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Scarf Knit With Comb ∙ How To by Zydonia on Cut Out

Scarf Knit With Comb ∙ How To by Zydonia on Cut Out

Doctor Who Scarf Patterns - Free Downloadable and Authentic DIY: No Sew Bow Tie | Dill Pickle Picnic I’ve been making these quick bow ties for years. They are great for quick dress-up items and even Halloween costumes and had originally put this quick & easy tutorial together as a set of images to share with a certain tall, super artistic bride. The day before her wedding she was looking for some last minute bow ties for photobooth props and not finding anything to her liking. Supplies Needed: 1 piece of felt (or other fabric) for each bow tie.elastic headband or wooden dowelscissorshot glue Instructions: Start by cutting off the piece that will become the center of your tie. Fold each of the edges of the larger piece of felt to the inside. Take the long skinny piece of felt, and fold in half. Ready to wear…either as a bow tie or a large bow headband. So, there you have it a no sew fun bow tie in less than 5 minutes!

knittingbanshee | A scarf... with a twist! So, I came across the idea of scarves with pockets on the ends in the Patons Yarns website. And I thought I would try and make something along those lines... I used two balls of Hayfield Bonus Chunky, which is 100% acrylic, since the person I was making this for can't wear wool, so it was really quick to knit. The stitch pattern I used, which comes from the berroco website. Pictures General view: The pocket! The pocket, being used The pattern, in detail Materials Yarn Hayfield Bonus Chunky, two balls (or as many as you need to make the scarf as long as you want it). Pattern Make two identical sides following this pattern: Pocket On 6.5circular needles (100cm), cast on 29x2 stitches using figure-8 casting r01: Front: knit all (29st) Back: k2tog, k10, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k10, k2tog (25 st) After thatr02: Front: k3, [yo, k2, k3tog, k2, yo, k1] x3, k2 Back: k1, [yo, k2, k3tog, k2, yo, k1] x3r03: Front: k29 Back: k25 Repeat those two rounds 12 more timesr28: as r02r29: r30: as r02r31: Scarf Finishing

Felt Hairbow Tutorial | Just Everyday Me 19 Feb 2012 I absolutely love wearing hair bows and wear them almost every day (maybe that’s why people tend to think I’m younger than I actually am ;). I have had trouble finding bows I like in stores, and when I do find them, they’re often pretty expensive. I found a tutorial of how to make bows out of felt. It’s super simple and they’re so cute! The first thing you do is cut a rounded rectangle out of felt and a smaller thinner strip of felt (either the same color or a different color). Next, pinch the rectangle in the middle. Take your smaller strip of felt and wrap it around the pinched rectangle. I’ve found the easiest way to make these into clips is to use one of these metal saw-tooth thingies and just slip it between the bow and the strip. So cute! I want to make these in all sorts of colors and for all different seasons! I found this tutorial at Ruffles and Stuff . Enjoy!

A Hooded Scarf, The New Little Black Dress | Nikki, In Stitches Last summer, my husband’s entire family (and I do mean entire, there were over 40 of us) went to Ireland. It was an amazing trip. Ireland is just beautiful. Words can not describe the landscapes and pictures just do not do them justice. Along with an overwhelming feeling of awe and wonder at the majestic scenery, I left there inspired to get home and knit. The sweaters, scarves and blankets were just extraordinary. Enjoy! Nikki, In Stitches Added Later: Printer Friendly Version Now Available! A Hooded Scarf, The New Little Black Dress Pattern PDF Materials:900 yards of yarn (Caron Country Merino Wool Blend in Spruce is pictured) Size 8 (5 mm) needles Spare circular needles for grafting Cable needle Stitch markers Tapestry needle 2 1″ – 1 ½” buttons Scarf (Note: The center of the Scarf Pattern is taken in part from Knit N’ Style’s “Balanced Floral Ring Scarf”) Cast on 47 stitches. Purl row. Rows 7 to 54: Repeat Scarf Pattern 3 times. 55. Rows 56 to 471: Repeat Scarf Pattern 26 times. 472. 521.

DIY shirt knit and tonic: Yogini Bolero I never really put the words, "yogi" and "bolero" together in my mind before, but when this pattern was complete, it just seemed right. Well, at least until I said the two words together out loud. When I said "Yogi Bolero," out came visions of a know-it-all, hat-wearin', on-two-feet walkin' bear who happens to have a best friend named "Boo Boo." It was then that I knew, just knew, that I couldn't name the thing "Yogi Bolero," after all. In walked the "Yogini Bolero." Whips up in no time flat--at least the short sleeve version does--you can throw this one on in a pinch on your way to a class or use as a cover up for a little tank or wildly printed dress. Yogini Bolero is knit in one piece, from the top down. FOR SIZES32 (34, 36, 40, 42 46, 50)" chestShown in size Small; two inches negative ease suggested FINISHED UPPER WAIST30.25 (34.25, 37.5, 39, 43, 45.5, 49)", including bandsNote: This is not meant to overlap in the front 20 sts and 24 rows = 4” in St st