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Create Your Own Smartphone App With Infinite Monkeys – No Coding Knowledge Required

Create Your Own Smartphone App With Infinite Monkeys – No Coding Knowledge Required
It would be great if we all had the time, skills, and patience to learn computer coding, especially since technology pervades so many areas of our life. But thankfully, there are applications and web developers out there who provide ways for the rest of us to produce apps with little or no coding skills. Back in June, I reviewed one such web application called Buzztouch, which is designed to allow anyone to create their own smartphone application. Now a similar program has just been released called Infinite Monkeys, a web-based tool geared toward niche communities who want to share content on the iPhone and Android platforms. Infinite Monkeys is not as polished theme wise as Buzztouch, but unlike the latter, Infinite Monkeys, says the developers, “Is completely web-based, and works on any computer or tablet device. Web-based GUI Infinite Monkeys provides three different app platform models, ranging from free to the pro level version of $499. Building An App Core Content Publishing App

How Computers Boot Up The previous post described motherboards and the memory map in Intel computers to set the scene for the initial phases of boot. Booting is an involved, hacky, multi-stage affair – fun stuff. Here’s an outline of the process: Things start rolling when you press the power button on the computer (no! If all is well the CPU starts running. Most registers in the CPU have well-defined values after power up, including the instruction pointer (EIP) which holds the memory address for the instruction being executed by the CPU. The motherboard ensures that the instruction at the reset vector is a jump to the memory location mapped to the BIOS entry point. The CPU then starts executing BIOS code, which initializes some of the hardware in the machine. After the POST the BIOS wants to boot up an operating system, which must be found somewhere: hard drives, CD-ROM drives, floppy disks, etc. The BIOS now reads the first 512-byte sector (sector zero) of the hard disk. 185 Comments

Preguntas frecuentes sobre - Ayuda de Herramientas para webmasters de Google El protocolo Open Graph de Facebook cumple correctamente su función, pero no proporciona la información detallada que necesitan los motores de búsqueda para mejorar la experiencia del usuario. Una única página web puede tener muchos componentes y tratar de diversos temas. Aunque marques tu contenido con el protocolo Open Graph de Facebook, ofrece una forma adicional de proporcionar información más detallada sobre entidades particulares de la página. Por ejemplo, una página sobre un grupo de música puede incluir algunos de los siguientes elementos (o todos ellos): una lista de álbumes, el precio de cada álbum, una lista de las canciones de cada álbum junto con un enlace para escuchar fragmentos de cada canción, una lista de próximos conciertos, las biografías de los miembros del grupo. Cada uno de estos fragmentos de información se puede representar como un tipo de contenido de

How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills But if you’re really eager to make a mobile app based on your website, business, organization, or just a fun quiz game, a website called Buzztouch may well be the web-based solution for you. Buzztouch is essentially Content Management Software for iOS and Android. It provides a template-based process in which you import your app’s information into the online software, and in turn it will create the code that you need to compile the data for your application. I gave a try and it does work. How to Create an App – What You Need MUO has previously covered the steps on how to create a simple iPhone app and submit it iTunes. The tools Buzztouch provides are totally free. However, beyond Buzztouch, you will need a copy of Xcode on your Mac. Developing Your App Buzztouch provides some excellent video tutorials for developing your iPhone application. You start off the process by creating a name for your site. Next, you need to add a logo for your app. Compiling Code

Hacking Facebook accounts on LAN – Part 2 « hackhaven Hey! Im back with the second part of the post. At the end of the last post, we successfully re-routed all the traffic from the victim’s computer to the router through our computer.Next, we have to capture their facebook cookies through wireshark. So How do you go about doing that? It’s very simple actually. Open up wiresharkGoto capture – > Interfaces in the top menu and select your interface. This window has all the packets sent from the victim’s/victims’ computer to the router and all the packets sent from the router to the victim. Next in the filter type “http.cookie contains datr”. You now have the cookies. In the TCP stream look for the line Cookie: ( and all cookie names). So now you have it :D. Now open firefox and goto · Clear session cookies· Delete domain cookies· Delete path cookies. IMPORTANT: Once you do this, again type in the URL and click enter. Now login to your account with your username and password. Like this:

Recetas - Ayuda de Herramientas para webmasters de Google Hay una permite marcar una gama mucho más extensa de tipos de elemento de tus páginas mediante un vocabulario que tanto Google como Microsoft o Yahoo! comprenden. Para obtener más información, consulta esta página. (Google sigue admitiendo el marcado de fragmentos enriquecidos existente en tus páginas). Cuando se marca información de recetas en las páginas web, Google puede utilizar esa información para mostrar fragmentos enriquecidos para resultados de recetas, así como para incluirla en Google con la vista de recetas. Directrices de uso El objetivo de un fragmento enriquecido de una receta es ofrecer a los usuarios información adicional sobre una receta de cocina específica como, por ejemplo, las puntuaciones con estrellas de los revisores (de una a cinco estrellas), el tiempo de preparación o cocción y la información sobre las calorías. A continuación, se indican las directrices que se aplican a los fragmentos de recetas: Propiedades Marcado de contenido

5 Model iPhone Apps You Can Create With No Coding Skills Required In this follow-up article, I will share five model iPhone applications developed using Buzztouch. While these apps are not at the top of any iTunes Store List, you will see how they are useful for niche markets, organizations, clients, and the like. Imagine not only handing your clients your business card but also a portfolio mobile app of your work. Or what about turning your business PDF guide or ebook into an app? It’s really simple with Buzztouch. All the following apps make use of over a dozen Buzztouch tools and templates for app creation. 101 Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac 101 Keyboard Shortcuts makes creative use of nearly all the Buzztouch tools, including a quiz game, custom HTML pages for the shortcut instructions, and the sharing tool properties for the social networking menu items. The developer includes sub-menu properties that include a simple Email Us template that generates a pre-written email about the app that users can send and share with others. ERres Light Travel eBook

Q: How do I encrypt file transfers with dd and netcat? | BSD Support A: This question came to us in response to the article Backup Files and Partitions with dd and netcat. Encrypting these files transfers is quite simple. As in the previous article, we will setup the server to listen on port 9999 and redirect output to “backup.file” Once you’ve entered a password, netcat will sit there waiting for data and automatically terminate once it has received the file. On the client side, the commands are similar, but rather than telling OpenSSL to decrypt the traffic, we’ll ask it to encrypt. You'll have to chose the same password as you did on the server, if you don't you'll receive errors such as As before, you can verify file integrity via checksums. "How do I really know it's encrypting the data?" We'll start be removing the decryption commands from the server and see what the result is.

Improving the Efficiency of RF Power Amplifiers with Digital Predistortion When operating at near-peak efficiency, the RF power amplifiers commonly used in wireless base stations distort the signal they amplify. The distortions not only affect signal clarity, they also make it difficult to keep the signal within its assigned frequency band. Base station operators risk violating FCC and international regulatory agency standards if they cannot keep spurious amplifier emissions from interfering with adjacent frequencies. Today's WCDMA and LTE carriers have wider bandwidths than their predecessors, increasing the likelihood of interference from spurious emissions. To reduce these emissions and achieve more linear amplifier output, base station operators can reduce the power output of the amplifier, but this practice also reduces efficiency. At CommScope, we develop digital predistortion (DPD) systems that provide a way to operate amplifiers efficiently while improving linearity and minimizing spurious emissions. Characterizing the Power Amplifier Figure 1.

iOS Newsstand Tutorial - Viggiosoft Blog A new way to distribute magazines Since the beginning of the iPad era, one of the most appreciated features in the tablet has been the possibility to read magazines and newspapers. Practically all major publishers (and a lot of minor) have created their own magazine and newspaper apps and the first in-house experiments have grown with increasingly better applications. Besides a lot of software companies followed this path, the major ones by providing their own publishing system and a lot of other start-ups simply exist to offer their services to create custom apps for their customers. While Apple in the time applied several regulations, e.g. limiting the possibility to purchase issues outside the In App Purchase system, or introducing a subscription mechanism, it behaved before iOS 5 mainly as an observer, limiting its own participation in the app arena with the iBooks app, dedicated to books. So how a Newsstand app differ from other apps? Application setup Basic app Enabling for Newsstand