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Formation Scenari chain. Take a poll, debate the issue: Immigration. Where do students stand on immigration policy?

Take a poll, debate the issue: Immigration

In this lesson plan, have students take a poll before and after they debate the issue to see if their views change. Subjects Social studies, history, government. The gun ownership and gun homicides murder map of the world. The Photos Behind Norman Rockwell's Iconic Paintings. In his 50 year career with The Saturday Evening Post, Norman Rockwell’s cover paintings became some of the most iconic images of everyday life in America.

The Photos Behind Norman Rockwell's Iconic Paintings

Today, prints of the romanticized paintings of a simpler time are popular wall decor in diners and grandparents’ homes and commonly referenced in movies and TV shows. It would be nearly impossible to find an American adult who has not been exposed to at least one of these famous works, therefore it’s quite exciting to find out that the characters in each painting were, in fact, real people.

The Norman Rockwell Museum revealed them all when they featured a landmark exhibition of nearly 20,000 reference photographs that inspired his collections. A natural when it came to narration, Rockwell thought out the stories behind each scene down to the smallest detail- from the perfect location to appropriate props to impeccably positioned models.

Divergent Unit Materials - Ms. Monahan's English Website. JumpShare. Partager simplement tous les formats de fichiers. Jumpshare est une nouvelle façon de partager facilement et rapidement des fichiers en ligne.

JumpShare. Partager simplement tous les formats de fichiers.

Jumpshare est une sorte de couteau suisse du partage de fichiers qui va vous permettre d’héberger en ligne pendant quelques jours des fichiers texte, images, vidéos, sons… Il est difficile de se faire une place au soleil dans le marché trés occupé des services d’hébergement gratuits. Banned #23: Divergent — Banned Library. Home. Accueil. La classe inversée. Ly. iOS Apps - Apple Support. - The french radio station that speaks English! Suffragette by Paul Anderson Audio Play / pause <p>JavaScript is required. - The french radio station that speaks English!

</p> volume Original version replay Scripts Cet article contient des enregistrements audio et des scripts supplémentaires. Listen, read & study. Cloud Powered Education. Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates/Verbs - GrammarFlip. Go to...

Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates/Verbs - GrammarFlip

Pythagora. Student News. Shakespeare and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’: 15 seconds that will motivate your teenagers. #15secondshakespeare is a new awesome Twitter trend similar to Ice Bucket Challenge.

Shakespeare and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’: 15 seconds that will motivate your teenagers

It involves people reciting a 15-second snippet of a popular song – anything from Taylor Swift to Gangnam Style – as dramatically as possible. Some famous actors have joined in and the results are HILARIOUS! Moviemaker. Make digital movies online. Formerly Dfilm. Make.

Ad break. Zeal. What Are Jim Crow Laws? - Definition, Examples & History. Chapter 9.1 - Google Slides. Social Prank. - Online Vector Avatars Generator for Your Site. Zoom In - Set Up Your Class. Create a Teacher Account Teacher accounts allow you to assess student progress and manage student accounts.

Zoom In - Set Up Your Class

Create a Class. A world of undiscovered ebooks. Create Quizalize Quiz. Spanish. Comics Timeline. A web word processor and web whiteboard for schools. Create, collaborate and share without email! Parts of Speech. Streamable - simple video sharing. Clip Art - Backgrounds - Clip Art Frames. Clip Art - Backgrounds - Clip Art Frames. Blueberry Software website > Products > BB FlashBack Express > Download.

The Pattern Library. Flisti - Free Online Polls. Big Picture Challenge. The PBS Big Picture Challenge App Can you guess the zoomed in image?

Big Picture Challenge

Test your skills and download PBS Big Picture Challenge for FREE now. Download the PBS Big Picture Challenge Now: Over 300 challenging photos to guess. Educational, with more than 20 exciting themed levels. Guess the photo, gather coins, and unlock badges when you win! Books - Aurasma Lesson Ideas by Apple Education. Moral-dilemmas1. Who do you think is the most committed artist to causes? Search celebrities - Presentious. Poll Everywhere Log In. Offurl, Référencement de sites officiels !

Welcome to Cogi. Audigame. A 12-year-old app developer?! Create and share visual ideas online. Dr. King Goes to Hollywood: The Flawed History of ‘Selma’ - Vibby. Annotez des vidéos en mode collaboratif. Vibby est un outil en ligne qui permet de sélectionner très facilement des extraits d’une vidéo et de les annoter seul ou à plusieurs.

Vibby. Annotez des vidéos en mode collaboratif

Un outil simple pour annoter des vidéos en mode collaboratif. Create Vib — Créez des vidéos en ligne avec des photos, vidéos, musiques - Stupeflix. Free English materials for you. Video on this topic by Engvid: Linking words (named also “connecting words”) are essential for those who want to improve their writing skills.What are linking words?

Free English materials for you

As you can deduce these English words are employed to link/connect parts of speech or whole sentences. Linking words can be used to: – show the reason for something; – add ideas together; – contrast ideas. Sous-titrez vos vidéos pour l’apprentissage des langues, karaokés… » Request a work selfie. Your Life the Role Playing Game. Kdan Mobile. NoteLedge Meets Kdan Cloud Sync and access your works across iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows 8 Safe and secure file storage Share download links instantly Subscribe for more creative services. Get to grips with Climate Change - Qzzr. Unit 1- Building Skillful writers- ic endings - Highfill Crew 2011-2012. A Great Tool to Remotely Present and Share Lessons with Students. July 22, 2015 Splashtop Classroom is a great tool that allows teachers control and share lessons and presentations on their desktop with all students in class.

Students will be able to see and follow everything you do on your desktop. With the recent updates, both teachers and students now can use whiteboard tools to add annotations and drawings to lesson content right from their own devices. As a teacher, you can launch Splashtop Classroom on your mobile device and turn it into an interactive whiteboard. ‘Use the toolbar to draw, highlight or write over any content. Draw over flipchart backgrounds – or include your own worksheets. Watch the video below to see how you can use Splashtop Classroom with students. Boards. Tableaux blancs virtuels collaboratifs. Créer un podcast avec les outils Google. Stoodle. Sans titre. Teacher Play - 6 Apps to Explore This Summer. Summer is a great time to play–but not just for kids! If you’re a teacher on vacation, the months of July and August are a golden opportunity to explore new apps and tools that you don’t have time to test during the busy school year.

Devoting a few rainy afternoons to “teacher play” can pay off big in the fall: you can update your curricula or even develop new activities and assessments, and you can also test-drive apps to determine which ones would work well for your students to use. Here are six apps and tools that I’ll be playing with this summer: 1. Free Learning Tools. A web whiteboard. Beedeez. Behind the app, a web platform that lets everyone create mobile-ready lessons. Sans titre. Wordwall. Quizmakers. Éduthèque - Partenaire Arts et lettres  Odyssey.js.

Sans titre. Quick Key Mobile. Medieval Philosophers - Timeliner. Home - TimeMapper - Make Timelines and TimeMaps fast! - from the Open Knowledge Foundation Labs. Journey Map. JourneyMap is a JavaScript library for the Leaflet.js mapping platform. The library can help you create a story map where interactions on the map are triggered as the user scrolls down the page. This demonstration map shows you some of the interactions you can create with the library. The demo shows how you can add a marker to the map, move the map to a different location and zoom in and out on the map. All these map events are fired by waypoints in the left-hand text column. Story Maps.

Odyssey.js. INTERACTIVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR - Home. CultureStreet - Workshops. JellyBeanScoop World News. Hit On Head By Falling Baby - Twice! Hit On Head By Falling Baby - Twice! There once was a man hit on the head by a fallingbaby, twice! According to Time Magazine, the first event occurred in 1937. Joseph Figlock, a local street sweeper in Detroit, Michigan, was walking down the road when a baby fell from a 4th story window. The baby landed on Joseph's head and shoulders. Thankfully the baby was not killed. The following year, 2 year old David Thomas fell from a window. Please Note: The use of inappropriate or offensive language can result in your account being deleted. Multi_launch. Viewer - Learning Designer. France Université Numérique - FUN 

Keywords: peinture, fissure, rupture, faïençage. Exes Explain Ghosting, the Ultimate Silent Treatment. It was not long ago that Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were a happy couple: appearing together in the front row of fashion shows and at film festivals, hugging on the beach. Share large files. Get comments. Make it great. Photos For Class - The quick and safe way to find and cite images for class! DSC_10996 Textures from TextureKing. Download Now. Réseaux de concepts MST. Download XMind for Windows. Natural Next Step: Podcasting for Relationship Building.

They know and trust your voice. They feel like they already know you. Your podcast is just the natural next step in your ongoing relationship. Visual QR Code Generator - Visualead. Créer un magazine gratuitement : Madmagz. Slides - Presentation Remote.