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Your Life the Role Playing Game

Your Life the Role Playing Game

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Phat Loot and Neurotransmitters in World of Warcraft How are loot-based games like World of Warcraft, Torchlight, and Borderlands related to slot machines, chemical bliss, and evolution? Read on for the answer. During my early days with World of Warcraft (WoW) I remember tromping through Westfall killing crowds of Defias bandits when I was shocked by a loot drop: a rare pair of “blue” gloves that perfectly fit my class’s needs at the time. For those of you who don’t know, killing enemies in WoW gives you a random chance at one or more pieces armor, weapons, or other items called “loot” in WoW parlance. These are stratified according their text’s color: gray, white, green, blue, purple, and orange in order of increasing quality. For a level 20-something character to find a blue item on a random enemy was actually very rare, and I experienced a huge rush from it.

i-resilience FREE report - Robertson Cooper Once we reach adulthood, our personalities remain relatively stable. However, our levels of resilience can vary considerably. Fortunately, everyone has the ability to build and maintain their levels of resilience. The Hacked-Together Productivity Tool I Can't Live Without: My Master Planner I have evolved a similar system. I kept forgetting things so I got a paper spiral bound log book and made an entry at the beginning of each day. I copied undone TODOs from yesterday to today.

Free English materials for you Video on this topic by Engvid: Linking words (named also “connecting words”) are essential for those who want to improve their writing skills.What are linking words? As you can deduce these English words are employed to link/connect parts of speech or whole sentences. Linking words can be used to: – show the reason for something; – add ideas together; – contrast ideas. Find out if you know how to use linking words, take this test:

Community Community Forums Fantastic place to rub elbows with other RPTool junkies, or ask questions on how to do specific things, or get your networking up and running. A French web site dedicated to MapTool and run by Natha (from the RPTools forums, above) Franchised H2O Solutions - Sarvajal Aims to Solve the Clean Water Problem in India Sarvajal, a for-profit business established in 2008, is looking to expand the reach of clean drinking water in India by making it more accessible. The name of the company literally translates to "water for all." Sarvajal has a unique business model in that they recruit local entrepreneurs to sell the water in their communities. Through local entrepreneurs acting as franchises on the main brand, Sarvajal has considerably extended its reach within India. Sarvajal believes that franchising is the best possible solution to reach remote areas of areas. Additionally, both the franchise and the company are dependent on how much water is being sold and the level of customer service that is provided.

Master the Art of the To-Do List by Understanding How They Fail Hi Janet, Thanks for your interesting piece. From a GTD perspective, having a long list isn't necessarily a cause for anxiety—in fact, one of the "promises" of GTD is relief from anxiety by getting all the open loops out of your head.

The Best Digital Tools for Organizing Your RPG Campaign I use OneNote (it came with the version of Office my work offered at a discount), and I’ve found it to be very handy for snipping pics and text and put it into some form of organization. I’ll also echo Obsidian Portal, which is a great site, and well work the Ascendant membership for a few bucks a month. The wiki, adventure log, calendar, and ways to track characters are amazing, and you can either keep it simple or make some truly incredible designs. Business Model Generation - Canvas Using the Business Model Generation Tools There have been some questions posted lately asking for guidance in using the tools associated with the Business Model Generation approach - the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas. Though the Business Model Canvas was released under Creative Commons and the Value Proposition Canvas under copyright, the requirements for use of the two tools are really quite similar. Anyone may use the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas for their own work or to support others in understanding, analysing or changing their business models. This includes people who use the tools within their own companies or in a consulting capacity. The requirement, whether Creative Commons or Copyright, is full identification and credit of the source of the tool - Business Model Canvas is and the Value Proposition Canvas is and Business Model Foundry GmbH.

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