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On Tuesday, March 11th, GitHub was largely unreachable for roughly 2 hours as the result of an evolving distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. I know that you rely on GitHub to be available all the time, and I'm sorry we let you down. I'd like to explain what happened, how we responded to it, and what we're doing to reduce the impact of future attacks like this. Background Over the last year, we have seen a large number and variety of denial of service attacks against various parts of the GitHub infrastructure. There are two broad types of attack that we think about when we're building our mitigation strategy: volumetric and complex.

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[FRAMEWORK ONLY!] Xposed - ROM modding without modifying APKs (2.3.1)(10.10.2013) - Page 2 Quote: This is an absolutely valid thought. In a way: Yes, it is easier to do something malicious with this. With great power comes great risk. The thing is: How would you prevent that? SMS Component (Articles) A simple and free SMS gateway component based on the information provided in This component aims to be as easy as the Email component but for text messages. SMS ComponentVersion 1.0Author: Nick Baker (nick [at] webtechnick [dot] com)Website: Browse, Download, or Checkout the Component.Browse: Download: SVN: svn co Code: Page 2: SMS Component Code

Think Tanker’s Data ToolBox I’m in Prague at the Policy Research, Technology and Advocacy Event @ the Hub, run by Open Society Foundations Think Tank Fund. It’s a fascinating event with some of Europe’s best Think Tank minds; I had the pleasure of helping them work through tools that can help them to troubleshoot some of the issues they face in their day to day work. There are many excellent curated lists of tools useful for policy research, analysis and visualisation, which seem to be the most interesting topics here. Here’s just a few:

[Guide] Decompile with Apk Tool [Easy Way] ## Due to exams I won't be able to reply on questions, there are however many experienced developers active on this thread like @SpaceCaker & @K.A. ## I have seen a lot of guides on how to decompile with Apk Tool, but none are noob friendly, so I thought I would post this. Speech12 - Public Relations - Bell Telephone Systems GOC - May 1930 Page, A. W. (1930, May). Public Relations.

About We help individuals and businesses to get, clean, visualise, analyse and manage data from thousands of sources. For science, journalism, lead generation—whatever you need. The magic happens via “tools” running on our self-service platform. Decompile Android APK to Java Hackers and developers are always upto reverse engineering software and applications. Thanks to wide range of decompiling tools available in the market, its not hard to do. A new Tool called APK to Java, does exactly what it says. It helps you decompile Any android app i.e. APK to Java. Additionally, it also can decompile to smali code and it can decompile the resources of the app.

8 Powerful Wordpress Plugins You Probably Don’t Use But Should @ Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. There are hundreds of wordpress plugins available on the internet. Some of them are very useful and some of them are only for sake of existence. But it’s totally up to you that how you can make your wordpress blog more strong and powerful using different plugins to give your blog readers an amazing and wonderful experience.