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Comment améliorer la vitesse de chargement d'une page ? I.

Comment améliorer la vitesse de chargement d'une page ?

Qu’est-ce que la vitesse de chargement d’une page ? Appelée également « Page Speed« , la vitesse de chargement d’une page correspond au temps qu’il faut pour afficher l’intégralité du contenu d’une page spécifique, tout en prenant en compte le « Time To First Byte » (TTFB). Le TTFB c’est le « le temps de chargement du premier octet« , qui dépend directement du temps de réaction de votre serveur web et du réseau utilisé pour l’acheminement. De ce fait, Google et les autres moteurs de recherche donnent de l’importance à ce critère de temps de chargement. D’autant plus que les moteurs de recherche sont directement affectés, car les robots « perdront » du temps quand ils viendront indexer votre site, si ce dernier est lent. D’où l’importance d’optimiser la configuration de son site et de son serveur ! II. Implémentez GZip dans la configuration de votre serveur web pour compresser votre contenu avant de l’envoyer aux clients.

Exemple de compression GZIP pour CSS III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. More invaluable command line tools for web developers. This article is a follow up to Invaluable command line tools for web developers, and covers some more great tools that can make your life as a developer that little bit easier.

More invaluable command line tools for web developers

This post first appeared, combined with the first command line tools post, on Smashing Magazine. netcat Netcat, or nc, is a self described networking swiss-army-knife. It's an very simple but also very powerful and versatile application that allows you to create arbitrary network connections. Here we see it being used as a port scanner: $ nc -z 20-100 Connection to 22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded! In addition to creating arbitrary connections netcat can also listen for incoming connections. BSON (Binary JSON) and how your Web API can be even faster. I have been reading the wishlist at Web API Codeplex repository recently, and noticed that one of the most popular requested features, is to add support for BSON (Binary JSON) media type (6th on the list).

BSON (Binary JSON) and how your Web API can be even faster

Of course all it takes to include BSON into your Web API is to simply write a media type formatter for it, and since JSON.NET already has great BSON support, it is actually quite easy. Now, you might be asking a question, why to do it in the first place? Isn’t JSON enough? Well, the main reason is performance, as according to JSON.NET tests, BSON would produce output that’s often smaller than JSON (up to 25%). It is also much quicker to encode and decode, as for simple types there is no parsing to/from their string representation.

Let’s do it then. About BSON If you are still unsure about using BSON, you can find more information about the specification here, and of course at Wikipedia. Creating the formatter. Invaluable command line tools for web developers. Life as a web developer can be hard when things start going wrong.

Invaluable command line tools for web developers

The problem could be in any number of places. Is there a problem with the request your sending, is the problem with the response, is there a problem with a request in a third party library you're using, is an external API failing? There are lots of different tools that can make our life a little bit easier. Here are some command line tools that I've found to be invaluable. Curl Curl is a network transfer tool that's very similar to wget, the main difference being that by default wget saves to file, and curl outputs to the command line.

. $ curl Curl's -i (show headers) and -I (show only headers) option make it a great tool for debugging HTTP responses and finding out exactly what a server is sending to you: $ curl -I HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Cache-Control: private Connection: close Siege.


18 Essential Chrome Extensions for Web Development. Chrome browser is one of the best browsers available online.

18 Essential Chrome Extensions for Web Development

As a web developer, I used to be a big fan of firefox because of the vast number of extension available for web development. Actually, the main reason I stick with firefox is due to the famous extension - Firebug. However, I found myself using chrome more often nowadays when I'm not developing website because of its speedy rendering speed, less bulky (my firefox has way too many web dev extensions installed) and chrome supports latest CSS3 3D transform and just good to view cutting edge website.

Based on the most recent usage share of web browsers, chrome has overtaken firefox and just a few percent behind Internet Explorer, but in fact, Chrome was able to overtake Internet Explorer for the first time few weeks ago! Now you know the trend and I see the need to create a post just to summarise the essential and useful Chrome extensions for web development.