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The Trouble with Epigenetics (Part 1) “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”. The insightful Inigo Montoya. 7 Best 9gag Alternativs 9gag has over the last couple of years grown to be the most popular humor site on the internet with millions of daily users. However, there are many other humor sites that are just as funny and awesome that many people just don't know about or don't really use. Here are my personal favourites among humor websites. I only take sites that are very similar to 9gag into account. This means sites that feature funny user-uploaded pictures (and videos and GIFs) in a stream and not large text-based forums like Reddit.

Genetic pedigrees In these diagrams, people are represented by symbols, usually circles for female and squares for male, and the bottom line represents the children of the couple above. For simplicity, 4 offspring are shown in these examples. However, in practice the number, proportion and order of birth are likely to vary. Obviously, the same technique of family trees can be used to show the results of animal breeding. It is customary to use dark symbols to indicate someone affected with a genetic condition, and unfilled symbols for those who are unaffected. Developing a vivid aural imagination The extent to which your aural imagination is developed, largely determines: the quality of lines you play, how you play those lines (articulation, swing feel, inflection), and the sound you play with. Nothing has such an impact on your playing than your aural imagination. If there were a secret to improvising, developing your aural imagination would be it.

Poster Downloads Classroom Resource Poster: Viral Diversity … run in the millions. This poster illustrates the wide variety of viral size, geometry, and genome type. (This poster is designed to printed at a maximum size … The poster from the 2010 Holiday Lectures, Viral Outbreak: The Science of Emerging Disease, illustrating the size, geometry, and different classifications of viruses … lapse: Landsat Satellite Images of Climate Change, via Google Earth Engine TIME and Space | By Jeffrey Kluger Spacecraft and telescopes are not built by people interested in what’s going on at home. Rockets fly in one direction: up. Telescopes point in one direction: out. Of all the cosmic bodies studied in the long history of astronomy and space travel, the one that got the least attention was the one that ought to matter most to us—Earth. That changed when NASA created the Landsat program, a series of satellites that would perpetually orbit our planet, looking not out but down.

Cracking the Code of Life Cracking the Code of Life PBS Airdate: April 17, 2001 ROBERT KRULWICH: When I look at this—and these are the three billion chemical letters, instructions for a human being—my eyes glaze over. But when scientist Eric Lander looks at this he sees stories. ERIC LANDER (Whitehead Institute/MIT): The genome is a storybook that's been edited for a couple billion years. And you could take it to bed like A Thousand and One Arabian Nights, and read a different story in the genome every night. The Story Of The Storytellers - Gnostics And Other Heretics Early documents suggest the first Christian communities had radically different interpretations of the meaning of Jesus' life and teachings. Elaine H. Pagels: The Harrington Spear Paine Foundation Professor of Religion Princeton University