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HTML to JavaScript convertor - Transforms blocks of HTML into JavaScript document.write() statements | Developer Tools The HTML to JavaScript convertor takes your markup and converts it to a series of document.write() statements that you can use in a block of JavaScript. When using this tool, it will convert and escape all those troublesome single quote, double quote issues that always throw you curve balls when creating strings in JavaScript. The last option - to build up a string using a variable name - is most likely to be the best use for this tool. But hey, that's your choice. Enjoy. The 20 best tools for data visualization | Design tools It's often said that data is the new world currency, and the web is the exchange bureau through which it's traded. As consumers, we're positively swimming in data; it's everywhere from labels on food packaging design to World Health Organisation reports. As a result, for the designer it's becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams. One of the best ways to get your message across is to use a visualization to quickly draw attention to the key messages, and by presenting data visually it's also possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn't be apparent from looking at stats alone.

Unlock your password protected PDF files online for FREE! Jun 16 2009 Home This free service enables you to unlock password protected PDF files! Instructions s Malwarescanner Jottis Malwarescanner ist ein kostenloser Online-Dienst mit dem Du verdächtige Dateien mit mehreren Antivirus-Programmen prüfen kannst. Die verwendeten Scanner sind Linux-Versionen. Aufgrund von Implementierungsunterschieden sind Abweichungen in der Erkennung gegenüber den jeweiligen Windows-Versionen der Scanner möglich. Die maximale Dateigröße beträgt 25MB. Bitte beachte, dass es keine Sicherheits-Lösung mit 100%igem Schutz gibt, nicht einmal, wenn sie mehrere Antivirus-Engines verwendet (wie z.B. dieser Scanner-Dienst).

Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record Using @Screenr to create and embed some kick butt training vignettes for a presentation. *LOVE* this website by @Articulate! #rocks —ross_sanders @screenr is awesome. Looking for excuses to use it. —AbigailHS Welcome Welcome to! Here you can easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture you have on your computer. Please take a look at our Sample pages to see what the finished text-images can look like! News 2013-01-24: Changed servers. 2010-04-04: Added Windows application. 2008-07-22: Moved site to a new server. 2006-03-05: Added extra contrast option, should improve results. 2006-03-04: Switched routers, should be less timeouts now. 2005-11-13: Added Matrix converter. 2005-10-31: Converters back in service. 2005-10-28: Server back online, rebuild started. 2005-10-22: Harddrive failure, all data lost. 2004-05-07: Servers changed. 2004-01-11: Scripts fixed. 2003-12-13: The conversion scripts are malfunctioning since a harddrive failure.

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Meet your Real Neighbours again! - Sign out forever! I am absolutely sure that my Facebook login details are correct, but the machine answers always with "Wrong password, dude!"? The facebook screen shows a message like "You are signing in from an unfamiliar location. For your security, please verify your account." Since our service is located in The Netherlands, the facebook server is clever enough to detect that our machine tries to login from a different country than yours. Thus, it asks a security question which consists of your birthday used in your profile.

Zoho With Zoho, you focus on your business while we take care of the rest with apps that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive. "One of our favorite cloud office suites comes from Zoho" "Zoho is the most comprehensive suite of web-based programmes for small businesses..." "I typed this story in Zoho Writer, even though I had never even tried it until this week.

Calepin How Does Calepin Work? By combining a service you already have with a syntax that’s easy to learn, Calepin is the easiest way to self-publish online. Quick Start Color converter - HEX to RGB and rgb to hex color converter Color Converter Convert hex color code to RGB and RGB to HEX (Hexadecimal) This free color converter gives you the hexadecimal values of your RGB colors and vice versa (RGB to HEX). Use it to convert your colors and prepare your graphics and HTML web pages. To use the converter, do not use the '#' symbol.

Online radio | Listen to free music at AUPEO! With AUPEO! Personal Radio you can hear your favorite music and easily discover new songs and artists. Use the service directly in your internet browser, as a mobile app on a web-enabled device, or even in the car. Using the Love, Ban, and Skip functions, you can develop your own personalized Internet radio. Get started by selecting one of our recommended stations, an artist station, or any one of our 150 radio stations put together by our team of music experts. The music app for all smartphones and tablets

Scribd What do I get with my subscription? Your subscription enables you to read thousands of professionally published, popular books in a wide variety of genres on and on supported mobile devices. In addition, you will have full access to millions of user-contributed written works that have been published on Scribd like short stories and essays. How many books can I read each month? WizardRSS | Full Text RSS Feeds "We may disapprove of what you say, but we will defend to the death your right to say it." All material is copyrighted by the original owner/creator. does not claim any copyright to the preview information contained on our rss pages. Under no circumstance can be held liable for any copyright infringement perpetrated by the users of The end user is solely responsible to ensure legal use and compliance with the copyright holder.

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