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Knotted Headband Back in October, I was perusing Facebook when I noticed a picture that my fashionable friend Erika posted of herself wearing a crocheted earwarmer/headband. She is studying overseas in the UK, and she told me that she purchased this headband from Topshop for 10 British pounds, or about $15. I thought her headband was so cute and chic, and I immediately wanted to try making one, especially since hers was crocheted and looked so simple to make! I had seen some other knitted and crocheted headbands on-line through Craftgawker and on Etsy, and they were definitely very popular as stores such as Aldo and Urban Outfitters were also selling them.

The American Go Foundation A Guide for the Complete Beginner If you have played 100 games, whether online or against a human or computer, perhaps you have glimpsed a bit of the depth, the challenge the game presents. Now you're trying to figure out how to get stronger -- like the rest of us! Window Frame Jewelry Display {Tutorial} Update: Like this project? Then you’ll definitely want to check out my new-and-improved version here! Remember my window-frame-turned-jewelry-display? Of course you do, how could you not? Well it’s time for a detailed tutorial.

The Elements of Design The web professional's online magazine of choice. In: Columns > Design in Theory and Practice By Joshua David McClurg-Genevese Published on August 15, 2005 Vintage Baby Clothing: heart knot friendship bracelet valentines I was feeling very uninspired this year when it came to making any Valentine's. I knew LM really wanted something to give to her cousins and a few friends, so I was just going to have her pick out some Valentine's at the store (which seriously would have been just fine ). But, as I was falling asleep late last night all of these individual thoughts that were floating around in my head suddenly collided and I knew what I wanted to do - heart knot bracelets! So if you need a very extremely last minute Valentine idea, here you go...

GREEN challenge T-shirt yarn rug As we were packing for our move, we were also getting rid of stuff. My husband and I piled together a few large boxes for donating or to toss out. There was a pile of T-shirts. (FULL TUTORIAL ADDED!) My version of a $385 bracelet! :) chain and thread. - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS For starters: the bracelet I made... So I was browsing some high end designer jewelry a while back, and though I never buy designer things, it's sometimes interesting to look through such items. I came across this bracelet that i thought was really cute...except it was $385!

CODE Pro Code Pro is a font family inspired by the original Sans Serif fonts like Avant Garde or Futura, but with a modern twist. It is clean, elegant and straight-to-the-point. Code font is applicable for any type of graphic design—web, print, motion graphics, etc.—and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters and logos. Wonderful stuffs: Diggin' DIY Make a Sharpie Mug Use Bookends as Floating Bookshelves DIY Heart Knot Easy and very cute DIY: How To Make Tiny Pom Poms With A Fork! T-Shirt Yarn **This tutorial is intended for personal use only.**

Anthro Limitless Strands Necklace How is your Holiday shopping going? Have you started? I will confess I have not. But I have been talking about starting. Does that count? ✐ Practice Foundry—Fabrica Format: OTF Platform: MAC / PCLicensing Information Your download will begin shortly after new page is loaded, you can then click into our secured Paypal checkout if you want to Pay-What-You-Want or receive the font for free! $0 or Pay-What-You-Want! Process Design Details

Beachwear Necklace with earrings made using paracord : Making the celtic heart The foundation of this necklace starts by tying a celtic heart knot, which is a very popular and simple knot that a beginner like me only can choose to use, but at the same time it looks awesome too. To make this knot it best to follow the pictures above (sorry about one grey-scale pic) rather to put the process of making in words. See images above and follow: Take about 10 feet of paracord each color.Find their middle.Follow the process using the pictures above to finish the knot.Just make sure that while knotting, the cords must lie flat to surface side by side, they must not cross over or twist. In the end, make sure the knot is firm. Your two-color celtic heart knot is beautifully hanging in the middle of the necklace.

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