to work with. The first thing we decided to have a go at, where those gorgeous Paper Plate Weaving crafts. Weaving is something we have wanted to do for a while and combining it with a paper plate is just perfect. (We are really “into” using wool for crafting at the moment.

Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging I love looking at images of flower torans, which are festive garlands hung in Indian households as celebratory decorations, and decided to figure out a crepe paper version. Torans are so fun – the patterns and colors are super cheerful. There are a million ways to use this technique – you can make a wall hanging, garlands, bunting, leis, etc., and you can scale them to suit whatever space you’re decorating.

Soothe Winter Skin with this Homemade Sugar Scrub Winter skin has been an issue for me, for as long as I can remember. All summer long I swim, garden and hike around in the Southern California sun. Occasionally I will leave my skin outdoors for too long, turning it bright pink (never the deep, creamy brown my mom and sister have) but it always bounces right back to my soft, milk-white and freckly skin. In the winter months however, my skin completely dries out on me. Winter is when my skin should love me! Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids (+ templates) Phew, I finally got round to making some Christmas decoration templates for kids. (I don’t know about you but my to-do list is out of hand at the moment!). My two boys are still a bit young to do the cutting-out so I did it for them. Their job is to go wild with the glue, glitter, silvery markers etc etc! If you wanna print some out for your little ones to cut-out or decorate then you’ll find templates after the jump. (My 3 year old helping me to ‘stage the shot’)

How to Make a Tassel ... Quickly and Easily Tassels make a great decorative detail for your knit and crochet projects and all around your home. Today I will show you how to make a tassel quickly and easily in any size you desire! And best of all, if consistency is your goal, this method helps keep them all the same size! What you will need:

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