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Fruit Walls: Urban Farming in the 1600s Picture: fruit walls in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. The modern glass greenhouse, often located in temperate climates where winters can be cold, requires massive inputs of energy, mainly for heating but also for artificial lighting and humidity control. According to the FAO, crops grown in heated greenhouses have energy intensity demands around 10 to 20 times those of the same crops grown in open fields.

Log In Pursglove would soon learn, however, that navigating this offshore archipelago is not easy. In any given year, trillions of dollars sit safely in the offshore financial world, effectively stateless, protected by legions of well-compensated defenders and a tangle of laws deliberately designed to impede creditors and tax collectors. Even the United States government finds it challenging: A special Internal Revenue Service division known as the “wealth squad,” set up in 2010 to crack down on high-end tax evaders with multinational holdings, today has enough manpower to assess only about 200 cases a year. Pursglove would rely on her own wealth squad: a pair of highly creative lawyers, using Pursglove herself as the ultimate informant. Learning for Sustainable Agriculture: Urban Gardening in Berlin Recent years have shown a boom of urban gardening initiatives in Berlin. Among the core motivations of many gardeners has been the wish to actively experience and contribute to sustainable agriculture. Within the European FP7 research project "SOLINSA – Support and Learning of Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture" the Ecologic Institute conducted a case study about urban gardening initiatives in Berlin, in particular the "Allmende Kontor" located on the grounds of the former Tempelhof Airport.

How Renaissance’s Medallion Fund Became Finance’s Blackest Box - Bloomberg Sixty miles east of Wall Street, a spit of land shaped like a whale’s tail separates Long Island Sound and Conscience Bay. The mansions here, with their long, gated driveways and million-dollar views, are part of a hamlet called Old Field. Locals have another name for these moneyed lanes: the Renaissance Riviera. That’s because the area’s wealthiest residents, scientists all, work for the quantitative hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, based in nearby East Setauket. They are the creators and overseers of the Medallion Fund—perhaps the world’s greatest moneymaking machine. Medallion is open only to Renaissance’s roughly 300 employees, about 90 of whom are Ph.D.s, as well as a select few individuals with deep-rooted connections to the firm.

untitled The "Studentenwerk Thüringen" (student services Thuringia) administers approx. 1,100 apartments in Weimar. Monthly rates vary from 105-320 EUR. The university itself does not provide accommodation. uk.businessinsider The world's magicians are at war with each other over the "Art of Misdirection" — an ultra-secret website dedicated to magical piracy.It has pitted professionals desperate to protect their secrets against thieving renegades, naming-and-shaming them and even reporting them to the FBI.The mysterious admins are extremely selective about new members, forcing them to pass tests to prove their skills as magicians.Rival pirates have also set out to hack and destroy Art of Misdirection over philosophical differences. If you wanted to know how David Copperfield creates his illusions, Art of Misdirection is where you might find an illegal copy of the instructions.Reuters / handout There is a reason you have never heard of the "Art of Misdirection," a website on which professional and amateur magicians trade the secrets, tricks, and equipment behind their illusions.

10 of the Best Urban Projects in the World Article by Erisa Nesimi – Total reading time 5 minutes We take a close look at 10 of the Best Urban Projects in the World. I’ve always been fond of observing and studying the quality of spaces and how these spaces are brought together into one large entity: the city. In his book “Rebel Cities,” David Harvey says, “In making the city, the man makes himself” and “what kind of city we want cannot be divorced from the question of what kind of people we want to be.” So instead of raising the question of what are some of the best urban projects in the world, I’m asking, what did the cities in this article want to be? In urban projects, it is interesting to note that there are always several circumstances to be considered.

Google Makes So Much Money, It Never Had to Worry About Financial Discipline - Bloomberg Earlier this year, Astro Teller, a ponytailed scientist and science fiction writer, gave a TED Talk. It was a first for Teller, but not for X, or Google X, as the research lab he runs used to be known. The lab has been a fixture on the conference circuit for years. In 2011, Sebastian Thrun, X’s founder, took the TED stage and predicted that driverless cars would put an end to traffic fatalities. In 2013, Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, showed up wearing X’s wearable computer, Google Glass, and argued that face-mounted devices were a natural successor to the smartphone.

EWAO Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA Take a look at this empowering 10-minute clip. Ron Finley grows a nourishing food culture in South Central L.A.’s food desert by planting the seeds and tools for healthy eating. Why you should listen Ron Finley is an artist and designer that lives in South Central LA.