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Find Masters Worldwide: all MBA, MSc., MA, LLM, MPhil and other postgraduate programmes

Find Masters Worldwide: all MBA, MSc., MA, LLM, MPhil and other postgraduate programmes
Welcome to the Study Choice Platform for Master's Programmes Find and compare MSc., M.A., MBA, LLM and other Master's studies and postgraduate degrees (diplomas, certificates) across Europe. has the most comprehensive database on degree courses at 950 universities and schools in United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, France, Italy and 29 other European Countries, including the EU (European Union). We cover Business, Economics, Social Studies, Natural Sciences, Law, Engineering, Humanities, Environmental Science and all other academic fields. First, use our searchengine to find the masters in your discipline of interest. We will present your options with a short description, tuition fee (EU and Non-EU), duration and university information.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Integrated Design PgCert at University of Salford Overview The University of Salford is home to a diverse community of more than 3,400 postgraduate students, working with internationally-renowned academics and contributing to research projects that are recognised both nationally and across the world. Our academics, current students and alumni are the people who will impact and influence your postgraduate study at Salford. Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature The Classics Browse works by Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and other famous authors here. Classic Bookshelf: This site has put classic novels online, from Charles Dickens to Charlotte Bronte.The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania hosts this book search and database.Project Gutenberg: This famous site has over 27,000 free books online.Page by Page Books: Find books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells, as well as speeches from George W. Bush on this site.Classic Book Library: Genres here include historical fiction, history, science fiction, mystery, romance and children’s literature, but they’re all classics.Classic Reader: Here you can read Shakespeare, young adult fiction and more.Read Print: From George Orwell to Alexandre Dumas to George Eliot to Charles Darwin, this online library is stocked with the best classics.Planet eBook: Download free classic literature titles here, from Dostoevsky to D.H. Textbooks

Peace and Conflict Studies The research-oriented Master’s programme in International Studies/Peace and Conflict Studies is offered jointly by Goethe Universität Frankfurt and Technische Universität Darmstadt in co-operation with the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. The study programme takes a socio-scientific approach and offers theoretical and normative knowledge at the junction between peace and conflict research, international relations, political theory and philosophy, and applies this knowledge to the current problems of regional and global order. Students are made familiar with theoretically based and normatively founded perspectives on national, trans-national and global socialisation processes and acquire the ability to undertake a differentiated analysis of conflicts within and between states, as well as a considered development of strategies to settle conflicts and promote peace. Students take part in a research placement where they will carry out the research themselves.

Egyptian Exchange Teacher Applications Due January 8, 2015 This page is for teachers in Egypt applying to be exchange teachers in the United States during the 2015-2016 school year. Egyptian teachers: To apply, please read the information below and then click the blue button at the bottom of this page labeled "EGYPTIAN TEACHERS APPLY HERE." If you wish to apply as a U.S. host school or as a Chinese exchange teacher, please click the appropriate button below: Please subscribe to the TCLP Newsletter or see our FAQ page for more details. INFORMATIONAL LIVE CHAT FOR EGYPTIAN TEACHERS Are you interested in teaching Arabic to American students?

Action 1 - Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses (EMMCs) Below are the Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses that will be offering scholarships for courses starting in the academic year 2017-2018. Most consortia will require applications to be submitted between October and January, for course starting the following academic year. Students at Masters level can apply to a maximum of three different programmes.

Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history Smarthistory offers more than 1500 videos and essays on art from around the world and across time. We are working with more than 200 art historians and some of the world's most important museums to make the best art history resource anywhere. Use the "subject" pulldown menu (go to "Arts and Humanities") at the top of this window or click on the headings below to access our content: Art history basics First things first (you are here) The materials and techniques artists use Art 1010 Prehistoric art in Europe and West Asia

Synonyms for the 96 most commonly used words in English Amazing — incredible, unbelievable, improbable, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, astounding, extraordinary Anger — enrage, infuriate, arouse, nettle, exasperate, inflame, madden Angry — mad, furious, enraged, excited, wrathful, indignant, exasperated, aroused, inflamed Answer — reply, respond, retort, acknowledge Ask– — question, inquire of, seek information from, put a question to, demand, request, expect, inquire, query, interrogate, examine, quiz Awful — dreadful, terrible, abominable, bad, poor, unpleasant

7 countries where Americans can study at universities, in English, for free (or almost free) The Humboldt University of Berlin was illuminated during the 10th annual Festival of Lights in Berlin in October. (EPA/PAUL ZINKEN) Since 1985, U.S. college costs have surged by about 500 percent, and tuition fees keep rising. In Germany, they've done the opposite. The country's universities have been tuition-free since the beginning of October, when Lower Saxony became the last state to scrap the fees.

International Student Festival in Trondheim 2013 Do you want to be a part of the world’s largest student festival? Apply for participation at ISFiT 2013 for an experience unlike anything you have ever known! ISFiT is short for the “International Student Festival in Trondheim”. What the name does not say, is that ISFiT is also the world’s largest international student festival. ISFiT is arranged every other year, and each festival has a theme related to social and political topics with international relevance. Best Part time Master's Degrees in Architecture in Spain 2016 Because of this, the Master in Project Development of Architecture and Planning, is organized under an innovative training scheme for the area, because not only goes on ... [+] Master of Architecture and Urban Projects The Project area has now taken a strong role in the professional development of executives from the most varied professions, for all involved, with different role in the development and implementation of a project. The area of ​​architecture and urbanism as a whole is no doubt that further development and implementation historically has had since its very conception, so the need to develop a program that meets current professional demands, specializing in Urban and Architectural projects.

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language. The exercises below use movie clips to help you to better understand spoken English. British degree abbreviations Overview[edit] Undergraduate and postgraduate master's degrees[edit] Undergraduate degrees may be awarded "with Honours" or may be "Ordinary" or "Pass" degrees.

International student International undergraduate and postgraduate students starting in 2012 Tuition fees Your tutition fees will depend on what type of course you enrol for. Find out how much your course will cost Scholarships The University of Brighton offers a range of scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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