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Windows Process Information definitions, computer terms, tech glossaries and cheat sheets - We are the leading online tech dictionary and encyclopedia Radio Labs - How we make websites Tus trucos. Todo tipo de trucos Herramientas inseguridad, monitorización y auditoria de redes in Computing Dictionary Simple process to estimate times and costs in a web project After my previous article about a structured process to develop a web application I received some requests from my readers which asked to me to dedicate a post about how to estimate times and costs of a web project. In this articles I want to illustrate a simplified top-down process to estimate times and costs of a web process using a simple spreadsheet (in this example I used Google Spreadsheets but if you prefer you can use Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Spreadsheet or a free online service such as Zoho or EditGrid). Process main phases In this simple top-down estimate process you can identify five main phases: 1. The process start with a general definition of macro-activities and with a detailed definition of tasks, human resources used, times and costs related to each task. 1. In this first phase you have to define the main activities which compose your project: For example, in a generic web project you can identify the following main activities: 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 3. - Junior - Senior - ... 4.

An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line The Metasploit Project Apple's design process Posted by: Helen Walters on March 08, 2008 Interesting presentation at SXSW from Michael Lopp, senior engineering manager at Apple, who tried to assess how Apple can ‘get’ design when so many other companies try and fail. After describing Apple’s process of delivering consumers with a succession of presents (“really good ideas wrapped up in other really good ideas” — in other words, great software in fabulous hardware in beautiful packaging), he asked the question many have asked in their time: “How the f*ck do you do that?” (South by Southwest is at ease with its panelists speaking earthily.) Pixel Perfect Mockups This, Lopp admitted, causes a huge amount of work and takes an enormous amount of time. 10 to 3 to 1 Apple designers come up with 10 entirely different mock ups of any new feature. Paired Design Meetings This was really interesting.