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Expérience utilisateur, Design, Ergonomie

Expérience utilisateur, Design, Ergonomie

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UX: Psychology of great design – part 1 The World Wide Web turned 20 in April 2013. In its first 20 years the web matured from a largely static medium into the rich, collaborative and wonderfully interactive medium we know today. As such, the interactions and relationships between users and systems have become increasingly complex. Ergonomie Web Library of Congress World Wide Web Style Guide ABC Net Marketing Accessibilité ACM's Special Interest Groups SIGs Advanced HCI Design Methods de Dan Suthers Ameritech Test Town Text Opening Sequence with CSS Animations A simple and fun text opening sequence effect with blurry letters using CSS animations. View demo Download source Today I want to show you how to create a fun little typography effect with CSS animations and text shadows. Maybe you know those eerie opening sequences of movie trailers where some text is being faded in on a dark background. After seeing Introducting Briefs (which is not a terror movie trailer but a preview for an interesting app) I got inspired for recreating the effect using CSS.

Never Mind the Bullets - BEAUTY OF THE WEB About The Project As the web and its technologies continue to evolve, we prepare to enter the age of HTML5. Created for «Beauty of the Web» in honor of the launch of Internet Explorer 9, «Never Mind the Bullets» offers the traditional comic strip experience enriched by the effects of parallax. By a simple movement of the mouse the strip becomes animated and the story comes to life. “Right click and save as” needs to go away For a long time it has been standard practice to ask visitors to “right click and save as” when downloading a file that the browser itself is capable of rendering, but where doing so is not desirable. One reason for doing this is to spare people from the annoying experience of accidentally clicking a link to a 25 MB PDF, which subsequently launches a browser plugin that of course crashes while trying to download and display the file. From a UX perspective though, adding instructions on how to click a link is not optimal, and feels like a hack. Not to mention that lots of people are literally afraid of the right mouse button.

The Difference Between Information Architecture and UX Design Information architects form the blueprints of the web Next to explaining what I do for a living, the second question I most frequently hear is: “What’s the difference between Information Architecture and User Experience?” The line always seems to blur between the two, even though there’s clearly a difference. How should I go about explaining it? Information Architecture, according to Wikipedia, is “the art and science of organizing and labelling websites … to support usability.“ According to the same source, User Experience is “the way a person feels about using a product, system or service. [This includes] a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system.”

Visual Thinking + Synthesis Photo by Ken Yeung I really enjoy talking complex subjects, processes or business problems and boiling them down to their core essence. This is becoming known as the process of "Visual Thinking". I use visual metaphors and storytelling to do this.

70 Beautiful Free PSD UI Kits of 2013! Best Graphic Items In this collection, we are introduction some beautiful and useful free PSD UI Kits that you can download for free. So, you can design visually interactive and appealing user interfaces with our awesome free kits. All these kits are available in PSD format for easy modification. With these mobile user interface kits, designers can enhance their creations and make their mobile user interfaces look more interesting and appealing. Click on the “get this kits” links to go from where the UI kits has been taken. Usability & UX Articles from Nielsen Norman Group June 4, 2017 Typing a password takes twice as long on mobile than on desktop. Follow these 12 guidelines to make registration and login less painful on mobile devices. June 4, 2017 Modal ads, ads that reorganize content, and autoplaying video ads were among the most disliked. Ads that are annoying on desktop become intolerable on mobile.

Cheat Sheet Download cheat sheet as printable PDF A5 Syntax Child: > nav>ul>li Sibling: + Roger Beynon – Customizing your Personas for the Sales Team (7 of 7) The persona series to this point focused on personas built specifically for website design teams. True, they can be utilized by teams from other functions (customer service, advertising, lead-gen, content producers), but the needs of those other teams often dictate an additional or alternate phase. This is particularly the case with sales teams. Our customers tend to be large corporations, so their sales people typically operate in territories and are less likely to be found in single-location clusters. This makes the training component of the persona process more difficult – often impossible — to coordinate. And while workers in most corporate disciplines these days operate under the stresses of deadlines and performance goals, the stress on sales people is typically higher (often much higher) than that in other functions.

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