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Bloom Scroll down to see process images -- Bloom - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" Bloom WIP 5 - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" Bloom WIP 4 - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" Bloom WIP 3 - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" Bloom WIP 2 - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" Bloom WIP 1 - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" All work © Lawrence Yang 2009 my blog | my site | purchase inquries

From Athens to London - Olympic Summer Games Posters from 1896 to 2012 The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will begin tomorrow, on July 27th in London, United Kingdom. I thought it would be interesting to see how the design trends in Olympic posters have changed during the years. In this article you will find every official poster of the Summer Olympic Games from 1896 to 2012. Let the games begin! No official poster was made for the 1896 Olympic Games, but the cover page of the official report is often used to refer to the Games of the I Olympiad. Which one is you favorite poster? You may also want to see Winter Olympic Games Posters from 1924 to 2010 Here are 21 reimagined cult movie posters I would love to hang up in my home. Please leave your comment about this post on the comment section below.

DIY Artwork - Easy Paint Projects - Painting Ideas UPDATE: The long weekend is the perfect time to start some new projects, so why not try this awesome (and so easy) artwork DIY? This story was originally published on July 25. If there are two things that have been commanding our attention lately, they're cool artwork and chevron prints. So, we were obviously pretty stoked to find a way to incorporate both — for cheap! — in an amazing DIY project for your apartment. Inspired by the work of artist Nancy Ramirez, two stellar Refinery29 interns collaborated on this easy-does-it way to spice up an empty wall. From the moment we spied this Nancy Ramirez painting on Pinterest, we were smitten. Assemble your paints and squeeze a quarter-size amount of each color onto your palette. To incorporate all of our colors, we used one at a time, rinsing our brush between each and blending until we covered the canvas. Once you've covered the canvas, let it dry for a few minutes. Et voilà! Photographed by Maia Schoenfelder

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee (click images for detail) For the better part of three decades multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramee has worked as a stage writer, director, composer, a fabricator of musical instruments, a singer, sculptor, painter and writer. Among his sculptural works are two incredible series of carved book landscapes and structures entitled Biblios and The Great Wall, where the dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. Of these works he says: So I carve landscapes out of books and I paint Romantic landscapes. Laramee’s next show will be in April of 2012 at the Galerie d’Art d’Outremont in Montreal.

50 Mind Blowing Watercolor Paintings Coral It’s quite simple to start watercolor paintings – mix water with the paint, paint with brush on paper. But it’s not simple to grasp the technique and create a piece of high quality. It takes time to experiment and there are a lot to learn.Today, the technique has evolved that the water media refers to not only watercolors but also inks, temperas, gouaches and modern acrylic paints. In this post I collected 50 mind blowing watercolor paintings which are created by 25 amazing artists, most of which are from dA. Early Spring Ulyana is self-tought artist from Switzerland. Alis volat propriis Why do people dream? Joanna Wedrychowska is an artist from Poland who works on tradition media. Lara Fan art of Lara Henshingly Croft done for Tomb Raider Reborn – Contest 2013 Sherlock Aurora Wienhold is a professional illustrator from Germany who works in publishing and the film industry. Stupidly tiny miss universe Music Artalwaysworks Cool watercolor paintings by Russian artist Tanya Shatseva. Window wip2

Crazy Awesome Paintings by Vladimir Kush Here is a collection of the incredible paintings of Vladimir Kush. Vladimir has been creating these surrealistic paintings since the late 80’s. I’m extremely impressed by his work, and you should be as well! Related Plywood Paintings by Robert Romanowic Plywood Paintings by Robert Romanowic, very unique and awesome! February 8, 2011 In "Inspiration" Amazing Contemporary Paintings by Christine Krainock Christine Krainock creates original, abstract oil painting & acrylic knife painting. December 12, 2011 In "Fine Art" Ellison Design student based in CA who was one of the co-founder of AIA and

The Amazing Art of Tzviatko Kinchev - Draw As A Maniac Tzviatko Kinchev is born in Sofia, Bulgaria and he is an extraordinary talented young man. He is studing in The National Academy of Arts and also working for Haemimont Games as an 2D artist. Check out his works and how he uses a great colorful palette of warm colors. Chek him at facebook Enjoy The Gallery These are definitely masterpieces that would appreciate with time. Hi! How do I view and purchase prints? Ana, Bob, I purchased original prints directly from the painter, from his FB profile so beautiful Beautiful work. amazing! i think the way you use light and composition is amazing. i really do love your work. you (i mean your art) is one of the things i am gonna study . thanks! Mesmerizing! your art work is very amazing i need some more of your art for my inspiration I like too yours does touch me me , really. Help us grow and remove all ads Leave a Reply

Unbelievable Oil Paintings by Fulvio di Piazza Fulvio Di Piazza was born in 1969 in Siracusa, Italy. He studied at Urbino Art Academy and currently lives in Palermo, Italy. In 2008, Di Piazza participated in the Quadriennale exhibition in Rome. Chek him at Anatomy Of An Icon Cary Grant/George Clooney 2 ... Posted Thursday September 15th, 2011 10:46:50 AM Anatomy Of An Icon Cary Grant/George Clooney Marilyn Monroe/Scarlett Johansson James Dean/Robert Pattison Audrey Hepburn/Natalie Portman Elizabeth Taylor/Angelina Jolie Post source: Share, comment on, and support this post:

Bird in Mouth, Beautiful Illustrations & Scene 360 Follow @Scene360: 100 Artists Transform 100 Phone Booths Into Works of Art in São Paulo One hundred artists were given an opportunity to uniquely redesign 100 phone booths in São Paulo… Call Parade - Photos: Mariane Borgomani A São Paulo, au Brésil, une centaine de cabines téléphoniques sont en cours de remplacement par des œuvres d’art… Call Parade - Photos: Mariane Borgomani