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Scarf Knit Com Pente · Como fazer um Knit Scarf / Crochet Scarf · Knitting em Cut Out + Mantenha

Scarf Knit Com Pente · Como fazer um Knit Scarf / Crochet Scarf · Knitting em Cut Out + Mantenha

Crochet hexagon jacket / Crochet hexagon sweater Descargá esta entrada en PDF! This time I want to bring you this free crochet pattern of the hexagon jacket that I made for my daughter Micaela who will be born in January of next year. This jacket is made with two hexagons that folded in half become the two halves of the jacket. Once the two halves are seamed together, we add the collar and cuffs. This pattern can be found on the web in several languages ​​as “saquito hexagonal o en hexágono”, “chompita hexagonal”, “chompa en hexágono”, “casaquinho hexágonos”, “hexagon jacket” or “hexagon sweater”. As you can see, this is a very popular pattern that allows you a lot of color combinations. It is an ideal project for beginners and those who don’t like the idea of crocheting sleeves separately. To increase the size of the jacket make bigger hexagons by adding rows. Here is the PATTERN: Here is the TUTORIAL: Here you can see how to change the size of the jacket.

Crochet cardigan free pattern A vibrant cardigan in a rainbow of colours, this bright and beautiful piece makes a perfect cover-up for little girls (or even big ones!) on cool evenings. Gathering stitch • Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK, 75% extra-fine merino/20% silk/5% cashmere, 50g/116m/127yds Shades: MC: Radicchio 0248 x 1 (1, 2, 2) ball(s) CC1: Spicy 0249 x 1 (2, 2, 2) ball(s) CC2: Pineapple 0250 x 2 balls CC3: Captain Peacock 0163 x 2 balls CC4: Ink 0247 x 2 balls CC5: Black Cherry 0222 x 2 balls CC6: Pashmina 0166 x 2 balls • 4mm hook • 3.5mm hook (or 0.5mm smaller than main hook) • 5 buttons (20-25mm/3/4-1in in diameter) • Needle and thread for buttons • Yarn needle Work 3 by 2 pattern repeats to the size of 8 x 8cm/3 x 3in using 4mm hook, or size required to obtain correct tension. Chain 23. Row 1: Tr in 4th ch, 1 tr, [sk 2 ch, (2tr,1ch) in ch, 2tr in ch, sk 1 ch] 3 times, 3tr, turn. Row 2: 3ch, 2tr, [sk 2 tr, osh (see Special Stitch Patterns) in ch-sp, sk 2 tr] 3 times, 3tr, turn. Rows 4 & 5: Rep row 2. Row 6: Rep row 3.

Free Crochet Patterns and Knitting Patterns Calling all knitters and crocheters, take a few minutes to unwind with Red Heart’s free crochet patterns and knitting patterns and find inspiration for your next knit or crochet project. Are you looking to create a soft blanket or hat for charity? Looking to create a bespoke gift for your friends or family? Perhaps you want to create something for yourself that is sure to have someone say – did you make that? You can choose from thousands of free crochet and knitting patterns which range from throws, accessories, baby blankets, clothing and home decoration. To find all of these exciting projects you can browse the free pattern categories to the left of the page, this will help you narrow down the huge number of patterns and projects we have so that you can find the one which is just right for you! Don't worry if you are new to this, we have a range of easy crochet patterns and easy knitting patterns.

Crochet Boot Cuffs - B.hooked Crochet Free Pattern and Video Tutorial I have been working on a secret project for the past couple of weeks and I am so excited to finally reveal it. What I’ve been working on will turn any fall outfit into a statement; it challenges the way you think about Tunisian Crochet; they will be the conversation starter when you walk into the room; best of all, it’s completely free! Allow me to introduce to you the Reversible Tunisian Crochet Boot Cuffs. This post will be jam-packed with information and pictures. Reversible Tunisian Crochet Boot Cuffs Crochet Pattern by B. Please do not copy, sell or redistribute this pattern without first obtaining my permission. This pattern is written in US crochet terms Gather your supplies… 1 skein Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable (approximately 50 yards)1 skein Caron Simply Soft (approximately 75 yards)Size 5.5 mm double-ended crochet hookDarning needleScissors Purchase Your Supplies Online Recommended Color Combinations Abbreviations Pattern Notes Written Instructions

Punto Relieve en crochet Búsqueda personalizada El punto alto en relieve puede tejerse por delante o por atrás del tejido. Para tejer el punto alto en relieve por delante, hacer una lazada en al aguja e introducirla de derecha a izquierda y de adelante hacia atrás, tomando el cuerpo del punto alto, no la cadena del borde, (ver la figura) Hacer otra lazada y sacar un punto hacia adelante. Para el punto alto en relieve por atrás, tejer de la misma manera que el punto alto en relieve por delante, pero introduciendo la aguja de atrás hacia adelante. CROCHET ROSE – PATTERN | Kati Crafts Abbreviations: Materials: Yarn: I used Novita’s crochet yarn for this particular rose. The yarn is 100% mercerised cotton. (You can pretty much use any yarn you wish.) Hook: Depending on thickness (weight) of your yarn, use whichever hook suitable. And a needle to stitch it all up! Instructions: Note 1: You can either leave a long tail of yarn at the start or at the finish of the rose (or both ends), to stitch the strip of petals together. Row 1: Make as many chains as you wish, in order to create a rose the size you wish. For this example rose: make 118ch. (You should have 39 V-shapes at the end of row 1.) Row 2: First 3ch (counts as the first dc). Row 3: This is the row that creates the final petals. Start row 3 straight away with double crochet stitches after turning, working the double crochet stitches into the 2-ch spaces, and then attaching each petal to the next 2-ch space with a sc. At the end of Row 2, you should still have 39 two-chain spaces, meaning you can create 39 petals.

Chained Picots Hair Scrunchie Chained Picots Hair Scrunchie ~ FREE Crochet Pattern Summer is here, and it’s time to get our hair out of our face and off the neck and shoulders. And to the rescue we have a new chained picots hair scrunchie to do the job. The hair scrunchie works up fast. It can be crocheted around any size elastic for a great cover and great new look. I’d say this hair scrunchie is great for all women, teens and young girls with long hair. Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate Materials: Yarn: Loops & Threads Soft & Shiny or any similar worsted weight #4. Abbreviations: Advertisement: Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains FO = Fasten Off Blsc = Back Loop Single Crochet Flsc = Front Loop Single Crochet Hk = Hook Rep = Repeat Sc = Single Crochet Sk = Skip Sl St = Slip Stitch St/Sts = Stitch/Stitches Notes: Rnd 2 is worked in the back loops of Rnd 1 skipping every other stitch, and Rnd 3 is worked in the front loops of the skipped stitches in Rnd 1. This scrunchie is crocheted in a thinner #4 yarn. Pattern Instructions:

Cozy Crochet Mittens I had always wanted to crochet a pair of mittens for myself and I remember very vividly looking up patterns on Ravelry the weekend before Myla was born two years ago. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as some mittens were crocheted row by row or others began at the cuff and were worked upwards. I was looking for a simple pattern that began with the magic circle and was worked downwards from the fingertips with ribbed cuffing and minimal attaching. I never ended up crocheting any mittens as I felt the contractions coming on a few short days later and picking up my crochet hook and designing patterns was at the back of my mind as we welcomed Myla into the world and adjusted to our new life as parents! Fast forward two years later and I decided to revisit my crocheted mittens idea! I was sent the colour “Blue Moon”, but I went out and bought “Shaker” for my own mittens. Before we jump into this project, I should mention that ”Homespun“ is a very polarizing yarn. Materials: