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Adeadlyarabian. A deadly Arabian Hind was a 38-year-old drop-dead beautiful Arabian woman who opted for isolation in a remote spot after her husband was killed during one of the raids they used to wage on passing merchant convoys together with the help of other men loyalist to her husband, Obada.


She took the life of the man who killed her husband but still she was deeply sad over the death of her beloved husband. She took all her property - 27 goats, four camels and two horses, including the one she rides - and left the tribe for good. Hind was so beautiful; a perfect woman. She had long soft pitch-black hair, dark wide eyes, white-complexioned skin, strong muscled hands and a pair of huge thighs and calves that are as strong as steel.

Her parents were originally Persian and traveled all the way to the Arabian Peninsula to seek a better luck in the trade of fabrics when she was only three years old. Home - Deadly Amazons Art Gallery. Shannon's Stories. Supergirl. Naturalbornsuperiors. Allens_k. Allen's Kidnapping By Freshman Allen is kidnapped by three girls.


Guess why they want him? Allen Parkeran 18 years old, 5'9", 168# with brown eyes and brown hair was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Mannap. A Mannapping, Part 1 By The following is a work in progress.


It is the story of a hunk named Steven who is kidnapped and raped by Michelle, Bridgete and Lenore. All comments would be highly appreciated. Also I will gladly accept any help from anyone with ideas on how to improve and/or continue this story. I really could use help in the following areas: 1)The working tittle for this story is 'A Mannapping'. Someone out there surely must have a better name for it. 2)I could use help on the ages and descriptions of Steven, Michelle, Bridgete and Lenore. Amazonia. The Taming of Amazonia by Stacy Barehugger A boy raised by an Amazon and an Amazonian boy-killer wrestle naked.


Slightly longer description: An exiled Amazon's young son believes he knows what it takes to survive naked combat with a young Amazonian boy-killer. This story borrows from "Homians 9" by Hardie, so please read it first! Quick note by author: I was very much inspired by Hardie's story "Homians 9" (so please read that story before mine). I particularly liked the clever way in which one young Amazon overcomes her male adversary by using brain over brawn. I was also disturbed by the story, particularly in the brutal killing of more or less innocent boys and men by their female opponents, but perhaps that is a good thing. Female essence, Female essence by Chameleon My email address: It can be healthy for a stable man to be shaken up a little.

Female essence,

Emotional turmoil can do wonders for uptight and stagnated men, but if he were unstable to begin with, it would be like shaking a half-rotten tree. Sheena. Who Will Rule The Jungle By Beaten Man Replies to Tarzan and Sheena Meet in Battle to Decide Thanks to AD for the story line A kingdom can have but one king, an empire one emperor.


A tribe can have but one chief and a clan but one patriarch. Many may claim the title but only one can actually be the title. The others are just pretenders. In the Heart of Africa by Tom Adams. Agor. Agor the Destroyer By Beaten Man replies to Sheena battles the Jungle's most powerful warrior to save Tarzan Sheena could not believe her ears.


Her old friend Chief N'boto of the Itu tribe was dead. His forty year reign over the largest of the Central African tribes was over. He had been a wise and just ruler, much beloved by his people and now he was gone. The great Chief had not died of natural causes. He had been murdered in his sleep by his principal bodyguard, a huge warrior known as Agor the Destroyer. Christa's stories. Christa writes about strong, sexy women.

Christa's stories

You can email Christa at If you liked these stories, you'll love having them read to you by Christa herself. A soon to be full fledged FBB, and one of the sexiest authors of muscle stories around, she can read these stories like no one else. If you're interested in purchasing any of our stories on tape, at VERY reasonable prices, please email us at, and well get back to you ASAP.

Confidentiality is our chief concern, so rest assured any order you place with us is strictly private. Doubt an Amazon, and pay the price... Gina. John Meets His "Match" By Beaten Man replies to Gina was a real Knock Out I had become obsessed.


Saying it makes it a bit easier to deal with, but it was obsession none the less. I couldn't get Rhonda out of my mind. The sight of her standing victoriously over her husband Ralph haunted me night after night. The combination of her beauty and strength were, I thought, unmatchable by any other woman. To know that a woman that beautiful and that feminine could be so tough and so strong when the need arose was the most stimulating and arousing thought I'd ever had.

Bob Barron stories. Bob Barron stories Guys and girls face off in intense mixed wrestling matches.

Bob Barron stories

The guys give it their all, but usually end up being smothered and facesat when all is said and done. Brent Returns Brent's rematch with Sara in a tag match is the focal point of a night of mixed wrestling (15/Jun/10)Boyfriend v. Gina. BeegBoy. Kinniku_no_jutsu. Kinniku no Jutsu By Rashianu-Debido aka Debido-San on the wreckshop boards and IRC chat...

Hinata discovers a forbidden jutsu to impress Naruto! Note: Yeah, so I'm doing a new story here, but don't worry I won't give up on my other projects! Just in case you couldn't tell, this story is based off of the anime/manga Naruto, and it's based on the "love" that Hinata Hyuuga has for the main character, Naruto Uzumaki... DanboyII's stories. Supergirl. Crohnsman's bookshelf. Sex stories and erotic stories @ Barbie. Barbie by dmaynard A high-school sex bomb experiences a supernatural transformation, and starts an incestuous relationship with her brother Barbie was a luscious 18 year old teen. Long shapely legs, round tight ass, and bouncy brunette hair. Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository. M. C. stories.

Deadly Ladies in Undies. Diana the Valkyrie. A hard man is good to beat You can ask Sandra the Valkyrie to search the library for you Members of Diana's Web Site can ask a Valkyrie to search all the stories on the site for a specific word. Audio area In the audio area Listen with Diana the Valkyrie you can hear some of these stories read aloud to you by a sexy Valkyrie. Translations. Deadly Ladies in Undies - Male vs Female. The Pegging Party: Ardor: Deadly ladies in undies. Amazon. eBook Erotica - Authors. Amazon. Amy's Conquest. Google. Index of /files/Collections/xthewofliex/