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The ‘How Many…?’ Knitting Tool

The ‘How Many…?’ Knitting Tool
If I want to decrease 14 stitches over 6 inches - how many rows should I work between decreases?My pattern needs me to increase 13 stitches evenly over a row - how often do I increase?I want to knit something 13 inches wide - how many stitches do I cast on?I want to knit a piece 22.5 inches long - how many rows do I work? Before you rush screaming for the calculator (or even worse, a paper & pencil), try these tools. The only extra thing you need to know is your current gauge (i.e. how many stitches and rows per inch you are knitting). All measurements are in inches. « I Aten't Dead © 2014 All rights reserved.

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How to Make Leaf Skeletons I wanted to share with you a project from one of my readers who shares with us how to make leaf skeletons. I LOVE this! I have several leafs in various forms displayed in my home and knew I needed to make some of her leaf skeletons to add to my decor. I love how a pattern of leaves can enhance the beauty in your home. So I asked Heather if she would mind sharing her project with you. You can find more great projects from Heather at her blog The Other White House.

Knitting Needle Sizing Conventions How to make sense of Knitting Needle sizes on international and vintage patterns. One of the exciting aspects about looking at knitting patterns on the Internet is that there is access to a massive wide range of different patterns and designs. Not only are these designs and patterns written by designers from around the world, but also there are patterns available on the Internet which were written many years ago, giving a wealth of choice for today’s knitter.

Bella Dia: Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern A valentine gift for you - a free tutorial for a crocheted heart! This pattern is completely free but if you would like to make a donation to support my work and show your appreciation then I will send you an 11 page PDF version that you can download to print or be able to use when you are not on-line. The PDF version also includes a complete text version of the pattern for a simple black and white printing option (just print the last two pages). Free Scarf Knitting Patterns" Braiding adds another dimension to an otherwise very simple pattern. Choose a soft yarn -- it will follow the curves of the braid better than a stiffer one. Size Width: 4" (10cm) Length: 55" (140cm), not including fringe

Knitting Design for Beginners: Designing Knitwear Patterns; Getting Started. Once you can knit, there is nothing to stop you from designing your own simply shaped garments. This is the first part of a series of articles which will show you how. Knitting is maths; knitwear design even more so. This is a thought that often scares people, but nobody who knits need be afraid of the numbers, as all knitters are already counting and measuring as they go. The mathematical side doesn’t have to be difficult or complex, but it is vital. Designing your own patterns is straightforward and satisfying. {Valentines day} pixelated popup card I‘ve been scratching my head trying to come up with a card for my hubby {AKA the non-romantic type}. I finally decided to make this pixely popup heart card! They are really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope). You can even make some pixely confetti to put inside the card (if you are a big kid like me!). Full instructions and printable templates below!

Knit Tutorial - Picking Up Stitches When you pick up stitches, you are adding knit stitches to an existing work in order to expand the work. Why would you pick up stitches? A few good reasons: To lengthen or add embellishment to a knitted piece that has been completedTo add sleeves at an armholeTo add a neckbandTo add a button holeTo add edging or knitting to non-knitted itemsTo work in a "mosaic knitting" technique One thing you should consider when picking up stitches - especially when following pattern instructions.

1920's Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern If I could go back to anytime in history I'd probably travel to the 1920's! The Swing music and catchy Charleston, the unforgettable hats and fashion and Walt Disney's film debut are just a few of the many reasons I love the roaring twenties! Unfortunately I don't own a time machine, so I guess I'll just have to settle with Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby to quench my ever growing thirst. However, I have to admit that while wearing this cloche hat with my mary jane heels I truly felt like a flapper... And it was wonderful!

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