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Best 3D Printer 2014 - Top-Rated 3D Printers From classrooms to design shops, 3D printers seem to be popping everywhere. And as you would expect for a product that appeals to everyone from professional designers to educators to hobbyists, there's a wide array of 3D printers that vary wildly in both features and price tags. Based on our extensive evaluations and hours of testing of more than a dozen models in different price ranges, our top overall pick for those on a budget is the XYZ da Vinci Mini ($270), as its auto-calibration features are helpful to novices and it produces good prints at decent speeds.

Cinéville - Le programme du Cinéville de Laval LA VIE EN GRAND de Mathieu Vadepied avec Balamine Guirassy, Ali Bidanessy, Guillaume Gouix (FRANCE - 2014 - 1h33, AVERTISSEMENT, Gaumont Distribution) LE TOMBEAU DES LUCIOLES d’Isao Takahata ( JAPON - 1996 -1h30 - version originale sous-titrée, Les Films du Paradoxe) NI LE CIEL NI LA TERRE de Clément Cogitore avec Jérémie Renier, Swann Arlaud, Kévin Azaïs (FRANCE, BELGIQUE- 2015 - 1h40, Diaphana Distribution) 24-25 Bella Ciao Ce n'est pas la crainte de la folie qui nous forcera à laisser en berne le drapeau de l'imagination. André Breton Mercredi 9 avril 2014 à 16h : extradition de Mario Sandoval Moxie Marlinspike >> About This site is a partial collection of projects I've worked on, stories I've written down, and software I've published. In the past, I've worked as a software engineer, hacker, sailor, captain, and shipwright. I used to travel a lot; I've hopped freight trains across the US from coast-to-coast a bunch of times, have gotten some really great and some really terrible rides hitchhiking all across America, and have sailed a few near-derelict sailboats as far as I could take them. I currently live in San Francisco.

Les algorithmes ont-ils pris le contr?le des march?s financiers? ? OWNI, News, Augmented A l'image de Skynet dans Terminator, de plus en plus de transactions financières sont totalement automatisées par des algorithmes. Dans quel volume et avec quels risques ? Pour qui a vu la saga Terminator, Skynet évoque ce réseau d’ordinateurs qui, une fois devenu plus malin que les humains, décide de déclarer la guerre à notre espèce. Depuis quelques années, des logiciels informatiques, plus précisément des algorithmes extrêmement complexes, ont peu à peu remplacé les traders. Aujourd’hui, selon les dernières études, quelques 73% des transactions aux États-Unis, sont réalisées par des machines à la vitesse de la lumière. C’est le High-Frequency Trading…

In Flight As we push back from our gate at Heathrow Airport we light the Boeing 747’s engines in pairs, starting with those under the starboard wing. A sudden hush falls in the cockpit as the air flow for the air-conditioning units is diverted. It’s this, air alone, that begins to spin the enormous techno-petals of the fans, faster and faster, until fuel and fire are added, and each engine wakes with a low rumble that grows to a smooth, unmistakable roar. We begin to taxi. In legal terms, a journey begins when “an aircraft moves under its own power for the purpose of flight.” Aircraft Accident Report 3/2009 - Boeing 737-3Q8, G-THOF, 23 September 2007 Air Accidents Investigation Branch report The Air Accidents Investigation Branch was notified by the operator on the 5 October 2007 of an unstable approach and stall during a go-around by a Boeing 737-300 aircraft, G-THOF, at Bournemouth Airport. The event had occurred 12 days previously on the 23 September 2007. The following Inspectors participated in the investigation: Mr K Conradi Investigator-in-charge

Air France Low Cost Long-haul Well I have found the service on AF to be quite good, I don't really understand why some feel obliged to slag off their own flag carrier, especially as in the case of AF such a treatment isn't deserved. AF isn't on the road to bankruptcy, let's not be silly. It does need to keep up with the market and deliver more sustainable profits in the long run. You shouldn't believe what your are told about AF pilots, as their conditions are just about average compared to other European flag carriers, and especially compared to their KLM colleagues, who are believe or nor more costly for the company. AF personnel and pilots have made significant efforts including the loss of leave days, pay freeze, retirement age now 65 iso 60. They have have no such "unsustainable" privileges as you say.

Brainmail In this issue: LIP READING PHONES DRIFT FROM NATURE MARKET METAPHORS SELF IMAGE DELUSION And much, much more... ------------------------------------------------------------ ____ ____ ___ _____ ____ ______ ______ * / __ )/ __ \/ | / _/ | / / |/ / | / _/ / / __ / /_/ / /| | / // |/ / /|_/ / /| | / // / / /_/ / _ _/ ___ |_/ // /| / / / / ___ |_/ // /___ /_____/_/ |_/_/ |_/___/_/ |_/_/ /_/_/ |_/___/_____/ *Feeding hungry minds since 2004 ------------------------------------------------------------ Brainmail email issue 73 - March 2011 ------------------------------------------------------------ Brainmail is a free monthly (usually) newsletter dedicated to current and future trends, statistics and other nuggets of information. f-35-helmet-costs-400000-4-times-predecessor When the joint strike fighter, the F-35 Lightning II, finally takes to the skies on its first official mission, it will be one of the most advanced and one of the most expensive planes ever. And the pilots flying the aircraft will be wearing the most advanced and most expensive helmet ever. The helmet will give pilots quicker access to the information they need to see and has special cameras to "see" through the bottom of the plane. But it will cost an estimated $400,000 per helmet — more than four times as much as the Air Force paid for head wear for other aircraft such as the F-16. Helmets for all the F-35s scheduled to be purchased will cost at least $1 billion, Air Force Times estimates. The helmet makes use of six cameras embedded in the skin of the plane to give pilots a 360-degree view of the surrounding airspace, including enabling them to "look through" the floor of the plane.

A4A Passenger Airline Cost Index (PACI) A4A produces the U.S. Passenger Airline Cost Index (PACI) to monitor trends in the cost of inputs (e.g., labor, fuel, food, aircraft ownership, airport landing fees, insurance, utilities, interest) to the provision of air service over time. The various indices also facilitate comparisons among the components themselves and between airline costs and broader economic indicators. Long-term cost trends are important determinants of airfares. While the PACI includes cost per available seat mile (CASM), the traditional measure of airline unit operating costs, the index values themselves are the superior bellwethers of the price of inputs to production. CASM can mask the true cost of an input because it also reflects changes in productivity over time.

Chain World Videogame Was Supposed to be a Religion—Not a Holy War The USB memory stick contained the sole copy of a videogame unlike any created before. Photo: Jason Pietra Jason Rohrer is known as much for his eccentric lifestyle as for the brilliant, unusual games he designs. He lives mostly off the grid in the desert town of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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