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Article 53- Apprentissage collaboratif à distance et autorégulation... Deux approches complémentaires pour favoriser l’activité et l’autonomie de l’étudiant. Article 52 -Attitude proactive, participation et collaboration à des activités d'encadrement médiatisées par ordinateur. 2nd int'l workshop on open badges in education (OBIE 2015) EDC Blog: Unlocking Assessment Value with Mozilla Open Badges - Educational Development Centre. Home / Blog / EDC Blog: Unlocking Assessment Value with Mozilla Open Badges By: Andrew Barrett Assessment of learning is important but it can be hard work for all involved.

EDC Blog: Unlocking Assessment Value with Mozilla Open Badges - Educational Development Centre

This post explores the question of how educators and learners can potentially get more bang for the effort they put into assessment through the use of the newly released Mozilla Open Badges infrastructure that is receiving considerable attention in education circles, the business world, and the popular press. Consider the following likely familiar story of the process of assessment in a course. A student toils away on a particular test or assignment that gets submitted and subsequently graded by a diligent teaching assistant or instructor. But what happens next? What Open Badges Say About Universities: A Student Perspective. I spend my week at uni switching between ‘work brain’ and ‘student brain’.

What Open Badges Say About Universities: A Student Perspective

I am not sure if these ways of thinking are necessarily opposed, however I do find that they are frequently at odds with each other. The latest manifestation of this particular pickle has fermented itself in my search for answers about the institutional wide push to make use of Mozilla’s Open Badges and what this says about the state of higher education. Why are we pursuing this? There exists, of course, a business case for the university use of Open Badges that some would not shy away from making. The core of this argument involves the desire to remain competitive. An upshot of this, and what I want to draw attention to, is the framing of students as consumers and the awarding of degrees not as recognition of competencies, but as symbolic of successful market transactions.

Overview: Open Badges - 23-Introducing the School of Business Badges program: St. Lawrence College :2014. The St.

23-Introducing the School of Business Badges program: St. Lawrence College :2014

Lawrence College School of Business is pleased to introduce a digital badges program, a unique and professional way for students to have their accomplishments, skills, achievements, and co-curricular learning validated for employment purposes. A Badges Launch party will be held on Thursday, December 4, at 3pm at St. Lawrence College for students, staff, and local businesses. The earning of these digital badges will complement a student’s transcript and resume when applying for work, further education, or internships. Using the technology from Mozilla Backpack, and customizing the content for SLC Business students, the digital badge is an online representation of a skill the student has earned. UCalgary Badges. Open Badges for Higher Education - Open Badges UBC (@OpenBadgesUBC)

Carleton openbadges - Google zoeken. Open Badges. UC Davis's groundbreaking digital badge system for new sustainable agriculture program. The University of California at Davis is creating what may be higher education’s most promising digital badge system.

UC Davis's groundbreaking digital badge system for new sustainable agriculture program

But the badges are no threat to the university’s degrees. They’re add-ons – perhaps valuable ones for students. “Badges can tell a different story,” says Joanna Normoyle, the experiential and digital media learning coordinator at the university’s Agricultural Sustainability Institute. She says they allow students to “differentiate themselves and tell a narrative.” Normoyle has helped lead the effort by faculty and staff members at UC-Davis to create a badging system for a new undergraduate major in sustainable agriculture and food systems. The idea was hatched as the university worked toward the 2011 launch of the sustainable ag major.

Mozilla Backpack. Rethinking Digital Badges. Over the past couple of years, digital badges have become a hot topic in higher education.

Rethinking Digital Badges

In his poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” Wallace Stevens writes that he was “of three minds / Like a tree / In which there are three blackbirds.” Me, I’m of many minds, like a professor in a university in which there are proliferating ways of recognizing student learning and experience. Still, I think that badges—as a flexible way of recognizing learning, if not as a term—are going to persist. Trending: Professors Tout Badges Over Grades - The College Fix. In the video-gaming world, “leveling up” is the all-important increase in a player’s rank that psychologically keeps gamers doing better and wanting more – so some professors figure: Why not apply that concept to the classroom?

Trending: Professors Tout Badges Over Grades - The College Fix

But instead of leveling-up, students can earn “badges” to show they’ve mastered an academic concept, icons they can not only earn over the course of a semester, but also post in social media outlets and even tally up and group together to indicate special skill sets on their resumes. Badges are trending in the higher education arena, and whether they catch on remains to be seen, but a few professors piloting the concept claim it’s a positive paradigm shift.

They’re more specific than grades, the educators argue, adding the badges also create a carrot-stick approach to education that keeps kids engaged and interested. For example, Watson said, the badges offer a “comprehensive base look at assessment,” breaking down courses’ objectives and offering more flexibility. Colleges Use 'Digital Badges' to Replace Traditional Grading. Published Online: June 13, 2012 Published in Print: June 13, 2012, as Lessons from Higher Education Features Alex Halavais is an associate professor of interactive communications at Quinnipiac University, in Hamden, Conn., where he teaches a master's program in interactive communications.

Colleges Use 'Digital Badges' to Replace Traditional Grading

After hearing about the digital-badge concept, he began using a system of badges instead of a traditional grading scale to evaluate his graduate students starting in the Spring of 2011. "I've been surprised by how effective they've been," he says. Part of what drew Halavais' interest to digital badges was the amount of data each badge contains. "It's an index of your learning biography," he says. And unlike an e-portfolio, badges generally represent one skill, making them easier for prospective employers to peruse, says Halavais.

Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities Through Digital Badges. Digital badges offer students the opportunity to pave their own learning pathways and allow employers to verify necessary workforce skills, according to this report from the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Mozilla Foundation.

Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities Through Digital Badges

The report defines digital badges as “credentials that represent skills, interests, and achievements earned by an individual through specific projects, programs, courses, or other activities.” A credible badge stores information online through a digital hyperlink about the associated skills, as well as what projects and tasks the badge holder completed to obtain it. This report explores digital badges and how they can be used to improve student learning and outcomes, as well as expand vocational and interest-based skills for learners of all age. RFC: Badge Validation (v1.3) OpenBadges-Working-Paper_012312.pdf. Reconnect Learning. OpenBadges - Google Groupes. MoPad: research-calls. Untitled. Article 21 Bonne pratique : attribuer un badge - Blackboard Help. Découvrez les différents modes d'utilisation des badges pour inspirer et encourager les étudiants à apprendre.

Article 21 Bonne pratique : attribuer un badge - Blackboard Help

Cliquez sur l'icône Table des matières et choisissez l'exemple de badge qui vous intéresse. Le premier exemple raconte l'histoire de Jill et se compose d'une compilation des processus d'attribution des badges de plusieurs professeurs afin de donner un aperçu général du système. Rencontre avec Jill : professeur de théâtre L'apprentissage se fait... partout. Jill enseigne le théâtre à l'université, en présentiel et à distance (en ligne). Il lui arrive de renconter des étudiants motivés qui souhaitent en apprendre plus que ce que ses cours proposent.

Elle avait souvent le sentiment d'être en mesure de dispenser des cours "supplémentaires" qui n'entraient pas dans le cadre des exigences de l'université, mais qui pouvaient aider les étudiants à se préparer à leur futur métier. Article 22 Open Badges : compter sur eux ! par Serge Ravet. Un Open Badge (on parle aussi d'Open Credentials ou Micro-Credentials) est un enregistrement numérique qui se présente sous la forme d'une image dans laquelle ont été saisies des métadonnées, en particulier sur l’émetteur du badge (une entreprise, une institution d’enseignement…), son propriétaire (celui qui l'a obtenu), les critères et preuves d’obtention.

article 22 Open Badges : compter sur eux ! par Serge Ravet

Arrticles 23 24 Où puis-je trouver les recherches de la communauté sur Open Badges ? Article 25 ubc wiki expé. Droit héraldique français. Référence:Armorial général (Rietstap) Une page de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Héraldique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. : Your electronic portfolio. Portfolio de compétences. Le portfolio de compétences est un programme pédagogique mis en place à partir de l’année académique 2010-2011 à HEC-Ecole de Gestion de l’ULg. A travers un très large choix d’ateliers pratiques, ce programme vise à développer les compétences de nos étudiants selon quatre grands axes :

Open badgepassport. Google Traduction. Google Traduction. Article 1 Are badges useful in education?: it depends upon the type of badge and expertise of learner. Educational Badges are touted as an alternative assessment that can increase learner motivation. We considered two distinct models for educational badges; merit badges and videogame achievements. To begin unpacking the relationship between badges and motivation, we conducted a study using badges within an intelligent-tutor system for teaching applied mathematics to middle-school students.

Our findings indicate that badge earning could be driven by learner motivations and that systems with badges could have a positive effect on critical learner motivations. However, badge acquisition patterns were different across learners with different levels of prior knowledge. Article 1 AbromovichEtAl.pdf. ⚡Présentation "1 Cartographier des connaissances La démarche des arbres de connaissances appliquée au CLEF (Collège Lycée Expérimental pédagogie Freinet) ORME 2 avril." French_web_09.pdf. Des badges numériques ouverts pour suivre et valoriser les compétences (en philosophie) Montréal en badges ouverts ou Badgeons Montréal!, un projet de l’ICÉA retenu par la consultation Je Vois Montréal. Plan_d-action_2014-2015.pdf. E transformation de la formation. Open Badge Opticks : The prismatic value of badges. During a recent Twitter foray, I jumped into an ongoing conversation about where education is headed and the role that badges might play in where education is headed.

The discussion stemmed from Kevin Carey‘s insightful and provocative NYTimes article, “Here’s What Will Truly Change Higher Education: Online Degrees That Are Seen As Official” (based on an excerpt from The End of College.) During that Twitter exchange, Anya Kamenetz (who has recently written The Test) was commenting on Carey’s book and mentioned that she felt that badges have been operating in—and will continue to operate in—perpetual beta. When I asked her why she felt this to be true, she tweeted, “I don’t see the value.” I tweeted back saying that badge value was prismatic. This post is an exploration of that position. Value can mean so many things to so many people. My primary assertion: badge value is prismatic. 1. Colorado State University OnlinePlus to accelerate badge program offerings with public-private partnership - News & Information - Colorado State University.

For Immediate ReleaseMonday, February 23, 2015 Send Email To: * Your entry is not a valid e-mail address. * You must enter a value for Email. Open Call for Badges Pilot Project for Pittsburgh... 50-0457.pdf. 34473101.pdf. Manifesto. The Internet of Subjects is the outcome of several years work with partners on a number of initiatives and projects in the field of personal data and digital identity. The most recent is TAS3, a project dedicated to developing the technologies for a trustworthy Internet. The rationale for the Internet of Subjects is described in two working documents: Summer2011Fr.pdf. 'Badges' Earned Online Pose Challenge to Traditional College Diplomas - College 2.0. By Jeffrey R. Young The spread of a seemingly playful alternative to traditional diplomas, inspired by Boy Scout achievement patches and video-game power-ups, suggests that the standard certification system no longer works in today's fast-changing job market.

Educational upstarts across the Web are adopting systems of "badges" to certify skills and abilities. If scouting focuses on outdoorsy skills like tying knots, these badges denote areas employers might look for, like mentorship or digital video editing. Many of the new digital badges are easy to attain—intentionally so—to keep students motivated, while others signal mastery of fine-grained skills that are not formally recognized in a traditional classroom. At the free online-education provider Khan Academy, for instance, students get a "Great Listener" badge for watching 30 minutes of videos from its collection of thousands of short educational clips.

Understanding the symbolism of digital badges. Can alternative credentials like digital badges provide a more nuanced view of a student achievement? Washington, DC — Kyle Bowen, director of education technology at Pennsylvania State University, said he thinks credentials, be they traditional grades or digital badges, are little more than symbols. And symbols mean different things to different people, Bowen said Thursday at U.S. How Badges Really Work in Higher Education. Mooc - Open-Badges et affichage sur LinkedIn. La gamification : quand les entreprises se prennent au jeu ! Get rewards for your efforts at Open2Study.

Le brillant avenir des Open Badges. Badge numérique. Badge numérique et valorisation des compétences. Introduction aux open badges. Colorado State University OnlinePlus to accelerate badge program offerings with public-private partnership - News & Information - Colorado State University. Badge Alliance Etherpad. No #OpenBadges, please, don’t spoil my pleasure! About Khan Academy. Des badges numériques ouverts pour suivre et valoriser les compétences (en philosophie) First Integration of Open Badges on Open edX – Supported by edX’s CEO. Creating learning pathways with Open Badges. 8 Reasons Why Open Badges Are Awesome Infographic. Le brillant avenir des Open Badges. The use of Tin Can and Open Badges for learning Programmes Mark Aberdour Epic at LTSF 2013. The use of Tin Can and Open Badges for learning Programmes Mark Aberdour Epic at LTSF 2013.

Open Badges 101: How To Encourage Engagement [webinar] Open Badges for Engagement, Participation and Progression in the Arts (#artsdigital) Open Badges Pilot at #CUE15. Open Badges in All Directions. Open Badges, Digital Literacies, and Learning Pathways. Open Badge Initiatives and Pledges. Mozilla/openbadges-backpack. SlideShare. Journée de présentation de Open Badges / Badges ouverts numériques. Proceedings. Learning Futures. Open Badge Taxonomy. Open Scholar C.I.C. Serge Ravet. Open Badges / Badges Ouverts Numériques — Reconnaître les apprentis… SlideShare. Badge Europe! Agenda. L'ABC de la VAE , par Jean-Pierre Boutinet.

Revue Histoire de l’éducation. Motivation et réussite des apprentissages scolaires - Jean Baptiste NDAGIJIMANA. La satisfaction du besoin de reconnaissance - Rémi Bazaillas-Chaminade.