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End-to-End Experience Design When I started as an application designer in 2001, I worked really hard for my clients, whipping their applications into shape. I would conduct usability reviews and hands-on design sessions to overhaul the app, I’d agonize over each screen layout, review, test, revise, then buckle down with development until we pushed out the release. It was hard work and I was proud that I was a good designer. But I had tunnel vision. Now I can see that the product interface is only one part of the customer’s end-to-end experience. I suppose that's why we have moved away from just user interface design and into user experience design.

Balsamiq. Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software. Life's too short for bad software! Want to create delightful user interfaces? Start by wireframing them in Balsamiq Mockups.  Download Desktop App ☁ Start Web App Trial launch demo version Unleash Your Creativity! Value proposition canvas template - Peter J Thomson A value proposition is where your company’s product offer intersects with your customer’s desires. It’s the magic fit between what you make and why people buy it. Your value proposition is the crunch point between business strategy and brand strategy. When you’re starting a new project or a new company you need quick and dirty tools to help you focus on executing things faster and better. Stakeholder Interview Template : UX Apprentice You may also download this template in Microsoft Word format. What is your vision for this offering? What defines success for this project?

A Stakeholder Interview Checklist by Kim Goodwin This is an excerpt from from Kim Goodwin’s excellent Designing for the Digital Age. It is quite long, so we’ve broken it into several sections. Many thanks to Ms. Goodwin and Wiley for allowing us to share this with our readers. 10 Essential Usability Metrics: MeasuringU Jeff Sauro • November 30, 2011 There isn't a usability thermometer to tell you how usable your software or website is. Instead we rely on the impact of good and bad usability to assess the quality of the user experience. Here are 10 metrics you should be familiar with and ready to use in any usability evaluation. 1.

7 Unique Brainstorming Techniques Load Up the Company Van Karen Littman, writer, producer, and founder of educational computer game designer Morphonix, says that when she wants to help her employees be more creative, she takes them out of the office. "If possible, don't put people around the conference… more Put the Decision Makers in the Room Steven Pritzker, professor of psychology at Saybrook University, was a television comedy writer before he began co-writing scholarly works on the creative process.

25 Brainstorming Tips Caught with a problem you cannot solve? Need new ideas and solutions? The process of brainstorming requires you to think out of the box that is keeping you in the problem. Storyboarding in the Software Design Process Using storyboards in software design can be difficult because of some common challenges and drawbacks to the tools we have. The good news is that there’s a new, free tool that tries to address many of these issues. But before I get into that, let’s revisit the value of using storyboards (and stories in general) in software design. Using stories in some form or another is a well-established practice in software design, so much so that there are many meanings of the term "stories." For instance, in agile processes, there is a concept of “user stories,” which are very basic units of expressing functional requirements: “As a user, I want to receive notifications when new applications are submitted.”

Hierarchical Task Analysis Optionally, you can provide an illustration of the screen on which a user performs this task, helping to put this interaction in context. Figure 2 shows the screen for the “Complete address” task. Combining different approaches to describing user interactions provides an understanding of tasks that is both broad and deep. The diagram shows how the high?level steps of a task relate to one another. Taxonomy: Content Strategy’s New Best Friend Sure, you can search Pinterest, but what makes the site so much fun is the exploration and element of surprise, in large part enabled by categorization of content by both the Pinterest team and the site’s users. As user trends continue to shift from search to discovery, creating the structure and process to support that discovery requires a sophisticated content strategy. Taxonomy is about so much more than categorizing content.