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Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! wood & wool stool Las Teje y Maneje ameskeria tikki Crochet ¡Gracias por compartir esta página de técnicas básicas en crochet! Nuestros tutoriales para tejer a crochet o ganchillo: Generales: Seguir el tablero de puntos tejidos a crochet en Pinterest: Gorros, sombreros, diademas, tocados y boinas: Pantuflas niños y adultos Zapatillas tejidas, diversos diagramas.. Lindas pantuflas ^Pantuflas unisex, son toda una monada Estas me fascinarón estan muy hermosas son para dama y los patrones estan verdaderamente faciles........ Lindas zapatillas para niñas al estilo MARY JEAN..! Bellisimas bailarinas tejidas para nuestras niñas.................. Diagrama para hacer todas las pantuflas

Manta de Crochet en lana a rayas - Puerta al Sur Manta tejida a crochet de diversos colores... Tamaño: 1,30 por 0,90 metros Si necesitas el precio de otro tamaño de manta tejida a crochet avisanos, y así te lo presupuestamos. Confeccionamos todos nuestros productos en forma personalizada, es decir que podes seleccionar los colores, la combinación de los mismos y definir el tamaño de las piezas que elijas. Los tejidos son en LANA de acrílico de muy buena calidad.Son faciles de lavar, no se destiñen ni deforman... Si queres podemos combinar para que nos vengas a visitar... Al aceptar el presupuesto se deja una seña y comenzamos a trabajar A los 30 a 40 días esta listo el trabajo, y se paga el resto. Hacemos envios al interior a cargo del cliente y los pagos son por transferencia bancaria Para mayor información o concretar una cita con nosotros para visitar nuestro Showroom, por favor contactarse a nuestro email o vía telefónica: Constance 15 64 98 00 15Solange 15 31 68 64 64

lour in a simple life: Granny Bobble Stripe Did I ever mention that I like bobbles? ... perhaps? ... once or twice? ... Despite feeling sure that there are many now bellowing at their computer, "Karen, will you change the record, give us something different PLEASE. I was inspired this week by the phrase "I think I can, I think I can" which I came across while blog surfing on MAD MAD ME blog - Charissa used the phrase while blogging her progress on creating her own Almond Blossom Bag (or Bohemian Purse). Anyway, it took me back to when I was working on my Granny Bobble Blanket and while looking at the rounds of colourful bobbles develop it struck me one day how great it would look in stripes rather than rounds. With usual abandon I flung my granny bobble blanket aside and set about turning the pattern into flat stripes instead of rounds, and to my frustration found that I couldn't... Naaaaaaaaah.... sorry couldn't help myself, there was really.... it was nearly a blog post to nothing there...

Happy in Red Buscando Comienzos | Buscando comienzos y encontrando algunos finales Superkitina delia creates: Mamachee: The Oma House Slipper and Giveaway If you want to skip my babbling go to the bottom of the post for giveaway instructions. :) On the top of my Christmas “to make” list, was a nice crocheted slipper for my Grandmother. She is the one who taught me how to crochet. It only took me oh…like 12 or so years to finally catch on, but I am learning to love it more and more and I have her to thank. Recently, her eye sight has deteriorated so much that she has had to give up crocheting. Since I was a little girl I have always remembered her wearing her crocheted slippers around the house and thought making her a new pair this Christmas might just be the perfect gift. I searched on etsy for the right pattern, found the Oma House Slipper from Mamachee and fell in love. My stitches aren’t perfect but I got better as I went along. This is the original slipper with no changes. I added some Mary Jane straps to the sides of some…I don’t even know if I did it “correctly.” These blue ones are for my Grandma. Now to the giveaway. So cute right?