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Adele Lost 98 Pounds And When People Say She's Unrecognizable, They Aren't Lying. As Beyoncé was debuting her long-awaited visual album based on “The Lion King” three days ago, everyone was literally losing their minds.

Adele Lost 98 Pounds And When People Say She's Unrecognizable, They Aren't Lying

Raquel Welch - Space Dance and California Dreamin' Vietnam War: Racquel Welch 1967. Inside Michael Avenatti’s Nike Extortion Trial. Attorney Michael Avenatti.

Inside Michael Avenatti’s Nike Extortion Trial

Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP/Shutterstock Over the last year or so, the swift and not particularly surprising fall of lawyer Michael Avenatti has descended through the circles of bankruptcy, alleged domestic violence, banishment from cable television, and separate indictments for tax fraud, extortion, and cheating Stormy Daniels, his most important client. In mid-January, federal agents arrested Avenatti in the middle of a disciplinary hearing before the State Bar of California and charged him with violating his bail agreement. (They alleged he was trying to hide money from creditors.) For the past two weeks, Avenatti has been held in solitary confinement in the high-security wing of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, the notoriously squalid jail where Jeffrey Epstein died. How Brad Pitt's zen reinvention has paved the way for Oscar glory.

Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve: movies malign women by calling them muses. Amid tributes to Anna Karina, who died earlier this month, the word “muse” recurred.

Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve: movies malign women by calling them muses

As in “the muse of Jean-Luc Godard” or “Karina served as a cinematic muse to Godard”. And in nearly every homage and obituary, you could sense the writer making a valiant effort to acknowledge that Karina was more than just a passive repository of a male auteur’s creativity: that she appeared in films by other renowned directors, starred in a TV musical (Anna) with songs by Serge Gainsbourg, made albums, did theatre, wrote and directed two films, and wrote four novels. Howard Suber on Pauline Kael’s Research Theft: ‘It Felt Like Rape’ Howard Suber is the biggest revelation in Brian Kellow's new biography, "Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark.

Howard Suber on Pauline Kael’s Research Theft: ‘It Felt Like Rape’

" Suber was an up-and-coming assistant professor of film at UCLA 40 years ago, when the famed New Yorker critic filched his research for "Raising Kane," her acclaimed in-depth examination of “Citizen Kane.” Suber never took legal action or went public about the plagiarism. Ryan Reynolds Denies Starring In Green Lantern, Walks Out From Interview When Asked About It.

Lovable, goofy, and humorously crass actor Ryan Reynolds is making waves on the internet once again.

Ryan Reynolds Denies Starring In Green Lantern, Walks Out From Interview When Asked About It

This time because he did a comedic stint with fellow actor Taika Waititi at the New York Comic Con while promoting their newest film Free Guy. Reynolds and Waititi repeatedly denied having ever worked together on Green Lantern in the past and disappeared the moment their colleagues pressed them further. Just like Reynolds and Waititi are pretending that it doesn’t exist, Green Lantern is a superhero flick that most of the geek community would simply love to forget. It was one of the biggest let-downs for superhero fans ever and was a financial disaster for DC. Image credits: vancityreynolds. Burt Reynolds Marlon Brando Feud - Burt Reynolds Was Nearly In The Godfather. Marlon Brando, for all his accolades, was known throughout his career to be something of an asshole.

Burt Reynolds Marlon Brando Feud - Burt Reynolds Was Nearly In The Godfather

The legendary film actor, especially in his later years, is said to have consistently demanded insane provisions on set, slapping huge cue cards to actors' foreheads, and defying production conventions so flippantly that major studio heads vowed to never again work with him. And yet, he is still known as one of Hollywood's greatest all-time actors. The "Today I Learned" Reddit community got wind of a particularly ridiculous Marlon Brando story recently, one that involves Brando's hatred for another iconic Hollywood star–Burt Reynolds. Punk hellraiser Lydia Lunch: 'I'm chronically misunderstood – but I get off on it'

Lydia Lunch turned 60 this year, but age has done little to dim this counterculture icon’s lust for life.

Punk hellraiser Lydia Lunch: 'I'm chronically misunderstood – but I get off on it'

Decades after her start as the nihilist 16-year-old frontwoman of 1970s no-wave band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, the New York-born “apocalyptician” is a revered veteran of the US underground: a writer, spoken-word performer, musician, actor and artist. At The Peak Of My Fame, I Could Have Slept With Any Werewolf, Mummy, Or Ghoul I Wanted. When you strike it big as a children’s author, your life changes dramatically.

At The Peak Of My Fame, I Could Have Slept With Any Werewolf, Mummy, Or Ghoul I Wanted

The money starts pouring in, and then there are the awards, the fans, the TV deals. Lindsay Lohan's Mykonos beach club closes, MTV show ends: Report. Lindsay Lohan's MTV reality show is no more, and her Mykonos nightclub that was at the center of the series appears to now be closed, claims a new report.

Lindsay Lohan's Mykonos beach club closes, MTV show ends: Report

Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock On June 18, Page Six reported that "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" -- which premiered in January 2019 and initially delivered respectable ratings before viewership fell -- won't be back for Season 2. "There was a renewal idea that producers hoped would perk it up for a second season. It would be turned into a show about Lindsay and [her mother] Dina and [sister] Ali, [but] that wasn't going to happen," a source told Page Six, adding that the reality show didn't have "enough drama... James Ellroy finally has happiness in his sights. On a dark Saturday afternoon in February James Ellroy, America’s pre-eminent crime novelist and chronicler of depravity and excess, was having problems with his central heating.

James Ellroy finally has happiness in his sights

“It’s cold in here, isn’t it?” He said. I agreed that it was. Ellroy, who is tall and bald, and looks like a cross between Michel Foucault and Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, got up and spent a few moments peering and poking at the thermostat. Then he announced that he would phone his girlfriend – and former wife – Helen Knode, a writer who has her own flat in the same apartment block near Union Station in Denver, Colorado. At bookshop readings and on TV chat-shows, Ellroy presents himself as “the Demon Dog of American fiction”, a confident huckster full of scurrilous gossip and risqué jokes.

Lori Loughlin Doesn't Want Olivia Jade and Bella to go to Jail. Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli Are 'Outraged' That They're Being Called 'Cheaters': Source. Judge Sentences Lori Loughlin To 100 Hours Of Community Theater. LOS ANGELES—In the hopes that the experience provides a valuable lesson about adherence to the law, Judge Steve Kim responded to Lori Loughlin’s money laundering, bribery, and racketeering charges Friday by sentencing the former Full House actress to 100 hours of community theatre. “As punishment for the dishonesty, flippancy, and disregard for the law Ms.

Loughlin has displayed, I’ve sentenced her to perform in a minimum of 12 different community theatre productions around the greater Los Angeles area,” said Judge Kim, who expressed his intention of sending a message to all those who believe themselves to be above the law through the actress’s mandatory court-ordered participation in small-scale productions of The Pajama Game, Oklahoma, Little Shop of Horrors, and an upcoming modern retelling of The Crucible. “Loughlin will be required to run lines with a designated sponsor to ensure she’s completely off-book for each production, and learn all necessary choreography and blocking. Christian Bale Loses 40 Years For Upcoming Movie Role. Alex Jones Gets Laughed Out of a Chicken Restaurant in Austin.

I'm sort of surprised I didn't find this here, but here we go. Alex Jones, purveyor of stupid conspiracies and making money off even stupider people, thought he could tough guy his way through Lucy's Fried Chicken in Austin, TX. While Texas is unfortunately red, many places (most cities) are strongly Democratic, with Austin perhaps being the most so. (I'm in the DFW area, and we're a close second in my opinion.) For whatever reason, Alex decided this was a good forum to start calling people "libtards" and other creative names while roaming the restaurant like a lost raccoon looking for scraps.

Charm, booze and devilry: Malcolm McDowell and Mike Figgis on Albert Finney. Malcolm McDowell The first time I met Albert, he shook my hand and said: “You have a very interesting face,” in that famous Northern lilt of his. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. It was in 1968, on the set of Lindsay Anderson’s If…, which Albert produced and which was my breakthrough. I didn’t tell him then but he was my hero: when I saw him in Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, as a young man in Liverpool, it made me realise that I could could be an actor, too. The Grammys' Failed Commitment to Racial and Gender Diversity. Somehow There Were Two Ties at the 2019 Critics' Choice Awards. Lady Gaga Heavy Breathing Supercut 2019 Grammys. Tom Brady Feeling Guilty After Gorging Self On Full Order Of Kansas-City-Style Tap Water.

KANSAS CITY—Expressing regret and shame for having “completely overindulged,” New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady confessed feelings of guilt Friday after gorging himself on a full order of Kansas-City-style tap water. “Ugh, I’ve compromised my own standards and my responsibility to my team by devouring an entire 32-ounce glass of non-ionized fluid,” said Brady, who added that he couldn’t believe the locals considered such a massive portion to be a normal-sized serving. “And I have to tell you, K.C. -style tap water is just so thick and tangy that I don’t know how I even managed it. Rejection From Hall Of Fame Sends Roger Clemens Spiraling Into Performance-Enhancing-Drug Binge. HOUSTON—Furious after once more failing to receive enough votes for induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens reportedly went off on a reckless performance-enhancing-drug bender Wednesday. Ethan Hawke’s Body Found Dumped In Laurel Canyon As 2019 Oscar Race Heats Up.

LOS ANGELES—Declaring this year’s awards-show-related crime wave among the worst in decades, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Friday that the headless, handless body of Ethan Hawke was found dumped in Laurel Canyon, a crime consistent in its motive and its violence with the 2019 Oscar race. The 69 Idiots of 2018: Capitalists. Alan Dershowitz complains anti-Trump bias is keeping him off CNN: 'It's a tragedy'

Jezebel. Emily Blunt on Why Women Deserve ‘The Right to F*ck Up’ Inmates Scrambling To Replace Whitey Bulger In Prison Production Of ‘Guys And Dolls’ BRUCETON MILLS, WV—Stressing the challenge of finding another actor with the stage presence necessary to bring the character of Nathan Detroit to life, inmates at the U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton were reportedly scrambling Tuesday to replace deceased mob boss Whitey Bulger in their current prison production of Guys And Dolls. Inger Stevens. 'What Is Your Job?' Ugandan President Asks Kim Kardashian. Coors Gets Recycled. Burt Reynolds On Toupees, Trump, and Why He’d Never Work with Paul Tho. Photo: Richard Young/Rex Nearly a generation has passed since Burt Reynolds's last movie of note: Boogie Nights, the 1997 Paul Thomas Anderson masterpiece in which Reynolds played, with disquieting authenticity, the porn titan Jack Horner.

Let's Hear It for Jennifer Garner, Who Survived Seeing Her Own Movie in Public. Here Are a Bunch of Photos of Burt Reynolds Looking Cool as Hell. There's A Charity Store With Photos Of Jeff Goldblum In All Its Picture Frames. Kurt Russell Played Minor League Baseball Until an Injury Ended His Career. Today I found out Kurt Russell was a minor league baseball player until an injury ended his career. “Boardwalk Empire”’s Kelly Macdonald reveals why she loves puzzles and hates this type of Scottish accent - Salon Video. Jezebel. Obituary: R. Lee Ermey, Marine, Actor, POG — Duffel Blog. Serge Gainsbourg's 20 most scandalous moments. Twenty years ago this week saw an event that brought the entire French population to a standstill.

It was the day that Serge Gainsbourg – France’s answer to David Bowie, Mick Jagger and John Lennon rolled into one smoke cloud of controversy – died of a heart attack. 'He was a great man. I was just pretty': photos tell story of Jane and Serge. The English singer and actor Jane Birkin met Serge Gainsbourg in 1968 when she was 22, and left the French singer and songwriter more than half a lifetime ago in 1980 – yet at 71 her name is still rarely mentioned without being bracketed with his.

Jezebel. Politics.theonion. Architect Richard Meier takes leave of absence following sexual harassment allegations. Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier said he was "deeply troubled and embarrassed" by accusations of sexual harassment against him, as he temporarily stepped down from his company. Meier's statement came after the New York Times published allegations from five women, including four former employees. "I am deeply troubled and embarrassed by the accounts of several women who were offended by my words and actions," Meier said in a statement published on the Richard Meier & Partners website.

9 Bizarre Facts About Nicolas Cage. Sports.theonion. The Soul-Crushing Legacy of Billy Graham. Omarosa’s Desperate Bid for Relevance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Entertainment.theonion. Nicolas Cage on Going Where Few Actors Dare: ‘I Didn’t Get Into This for Awards’ Woody Allen’s private notes show he’s obsessed with teenage girls. The Elaine Diaries ( @The Elaine Diaries ) Videos Live Insta Videos. Cardi B. and Erykah Badu Did the Impossible: Made The Tonight Show Tolerable. Theonion. Illuminati goddess symbolism in Lady Gaga ARTPOP album cover - IlluminatiWatcher. Many left unemployed after stars ousted for sexual misconduct. Entertainment.theonion. Michael Shannon on 'The Shape of Water,' His Personal Style and More. Raquel! The Extraordinary, Ultra-Kitsch Raquel Welch TV Special – The Reprobate. Conspiracy: Prince Harry Meets Melania, Makes the Sign of the Devil 

Last Woman Standing: Game of Thrones' Lena Headey on the race to the Iron Throne. The Sordid Double Life of Washington’s Most Powerful Ambassador. Interview Puts Kim Kardashian in Jackie Kennedy Drag, Calls Her 'America’s New First Lady' The Cult Appeal of Poppy, the Perfect Pop Idol of the Future. Elle Fanning: ‘It’s a job, but it’s also about dressing up and pretending’ 5 Things To Know About Mitch McConnell. ‘Literally No One Calls Me That Or Has Ever Called Me That’: Our Interview With Ol’ Musky. The Award for Smug Jerk Goes to … LeBron James Dances Naked Inside Pentagram Of Black Candles In New Pregame Satanic Ritual. Jerry Seinfeld Denies Kesha Hug: 'Don't Know Who That Is' - Rolling Stone. Here’s what the pins that Sheriff Clarke wears actually mean. We Need To Talk About Katy Perry.

Lawyers Identify Dozens More Bill Cosby Victims While Interviewing Potential Jurors. James Ellroy. Amy's Baking Company From 'Kitchen Nightmares' 'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova Is Revolted By Kids And 'Race-Mixing' The faces of congress, averaged. Blondie Bennett, Barbie-Obsessed Woman, Uses Hypnotherapy To Make Herself 'Brainless'

Anchor Interviews Samuel L. Jackson, Confuses Him With Laurence Fishburne, Regrets It Immediately. Aaron Eckhart Likes To Make One Frankenstein Movie For Them, One Frankenstein Movie For Himself. More Hollywood Celebrities Reproducing By Asexual Budding. Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Clear John Kerry After Exhaustive 9-Year Investigation. Boy, I’ve Really Put You In A Tough Spot, Haven’t I? 15 Celebrities That Want To Be Food Experts. Every Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List Outfit. SNL's 'Wake Up With Kimye' Mocks Kim Kardashian, Kanye West. Gwyneth Paltrow and her trainer make a tone-deaf lifestyle series. Jenna Jameson Doing Porn Again To Support Her Kids. Tom Cruise Returns From 39th Combat Deployment To Burbank, California. Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchinson Split, Prove That Love Is Dead Forever. Let’s all laugh at Ann Coulter, right-wing performance artist. Jenna Jameson TV Interview Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior & Slurred Words.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers your favorite lines. The ultimate Morrissey memoir playlist. Sting. Meet The Porn Star Who’s A Lieutenant In The Army Reserve. Courtney Love Calls Miley Cyrus A 'Hillbilly,' Thinks Katy Perry Is 'Boring' Hey, Gurl: 22 Pictures of Miley Cyrus' Open Mouth: Music Pictures.