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Picturish - Image hosting, editing and sharing v.1.2 » Scriptgates | Download Full Nulled Scripts. Anyone got ThemeForest - xLand - Exclusive Christmas / New Year Package? Any help to find last update from Global Logistics WP Theme Please Theme goodnews 5.7.4 Hi admin, I am Author of Angel Theme, Please Remove my theme, It make my sale down :( . we have problem with your site now. Thanks to mposterz for uploading TheFox v.130! Admin? Can you find the v.1.30 of TheFox theme, please? Admin,I need Sitemap Generator for Youtube Music Engine can you get it? Hi all! Can anyone help me with premium account or help me download a file, its very urgent... Share SocialKit - Social Networking Platform 1.3. kit-social-networking-platform/84 I do have the that one though v3.8 here Sorry that wasn't what I was looking for I was looking for: ThemeForest - Porto - Responsive HTML5 Template anyone got newest admin porto Thanks Admin!!

How much would it cost to make an iPhone app with a GPS locator? - Quora. MyOrpheo Custom Mobile Tourism Apps for Museums, City Tours & Parks. How to Keep the Government Out of Your Smartphone. How to Keep the Government Out of Your Smartphone We use smartphones for just about everything, and while that may be beneficial to us in our day-to-day lives, it can also be used against us in the court of law. Law enforcement officials can seize smartphones and give warrants to Apple, Google, your cellular provider—whoever they need to—in order to gain access to the device.

This means that your text messages, phone calls, emails, etc. can be used as incriminating evidence against you. The police may be able to confiscate your phone easily, but who says you shouldn't make it difficult for them to look through? Android Screen Lock Types For any Android-based phone, there are three ways methods of unlocking your phone—a swiping unlock pattern, a PIN number, and an alphanumeric password.

The swiping unlock pattern is the most popular choice for users and is a great deterrent for lurking friends and family. The Battle to Keep Phones Locked Preventing People from Accessing Your Android Device. Mobile Phone Tracking - Trace Someone Online Using A Cell Phone Now. Personal Tracking : GPS World. Hackit: Why we don’t need phone numbers. Locate A Phone. [INDEX][XPOSED][10/21] Collection of XPOSED Modules | Post Modules' request here! - Page 3. [FRAMEWORK ONLY!] Xposed - ROM modding without modifying APKs (2.3.1)(10.10.2013) - Page 2. Quote: This is an absolutely valid thought. In a way: Yes, it is easier to do something malicious with this.

With great power comes great risk. The thing is: How would you prevent that? I couldn't think of any way once a module has been loaded, because a) how do you identify something malicious and b) how can you block it when it could just circumvent the security measure taken? So what I did was to require that you enable a newly installed module in the installer. And not trying to play this question down, but you could insert malicous code in a theme also when you post a new framework.jar or SystemUI.apk. Or take Superuser. As I said, I'm not denying that there could be a misuse of this project.

Tired of updating your mod for every new ROM release? The GitHub Blog. [How to] Decompile/Recompile SystemUI.apk ICS. [Guide] Decompile with Apk Tool [Easy Way] ## Due to exams I won't be able to reply on questions, there are however many experienced developers active on this thread like @SpaceCaker & @K.A. ## I have seen a lot of guides on how to decompile with Apk Tool, but none are noob friendly, so I thought I would post this. What You Need: ApkTool Java JDK/JRE 32 bit Super Basic Cmd/terminal knowledge (My 5 year old brother can handle this) Download Apk Tool Here: (Must be this one) 4Shared ( Slow and signup eeuww )Mega ( Ah much better ) First you need to extract that zip folder to anywhere you choose, preferably on root of c/drive E.g: C:/android/apktool extracting the files to 'apktool' folder.

Now copy the apk you would like to mod into your Apk Tool folder. Command Prompt: Open up your Command Prompt by going to: Start -> run -> type : Cmd Code: Your cmd will probly look like this.. Installing Framework: Now that you are in directory we need to install the device's framework to your system for it to compile correctly so type this: Decompiling: [GUIDE][HOW-TO] Decompile and Compile apps using Apktool in 5 Simple Steps. General Search. [Advice/Reference/Guide] The Definitive APK Modding & Theming Thread... {08/07/13} - Page 6.

[TOOL]APK to Java RC2 *UPDATE* - Page 2. Decompile Android APK to Java. Hackers and developers are always upto reverse engineering software and applications. Thanks to wide range of decompiling tools available in the market, its not hard to do. A new Tool called APK to Java, does exactly what it says. It helps you decompile Any android app i.e.

APK to Java. Additionally, it also can decompile to smali code and it can decompile the resources of the app. Decompiling Android apps isn’t new, a number of tools like APKTool, dex2jar already let you do that. The tool requires Java SDK 6+, Windows to run, no other dependencies as such. Download the latest version from Xda. Its a great tool to get started with learning existing Android applications or to try to investigate how a particular application works, decompiling a particular algorithm, libraries. We write latest and greatest in Tech Guides, Apple, iPhone, Tablets, Android, Open Source, Latest in Tech, subscribe to us @geeknizer OR on Facebook Fanpage, Google+ Rating: 7.5/10 (11 votes cast)

MercurialFAQ - support - Frequently asked questions about Mercurial. - User support for Google Project Hosting. Mercurial FAQ Why do I get "HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed" from the Mercurial client? $ hg pushpushing to for changesabort: HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed You must push over https rather than http, e.g. hg push If you clone via https initially, then a plain hg push will work. To fix this if you already cloned via http, edit .hg/hgrc and change the path there. How can I avoid typing my password in for each hg push? You can enter a default push URL in your hgrc configuration file, and include the username and password in the URL. Why isn't my username/password accepted? If you enter your username as part of the URL, you have to encode the "@" sign as "%40" to avoid confusing Mercurial.

The above instructions are only relevant to non-gmail users; gmail users can use the username part of their email address, the part preceding the "@" sign, as their Google Code username. How do I reset my repository? Decompile / Reverse Engineer Android APK. Reverse engineering is everywhere. Reverse engineering made it possible for GeoHot to hack the iPhone, PS3. Reverse engineering is what make hackers develop exploits, viruses and trojans for systems. So what about decompiling existing apps. Decompiling binaries for Java and other languages has been around for a long while.

There are large number of tools that let you decompile app binaries back to the source code which in most cases is readable and understandable with some effort. XdaDeveloper Brut.all has been working on a decompiler for Android apps for a while now. He had find the first workaround for enabling Google Maps Navigation outside US by actually decompiling Google maps for android. Method 2: Alternatively, you can use a tool called dex2jar ,which is made by a chinese student. Method 3: Another Option is to use Smali ( Method 4: Android comes with a dissambler called dexdump.

Pre-requisites: How to Install APKTool Windows: Linux: Mac OS X: Usage: View Single Post - [TOOL][WINDOWS] ANDROID MULTITOOL v2.1 | update | more user-friendly now. [TOOL][WINDOWS] ANDROID MULTITOOL v3.4 Hello, I´m glad to present my Android Multitool wich makes it easier to decompile/recompile applications + jar framework files. You can also sign your apk by easily clicking a button. Requirements: Winows OS XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1Installed Java on WindowsInstalled Microsoft PowerpacksInstalled .NET framework - Easy handling: Select your apk and push the "decompile" button!

- This tool makes modding much faster and easier, no cmd handling any more. - You can read the log which is integrated in the tool to find your mistake in the error. - ADB inside: Push files into your file system with a few clicks It looks like this so far: How to use this tool? Follow this small how to! Here you go.. Well, first extract the AndroidMultitool folder to C:\. Decompiling and recompiling apk files: -your recompiled apk will be located in C:\AndroidMultitool\Compiled_apk\"apkname" Decompiling and recompiling jar files: Signing apk files: Using tags: Android Debug Bridge Quote: Changelog:

Basic Android Theming. How to decode Source code from .apk of Android | smdaudhilbe. . apk is the executable extension in Android OS, to decode source code(java files) and its respective user interface(xml file) from it. I will show a short demo with pictures to describe it, I took a simpleswap application’s apk file, and I done this in linux platform with debian(distro) Part 1 – To get the source file .java of project 1) rename the existing .apk file into .zip format, FlashLightDemo.apk -> 2) Extract it to give folder,with name FlashLightDemo.apk, navigate inside to it and look for classes.dex file 3) Download dex2jar convertor, extract it at safe place, copy the classes.dex into the extracted dex2jar folder.

As a result you may get classes_dex2jar.jar inside the same extracted folder. 4) Download the java decompiler, else google it you will definitely get java decompiler, extract it and look for jd-gui, double click and navigate to classes_dex2jar.jar, you may get source code with package names, as below Part 2 – To get XML file 7) And type, Like this: Phone trace Apps. AccuTracking - Online Real-Time GPS Phone Tracking Service. New Hack Pinpoints Cell Phone User's Location, Personal And Business. Researchers demonstrate a technique that exploits the cell phone infrastructure to compromise cell user's privacy Turns out you don't even need a GPS to track a mobile phone user's whereabouts and glean her movements and interactions: Researchers have discovered a way to use information from the GSM mobile infrastructure to track down someone and even listen in on her voicemail messages and calls. Don Bailey, security consultant with iSec Partners, and independent researcher Nick DePetrillo today at the SOURCE Boston conference demonstrated how they were able to use a combination of available GSM data plus their own handmade tools to glean someone's cell phone number, pinpoint where she was located physically, and determine what she was doing, as well as gather intelligence about her relationships -- business or otherwise.

"We create a dossier about someone's life over a period of time," Bailey says. "That's akin to attacking the Internet at the router level," Shields says. More Insights. Hacker Unleashes BlackBerry Spyware Source Code - Proof-of-concept demonstrates ease at which mobile spyware can be created to pilfer text messages and email, eavesdrop, and track victim's physical location via smartphone's GPS A researcher at the ShmooCon hacker conference yesterday demonstrated how BlackBerry applications can be used to expose sensitive information without the use of exploits. Tyler Shields, senior researcher for Veracode's Research Lab, also released proof-of-concept source code for a spyware app he created and demonstrated at the hacker confab in Washington, D.C., that forces the victim's BlackBerry to hand over its contacts and messages.

The app also can grab text messages, listen in on the victim, as well as track his physical location via the phone's GPS. (To view a images from ShmooCon, including Shields using his spyware, go here). The spyware sits on the victim's smartphone, and an attacker can remotely use the app to dump the user's contact list, email inbox, and SMS message. Have a comment on this story?