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Citizen Science. Fold%20up%20ingredients%20list 1. And It's Destroying Southeast Asia's Forests. Hershey's Brands Candy Categories. Chocolate. Chocolate, Confections & Snacks. Palm-Oil-Shopping-Guide-2015-PRINT.pdf. Ssi_2014_chapter_11. The Snack Food 20 Scorecard. The Hershey Company has emerged as a front runner as it has released a responsible palm oil commitment that requires its suppliers to comply with a higher standard than the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) by ending the destruction of rainforests, peatlands and abuse of human and labor rights.

The Snack Food 20 Scorecard

Resources: Statistics - Palm Oil Research. APOC - Home Page.jpg (JPEG Image, 1893 × 988 pixels) - Scaled (54%) CMZpalmOilEdHandout.pdf. Please Login for this Restricted Resource. Palm Oil Fact Sheet. Palm oil is a globally traded agricultural commodity that is used in 50 percent of all consumer goods, from lipstick and packaged food to body lotion and biofuels.[1] Used in about half of the products on supermarket shelves, palm oil imports to the U.S. have jumped 485% in the last decade, [2]pushing palm oil cultivation into the rainforests and making this crop one of the key causes of rainforest destruction around the globe.

Palm Oil Fact Sheet

Approximately 85 percent of palm oil is grown in the tropical countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) on industrial plantations [3] that have severe impacts on the environment, forest peoples and the climate. Palm oil destroys rainforestsIndonesia’s tropical rainforests are among the world’s most diverse. They provide critical habitat to species including highly endangered Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and orangutans. Who is responsible? The largest privately owned company in the U.S.,[10] Cargill dominates the American palm oil market. Welcome to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board // Applications // Washington, DC // 1-202-572-9768. Uses In Food And Non-Food Applications Of Palm Oil The acceptance of palm oil worldwide is due to its unique properties that encourage its use in a wide range of end products.

Welcome to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board // Applications // Washington, DC // 1-202-572-9768

These properties are made more versatile by the various fractions and refined forms that are available in the world market. At present, refined forms that are available in the world market. At present, refined palm olein is the major form of product exported from Malaysia. Ask Umbra: Is somebody sneaking palm oil into my food and shampoo? Send your question to Umbra!

Ask Umbra: Is somebody sneaking palm oil into my food and shampoo?

Q. Is there a database of food and household products that use vs. don’t use palm oil? If not, would there be a way that we, your readers, could crowdsource one? (I know other forms of action have more impact, but it’d be nice to be able to vote with our wallets, too.) Reader #27352. Palm_oil_FAQ_2014_final. United States Palm Oil Imports by Year (1000 MT) Please Login for this Restricted Resource. Please Login for this Restricted Resource.

Please Login for this Restricted Resource. 07_Disdier_Marette_Millet_ConsumersPalmOil.pdf. Please Login for this Restricted Resource. 0f31752f420c8ed471000000.pdf. Please Login for this Restricted Resource. Dcca99d756562385f9_xtm6i6233.pdf. Please Login for this Restricted Resource. Please Login for this Restricted Resource. Gargantua.polytechnique. Gargantua.polytechnique. Say No To Palm Oil. Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) CSPO represents the certification process where palm oil growers must commit to real credible sustainability standards through time-bound plans.

Say No To Palm Oil

There is an increasing demand for palm oil that is sustainably certified in Europe and North America, including big names such as Walmart, Unilever and Nestle. As of 2011, CSPO represented over 10% of the global palm oil market but this has increased in recent years and is projected to increase in coming years. The certification process consists of reviewing existing production operations and identifying areas that must be improved to reach the CSPO standards to then be approved by a certification body. The standards are based on eight principles which have been retrieved from the RSPO website: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Palm Oil Scorecard 2015: Fries, Face Wash, Forests. See the scores: Fast food | Store brands | Packaged foods | Personal care See company updates.

Palm Oil Scorecard 2015: Fries, Face Wash, Forests

Ucs-palm-oil-scorecard-2015. Sustainable palm oil conversation and debate. First American Food Company Adopts Truly Responsible Palm Oil Commitment. Palm Oil Innovation Group welcomes Boulder Brands Palm Oil Announcement An alliance of international NGOs and palm oil companies today welcomed the adoption of a leading palm oil commitment by Boulder Brands.

First American Food Company Adopts Truly Responsible Palm Oil Commitment

Boulder Brands is the first American food company to require its suppliers to independently verify their compliance with the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG). Deforestation Education- Products that Contain Palm Oil. RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Orangutans. Physical description The orangutan is the world's largest tree-climbing mammal.


The animals have a characteristic ape-like shape, shaggy reddish fur and grasping hands and feet. Their long arms that can reach as much as 2 meters in length. Orangutans's legs are relatively short and weak, but their hands and arms are powerful. There are 2 different types of adult male orangutan: "flanged" & "unflanged". Doc_4718. It’s Not All Bad: Americans and Palm Oil. Climate change and its impact on Americans Your family carefully sorts your trash and composts table scraps weekly and tries really hard to remember to bring cloth or canvas bags to the grocery store.

It’s Not All Bad: Americans and Palm Oil

Some of us drive hybrid cars and support wind power, while others ride a bike to work because they want to reduce their carbon footprint. We do all of this because we want our children and grandchildren to live on a healthy planet. Going through these inconveniences makes us confident that we are doing all the right things and proud of the message we’re sending our kids. That could be the reason for millions of Americans to feel confused and angry when we feel the full impact of global warming and rising sea levels in the next few years.

Those of us who have had the luxury of time and who have been paying attention have done everything we can to stall the steady rise of earth’s temperature, but many of us remain unaware that we all support one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. Sustainable production of palm oil: UK statement. Palm Oil Innovation Group. What is the POIG?

Palm Oil Innovation Group

The POIG was launched in November 2013 by a group of international NGOs (including WWF, RAN and Greenpeace) along with palm oil producing companies who are recognized as innovative leaders in socio-environmental issues. Presently the POIG has twelve members. In addition, a number of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers like Ferrero, Tesco, Edeka, Rewe Group and Stephenson have recently pledged their support of POIG. The group was initiated after the 2013 review of the RSPO Principals and Criteria’s (P&Cs), which POIG members believe should have been more innovative; especially on the issues of deforestation, carbon stocks, biodiversity and social relations. All of the POIG members are committed to showing best practice on the P&Cs and innovation in new areas with the aim of reinforcing and improving the RSPO P&Cs.

The POIG is based on the principle that innovation and continuous improvement are essential to any successful business. Why did WWF join the POIG? Say No To Palm Oil. Save Endangered Species. Palm Oil and How it threatens Orangutans. Palm Oil Free List. The Problem with Palm Oil Demand for palm oil has undergone phenomenal growth in recent years and is expected to more than double by 2030 and triple by 2050.

Increased production has involved the clearing of virgin forest and peatlands in South East Asia, spelling disaster for local communities, biodiversity and climate change. Indonesia alone already has over 6 million hectares of plantations. The demand is fed by the food and cosmetics industries, and increasing for use in biofuels. Consumers increasingly want to avoid the ingredient where possible, but it's a tricky task as it's used in so many products - more than 10% of supermarket products from margarine and oven chips to soaps and detergents.

Why there is great urgency for sustainability in palm oil. European consumers have a high-level of environmental awareness and represent a powerful lever that can be used to transform the market. According to a survey published by the European Commission on July 5, most Europeans would be prepared to change their purchasing habits and buy more environmentally friendly products, yet many feel they lack information and distrust manufacturers' environmental claims. In India and China, consumer awareness is also on the rise. Chinese consumers’ purchasing behaviour, for example, is increasingly directly influenced by a company's CSR performance. According to a recent study by Tsinghua University, 79% of respondents said they would "give priority to purchase products from companies with outstanding CSR performance", while 69.6% would "recommend others to purchase products of a company with a good CSR performance". Palm Oil Consumers Action - Splash.

Oil_for_ape_full.pdf. Palm oil. Setting_the_Table.pdf. A_square_meal.pdf. Palm_oil_company_law.pdf. PalmOilsNewFrontier. Sustainable diets and Biodiversity - Directions and solutions for policy, research and action. Sustainable diets and Biodiversity - Directions and solutions for policy, research and action. What you can do. We’re all guilty of throwing away food at some point — in fact, roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted. And once that half-sandwich or week-old lasagna is in the trash can, it’s easy to forget about the environmental impacts. But wasted food contributes billions of tons of greenhouse gases. By the time you step into a grocery store, nearly 3.3 billion tons of emissions are already on their way to the atmosphere due to the production, processing and transportation of food that is eventually wasted. Then, in the landfill, decomposing organic waste generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas that traps 23 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

More than 20% of all methane emissions come from landfills. Wasted food also means wasted water — about 25% of all fresh water consumed annually in the United States is associated with discarded food. RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. 02_2014_Sustainable_Palm_Oil_Factsheet.pdf. CI_Palm-Oil-Sourcing-Guide. Sustainable Palm Oil. DPUOinsert_NEW_FA_0.pdf?__utma=146597695.319819630.1433636704.1433636704.1433636704.1&__utmb=146597695.3.10.1433636704&__utmc=146597695&__utmx=-&__utmz=146597695.1433636704.1.1. Palm-oil-and-global-warming.pdf. Infographic: Palm Oil and Tropical Deforestation. We need tropical forests Tropical forests play a crucial role in stabilizing the earth's climate, storing vastly more carbon dioxide (CO2) than forests in the world's temperate regions.

A 2011 study estimated total carbon stored by the earth's tropical forests at 271 billion tons—that's about 7 times the total carbon emissions from fossil fuel use in the year 2008. In addition, tropical forests play host to millions of species, comprising about two-thirds of the earth's terrestrial biodiversity. Learn more about the importance of tropical forests > Palm Oil Scorecard 2015: Fries, Face Wash, Forests. See the scores: Fast food | Store brands | Packaged foods | Personal care See company updates. 0f31752f420c8ed471000000.pdf. Please Login for this Restricted Resource. Palm Oil Awareness - What is Palm Oil? Common names found on food labels are: CMZpalmOilEdHandout.pdf. Palm Oil Crisis.