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The Award for Smug Jerk Goes to … You’ve had that moment of self-satisfied, maybe call it borderline, contempt when watching awards shows and seeing your normally very composed star of stage or screen just break the hell down.

The Award for Smug Jerk Goes to …

From Sally Fields’ particularly groveling “You like me! Right now, you like me!” After a 1985 Academy Award win for Best Actress to Colin Farrell’s late 1990s Golden Globes’ speech where he insisted that the sniffling he was doing came from having a cold and not from snorting cocaine. Not like when he used to snort cocaine, he went on to say. Which was before, when he was snorting lots and lots of cocaine during a time that was totally different from this time, wherein he was announcing the winner of the Best Foreign Film award.

LeBron James Dances Naked Inside Pentagram Of Black Candles In New Pregame Satanic Ritual. CLEVELAND—In an effort to reverse the momentum of an NBA Finals so far dominated by the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James reportedly danced naked Wednesday inside a pentagram of black candles in a new pregame satanic ritual before Game 3.

LeBron James Dances Naked Inside Pentagram Of Black Candles In New Pregame Satanic Ritual

Witnesses confirmed the demonic rite began moments after the conclusion of the pregame shootaround when James, who had carefully removed his warmup pants and hooded cloak to reveal his bare, sweat-slicked body, slowly strode to the center of the court as Quicken Loans Arena darkened and the pounding beat of DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” faded into the low hum of Gregorian chanting.

Illuminated by the glow of the nearly two dozen candles, the three-time NBA champion reportedly then proceeded to arrhythmically contort his body in a hypnotic display of reverential worship to the Princes of Darkness in the final minutes before tipoff. “Shemhamforash!” James added, closing his eyes and throwing back his head. Jerry Seinfeld Denies Kesha Hug: 'Don't Know Who That Is' - Rolling Stone. Here’s what the pins that Sheriff Clarke wears actually mean. This article has been updated.

Here’s what the pins that Sheriff Clarke wears actually mean

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke emerged onto the national scene last year with his fervent support of Republican Donald Trump, despite the fact he was a Democrat. We Need To Talk About Katy Perry. Lawyers Identify Dozens More Bill Cosby Victims While Interviewing Potential Jurors. James Ellroy. Life and career[edit] Ellroy was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Geneva Odelia (née Hilliker) Ellroy, a nurse, and Armand "Lee" Ellroy, an accountant and, according to Ellroy, onetime business manager of Rita Hayworth.[2] After his parents' divorce, Ellroy and his mother relocated to El Monte, California.[3] In 1958, Ellroy's mother was murdered.

James Ellroy

The police never found the perpetrator, and the case remains unsolved. The murder, along with reading The Badge by Jack Webb (a book composed of sensational cases from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department, a birthday gift from his father), were important events of Ellroy's youth.[3][4] Amy's Baking Company From 'Kitchen Nightmares' All the 'Unics' Should The owners of "Amy's Baking Company" returned to "Kitchen Nightmares" Friday to defend their volatile viral episode from last year -- and just like before, it was a total trainwreck.

Amy's Baking Company From 'Kitchen Nightmares'

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo were on the show last night and miserably attempted to tell their side of the story -- specifically regarding their vile comments on Facebook (which they claim were hacked.) For those who missed it ... 'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova Is Revolted By Kids And 'Race-Mixing' The faces of congress, averaged. Blondie Bennett, Barbie-Obsessed Woman, Uses Hypnotherapy To Make Herself 'Brainless'

Anchor Interviews Samuel L. Jackson, Confuses Him With Laurence Fishburne, Regrets It Immediately. Aaron Eckhart Likes To Make One Frankenstein Movie For Them, One Frankenstein Movie For Himself. More Hollywood Celebrities Reproducing By Asexual Budding. LOS ANGELES—With more and more celebrities sprouting exact genetic copies of themselves through a process of cellular division, the hot new trend of asexual budding has rapidly become the most popular method of reproduction in baby-crazed Tinseltown, sources said Thursday.

More Hollywood Celebrities Reproducing By Asexual Budding

In recent weeks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Aniston, and Justin Timberlake have all been seen in public with a protruding outgrowth of cells that, upon becoming mature, will reportedly detach from each A-lister’s body and become a separate individual biologically identical to its parent. “The hottest thing to be spotted with in L.A. right now is a pulsating, membranous sac containing your own budding offspring,” said Hollywood trend spotter Rachel Florio-Urso, noting that stars such as Kerry Washington, January Jones, and Shakira have fearlessly donned tight dresses that show off the incubating nodes bulging beneath the skin of their backs, arms, or necks.

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Clear John Kerry After Exhaustive 9-Year Investigation. Boy, I’ve Really Put You In A Tough Spot, Haven’t I? As those who have followed the uproar surrounding my lifetime achievement award at this year’s Golden Globes are aware, my name has again become the source of controversy.

Boy, I’ve Really Put You In A Tough Spot, Haven’t I?

Once more, the media, the general public, and my own family members have called into question the propriety of continuing to honor and lavish praise upon an individual—myself, legendary film director Woody Allen—who has been accused of committing crimes of the most deplorable nature. Addressing this highly contentious matter would require you to delve into the following ethical quandary: Do you continue to support me as a filmmaker, writer, and human being who has technically not been convicted of any crime, or do you henceforth cease your admiration of me and my work due to the admittedly pretty damn compelling evidence that I molested at least one young child? I mean, wow, I’ve really put you guys in a pretty tight spot here, haven’t I? 15 Celebrities That Want To Be Food Experts. It's hard being a celebrity these days.

15 Celebrities That Want To Be Food Experts

It's not enough to just act or sing -- one often needs to also have various other brand extensions to stay in the limelight. So what's an obvious field? Why, food, of course. Check out these 15 celebrities that are food experts (or at least claim to be). Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth is probably the first person many people think of when they hear the words "food" and "celebrity. " Every Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List Outfit. SNL's 'Wake Up With Kimye' Mocks Kim Kardashian, Kanye West. Gwyneth Paltrow and her trainer make a tone-deaf lifestyle series. If any two people would know about starting over, it’d be Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her trainer make a tone-deaf lifestyle series

The former is an actress who revamped her career after years wandering in the post-Oscar wilderness; apart from gigs in Marvel movies, Paltrow is by now far better known for her cookbooks and her lifestyle newsletter, Goop, than she is for her onscreen roles. Her food and lifestyle writing is so closely associated with unattainable luxury (she advocates a $1200 napkin set, for instance) that she’s become a nearly universally loathed figure, one who’s always in the press and whose mysterious upcoming Vanity Fair “takedown” profile has been an object of speculation for months.

Jenna Jameson Doing Porn Again To Support Her Kids. Tom Cruise Returns From 39th Combat Deployment To Burbank, California. News By Paul | Comments MALIBU, CA — Saying that he’s so glad to be home after suffering extreme hardships while on the backlot of his latest combat tour, actor Tom Cruise has returned to Malibu after enduring nearly 40 deployments, sources confirmed today.

Tom Cruise Returns From 39th Combat Deployment To Burbank, California

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchinson Split, Prove That Love Is Dead Forever. Courtney Stodden, 19, and Doug Hutchison, 53, are ending their two-and-a-half-year relationship, according to Radar online. Sources told the tabloid that the child bride is "heartbroken" since "busting out" of her marriage. After receiving parental permission to tie the knot in May 2011 at the age of 16, Stodden and Hutchison appeared on the reality television show "Couples Therapy" to defend their controversial relationship. Additional sources attributed the break up to Stodden's growing publicity, saying, "Doug knew he was taking a risk with the marriage, but he genuinely fell in love with Courtney and didn’t realize how much his life would be changed after they got married.

" Hollywood Life reports that Stodden has not been seen with Hutchison since October 2nd, after she went under the knife to achieve those elusive double Ds. Here is a brief look back at their sweet, genuine and definitely not creepy romance: Also on HuffPost: Let’s all laugh at Ann Coulter, right-wing performance artist. Before the publication of her book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama,” I was slated to interview Ann Coulter. The protocol was significantly more formal than that for even better-known celebrities. But I answered the oddly specific questions I was asked as I’d been rushed a copy of the book. I couldn’t shake a lingering feeling that something would go awry. It did. After I sent the advance questions, Coulter went missing. Jenna Jameson TV Interview Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior & Slurred Words.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers your favorite lines. The ultimate Morrissey memoir playlist. Morrissey’s memoir, “Autobiography,” is out in the United Kingdom — and other publications have tasked British correspondents with summarizing its startling contents. While the Daily Beast assigned someone to run through the 457 pages encompassing the life of the embattled, dramatic and turbulently gifted singer/songwriter, we’ve come up with something more pleasurable: finding a song to pair with some of the revelations the Daily Beast pried out of the book.

Sting. Sting “O Sting, where is thy death?” “Sting SUCKS! This guy's COOL!” “Every breath you take and every move you make; every bond you break, every step you take I'll be watching you.” Sting (born Gordon Sumner Harkonnen) is a well known British deep-throat jizz singer, who only makes the last three words recognizable in his lyrics, and defender of the universe. Meet The Porn Star Who’s A Lieutenant In The Army Reserve. SAN FERNANDO, CA — Ask adult film star Sophi “Vagzilla” Shaina what her favorite outfit is and you may get a strange answer: the drab set of Army ACU’s she gets to trade her workplace thong and latex for, one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Courtney Love Calls Miley Cyrus A 'Hillbilly,' Thinks Katy Perry Is 'Boring' Hey, Gurl: 22 Pictures of Miley Cyrus' Open Mouth: Music Pictures. Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story This Morning. The Onion Predicted Miley Cyrus VMA Backlash In 2008. TV characters are invading our lives!

Ben Affleck To Play Batman. Ben Affleck as Batman: Like the Bennifer era never ended. Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block. Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck - A Dateline Special (Part 1) I Went to Corey Feldman's Birthday Party. Gretchen Carlson’s 6 most bizarre moments. Gretchen Carlson, an android papier-mâchéd with tabloid clippings, has a long history of saying dumb things on “Fox & Friends.” Fabio Says He's Done With Affairs, Ready For Marriage. Fabio Lanzoni, the chiseled-faced, long-haired model who graced the covers of hundreds of romance novels in the '80s and '90s, is still living the single life -– but he wants more.

I’m Happy To Say, After 71 Years, I’m Finally Going On A Surfin’ Safari. Bob Woodward Gets New Job. Miley Hits an All-New Creepy Low. Amanda Bynes Hospitalized After Setting Fire. How a psychic cook called Carolyn convinced Phil Collins he's a reincarnated American hero. Gretchen Carlson Leaving 'Fox And Friends': 10 Of Her Most Baffling Moments. Fox News Host Smacks Toddler In The Face With A Basketball, Blames The Child (VIDEO) - President-Elect Edwards Seen Entering Chinatown Massage Parlor. Donald Trump Stares Forlornly At Tiny, Aged Penis In Mirror Before Putting On Clothes, Beginning Day. Pregnant Wife Has No Idea Which Jonas Brother She Married. Sesame Street: 'Bert And Ernie Are Not Gay, They Are Depraved Pansexual Perverts' 'Daily Show' Deep Fries Paul Deen: John Oliver, Jessica Williams Talk Chef's 'Racist Cravings' Henry Hargreaves: “Band Riders” pokes fun at the outrageous requests of rock stars (PHOTOS).

Tiger Woods, Nike Deal Includes New Line Of Sex Toys And Apparel. Oscars Reveal Widening Gap Between Best, Worst Dressed. Jim Carrey's funniest impression of all time. Mr Bojangles Sammy Davis Jr 1989. Mr. Marcus Admits Starting Porn Syphilis Outbreak By Altering His Test Results. Reagan’s radical rhetoric. Queen Elizabeth II Wears A Hoodie While Driving A Range Rover (PHOTO) Jeff Dowd documentary: Watch a doc about the real-life Dude who inspired “The Big Lebowski.” Poor Donald Trump! 'You Did Great!' Terrified Personal Assistant Tells Clint Eastwood. The haiku of Sad Keanu. Paul Ryan marathon: Which politician had the fastest marathon time? A Slate interactive. Church of Scientology Told Actress Vetted to Be Tom Cruise's Partner She Would 'Save the World,' Writer Says.

Good Evening, It's An Honor To Be Used As A Political Prop By My Husband's Campaign. Bill Clinton Finally Just Shows America His Penis. Christine O'Donnell Considers 2014 Senate Rematch. No One Danced Around Michelle Malkin's Bonfires This Week. Gretchen Gets Punk'd. Get Your War On: Trump's Tweets. Ann Slanders. Michael Richards unsuccessfully apologizes for being racist. Stanley Tucci - Actor, Writer, Family Cook. They Can Never Take Away My Memories. Penn Jillette’s secrets of “Celebrity Apprentice”: Donald Trump is a whackjob! Act II of a Scandal - Cue the Superlawyers and the Spinmasters. Seven Forgotten Classics by Davy Jones. OMG WTF Did You Do to Your Face?!: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. Lei Zhengfu Sex Tape Scandal Leads To Chinese Official's Firing. U.N. Agency Says 2012 Celebrities Hottest On Record. 15-Year-Old Duchess Of McComb, AL Announces Pregnancy.

It's Funny, I've Actually Only Been To New Jersey A Couple Of Times. Human Barbie's Twin: Olga 'Dominica' Oleynik, Valeria Lukyanova Team Up (PHOTOS) Just Tell ‘Em Gary (Busey) Sent Ya! Is David Brooks Teaching Humility at Yale the Most Pretentious Moment In History? Kevin Is Left Alone At Taco Bell For Christmas, Eats.

A Glimpse Inside The Aurora Killer James Holmes ‘Holmies’ Fandom Community. The 8 Most Ridiculous Lindsay Lohan Quotes From The New York Times Magazine's "Canyons" Story. Pregnant Jessica Simpson Pulls Out Fetus For Photo Op. I'm Going To Make A Great Mom Someday. AR-15 Assault Rifle Beginning To Worry It May Never Get To Kill Innocent Person. Ray Lewis Crying Over Embarrassing Spectacle He's Become. The Desexing of Beyonce. STIHIE: The Living Dead. Courtney Stodden's Relationship With Her Dad Is Even Weirder Than Her Creepy Marriage. SCTV - Jerry Lewis "French Genius" Arizona's Gun Posse - The Colbert Report - 2013-12-02.