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Usaddict: Ressources sur l’ergonomie des interfaces (le blog Usabilis)

Usaddict: Ressources sur l’ergonomie des interfaces (le blog Usabilis)

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User eXperience Improvement Program (UXIP) - Event Espresso - WordPress Event Registration Calendar Ticketing Manager Plugin We believe we can help you be successful by offering cutting edge tools that are also easy to use and very affordable. To continuously make Event Espresso better, we have to understand how you use Event Espresso; what things work well and what needs to be improved. The User eXperience Improvement Program (UXIP) has been created to help us measure our progress against that very high expectation. In order to determine our progress we collect information about how our customers use our programs and some of the problems they encounter. We evaluate that data to determine how to improve Event Espresso and in other decisions about improving our product. This program is also another way to vote on what existing features are the most important to you.

UX: Psychology of great design – part 1 The World Wide Web turned 20 in April 2013. In its first 20 years the web matured from a largely static medium into the rich, collaborative and wonderfully interactive medium we know today. As such, the interactions and relationships between users and systems have become increasingly complex. Consequently, web designers need to understand the experience of the website or app they are making. Ajax editable data grid - DHTML grid control with flexibility and user API. Written in pure javascript, Sigma grid is an open source AJAX data grid for displaying and inline editing data in a scrollable and sortable table. It is very powerful yet easy to use & integrate with php,, jsp and RoR. sigma ajax grid master / details sample screenshot What New In 2.4 More methods and events provided for programming

Gamma - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme The Gamma WordPress theme is a very clean and modern WordPress theme that has been setup to make it easy for you to create a corporate, portfolio or even a simple blog for yourself or your client. All the main aspects of the theme (portfolio, services, staff, faqs, slider…) are controlled via custom post types so not only is adding and managing content very easy, but you don’t have to rely on adding in shortcodes everywhere to get the design you see in the demo. Drag&Drop Homepage Lots of useful drag-and-drop modules are available for the homepage. A Collection of Separator Styles A collection of separator styles for horizontally dividing sections on a website. The dividers are created using several techniques, including styling pseudo-elements, using gradients and inserting SVG graphics with responsiveness in mind. View demo Download source

The Top 10 User Feedback Tools for Improving Conversion When you’ve poured hours of blood, sweat and tears into the development of a webiste or marketing campaign, it’s easy to be biased and assume it is pure greatness. You often don’t see the flaws that others may find. It’s like supporting your tone deaf kid on American Idol. The Difference Between Information Architecture and UX Design Information architects form the blueprints of the web Next to explaining what I do for a living, the second question I most frequently hear is: “What’s the difference between Information Architecture and User Experience?” The line always seems to blur between the two, even though there’s clearly a difference.

Beautiful And Consistent Web Forms With Javascript Plugins Web form is an important component in web development, all web designers would encounter it in their career. As we all know it, all the browsers render form elements differently and most of the time, the design and the working version are greatly different in its appearance. In order to eliminate those differences, web developers will have to develop theirs own script to re-skin all the form elements. To develop it from ground zero it will take heaps of development times, let alone testing it on different browsers. Luckily, there are already a few jQuery plugins that we can easily obtained to skin forms. In this post, we have 6 of them. Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It Advertisement Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. In the next five years, we’ll likely need to design for a number of additional inventions.

Cheat Sheet Download cheat sheet as printable PDF A5 Syntax Child: > nav>ul>li Sibling: + div+p+bq

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