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Carinas Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial

Carinas Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial
Just a warning before we get started with the tutorial, there's LOTS of pictures and I may go into too much detail, but that's just what I do. ;-) By the way, this is the yarn I use. Dc/treble: this refers to the same stitch. Dc if you use US crochet terms and treble if you use UK terms. July 2012 - Please note: these days I do very little crochet because I'm working on an embroidery book. There are loads of methods of joining (granny) squares, my method is just one, and may not even be the best. If you have particular layout for your blanket in mind, lay out your squares in that pattern. Then stack your squares so you can keep track of what goes where. Because of how this method works, it is best to have as few squares in each stack as possible. Take the top square and put it on the left and then the next square and keep that on the right. Now put those 2 squares together, with the back of the squares facing each other. Next make 3 dc/trebles in the next space in the yellow square. Related:  neulelinkit

Crochet Pattern Central - Free, Online Crochet Patterns - Beginner Crochet Instructions - Crochet Tips, Tricks, Testimonials and More! Hipponen Lupasin uutena vuotena opetella jotain uutta ja tässä se nyt on! Melkein kahden viikon hampaiden kiristys ja hermojen menetys! Happypotamus alias virtahepo alias hipponen :) Lanka: Novita 7 veljestä Koukku: 3,5mmHappyhipon ohje löytyy ravelrystä Lankaa kului noin 300g Käytin happypotamukseen pääsääntöisesti vaan jämälankoja. Korkkasin valkoisen kerän vain yhdistäessä, joten täytyy todeta, että oli oikein oiva tapa kuluttaa jämälankoja! Ohje oli englanniksi, mutta kuvien ansiosta sinäänsä helppo ja ystäväni, joka on näitä tehtaillut useammankin jeesasi alkuun. Ja koska hippo on menossa tulevalle kummipojalle ristiäis/kummi/ym. lahjaksi niin personoin sitä töissä sen verran, että "kaulanauhaan" kirjailin koneella nimen :) currentVote noRating noWeight

Carina's Craftblog: Crochet magic ring tutorial Mmm... happy colours! Ok, so there's a granny triangle tutorial in the works, but first I'm going to show you how to make a magic ring. This is a very handy thing to know how to make. Not just for granny triangles! Why is it handy? And despite its name, there is actually no magic involved whatsoever. Please respect my copyright. Por favor, respeta mis derechos de autor. Ok, grab your yarn and we'll do this! 1: wind yarn around your fingers like you are going to make a slip knot. 4: yarn over and pull through 5: with the loop still on the hook, insert the hook in the ring itself, yarn over, then pull through the ring 6: you should now have two loops on your hook 7: pull the latest loop through the other one, so you only have one loop on the hook 8: now chain 3, this will count as the first dc If you are working on a project that has sc or tdc in the first round, adjust the length of your chain accordingly. You now have your magic ring ready to go. Thank you!

Crochet School Sorry I've taken so long to post this very last post of the crochet school series. Would you believe me if I said I don't want it to end? haha That's not the real reason, although it is a little weird to be writing the last crochet school post (for now). I've just been busy designing new patterns and crocheting my butt off for the craft show I'm in next month, Deluxe. I was also waiting for all of you to have time to put in questions you want answered in this post. Let's cover those questions first: Carly asked "I think you mentioned that you can weave in ends with a hook. Hi carly, Since you're making a blanket, I would probably just try to find a bigger needle. Nia asked "I understand how to make the corners when seaming horizontally but what about vertically.. do we skip the corners and just seam the sides? Since you only do one corner from each side when seaming horizontally, you'll pick up those other two corners when you to the vertical stitches. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

The sloppy slip knot: how to work in the round with no hole | Stacey Trock's Fresh Stitching If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! The typical way of starting to work in the round is less than ideal for amigurumi. The standard way is to make a slip knot, chain 2, and then single crochet six times into the first stitch. Why isn’t this the best? It leaves an icky hole that lets stuffing poke through, as shown in the photo above. A number of ways have been devised to solve this problem, one of which is the magic ring. To begin, don’t make a slip knot. Now, continue on as usual. Here’s the magic part. It’s easy! Guess what? Download my free e-book:The Beginner’s Guide to Amigurumi!

Louie's Loops: Taking Crocheting to the Future So I'm somewhat, okay a lot of, a nerd. For those of you who arn't or maybe didn't know, there's a little convention called Comic Con, and last Thursday through Sunday all the lucky people of New York had their 6th annual Comic Con. Unluckily for me I live in California, and I'm also broke :) but to commemorate this event and kinda commemorate Halloween, which is just around the corner, I decided to make a nerd based crocheted item (the first of many more). For those of you who don't know, this is known as a Brain Slug from the show Futurama. Here are some photo's of the finished product: Materials:-Lion Brand Cotton Ease Lime Green-Size US-G/4.00 mm Crochet Hook-White Felt-Small (about 1/4-1/2") Black Button-A little bit of stuffing *First make a tiny ball of yarn separate from the main ball for the antennae. Now cut a circle out of the felt, and sew the button on before sewing the entire eye onto the body. I make a great zombie slave You can buy this guy here!

Näin virkkaat afrikankukan - Neulonta ja virkkaus - Suuri Käsityö Kaipaatko vaihtelua jämälankavirkkauksiin? Afrikankukista syntyy näyttäviä vilttejä pala palalta. Kokeile, kuinka helposti kukkien virkkaaminen onnistuu. Krs=kerrosps=piilosilmukkas=silmukkakjs=ketjusilmukkaks=kiinteä silmukkap=pylväs Virkkausmerkein piirretyn ohjeen kukkaan löydät täältä. Virkkaa 5 kjs ja yhdistä renkaaksi ps:lla. 1.krs: *tee aloitusrenkaaseen 2 p, 1 kjs*, toista *–* vielä 5 kertaa. Korvaa jatkossa aina krs:n 1. p 3 kjs:lla ja sulje krs ps:lla tämän ketjun yläreunaan. Kun vaihdat väriä, tee jo edellisen krs:n ps:n viimeinen langanveto uudella värillä. Vaihda työhön lanka. 2.krs: tee jokaiseen 1 s:n ketjuun 2 p + 1 kjs + 2 p. 3.krs: tee krs:n 1. p siten, että virkkaat 1 s:n ketjuun 1 ps:n ja sitten 3 kjs (= 1. p). Virkkaa langanpäät silmukoiden sisään. 4.krs: virkkaa jokaiseen pylvääseen 1 ks. Tee pylväsryhmien väliin 1 ks niin, että viet koukun 2. krs:n pylväsryhmien välistä. Katkaise ja päätä lanka.

How to Crochet: The Magic Adjustable Ring By Alicia Kachmar – 53 Comments One way of crocheting in the round is to chain 2 and then make a certain number of stitches into the 2nd chain from the hook (you can do so with any kind of crochet stitch–sc, hdc, dc, etc.–but for this tutorial, I’ll be using sc. This tutorial is for both right and left handed people. For left handed pictures, roll your mouse over the image and it will change for you. Making a magic adjustable ring only requires a few extra steps and will give your in-the-round projects a smooth start. With the yarn tail hanging for a few inches along the inside of your left hand, form a ring and rap around your index and middle fingers. Hold where both strands of yarn overlap along the ring, the working yarn behind the ring. Ch 1 and insert your crochet hook into the ring; pull up a loop from the working yarn again, pulling it from front to back under around the tail and ring. Now there are two loops on your crochet hook.

Recycle Tutorial - Making Of T-Shirt Yarn | Free Pattern &Tutorial at Another tutorial to help save our Mother Earth by turning unwanted items into something useful. This is the yarn ball I made out of an old T-shirt which I have been wearing for 10 years day-in day-out, wash-in wash-out. It finally broke down and tore at the collar and sleeves. Waste not, want not, I decided to recycle it. I have finished making the drawstring bag as shown above. {CLICK HERE to get the Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn.} Pages: 1 2 Print / Download PDF The Simplest Scarf Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner or an old hand, this scarf is not only very simple and straightforward, it's also very, very fast: you can easily finish it in an evening (yes, photographic evidence follows.) You need: Approximately 100g yarn (about 3.5 ozs) This will vary according to the width and length of the scarf!An appropriate hookMine was made with half a 7oz-skein of Vanna's choice and an 'I' hook Abbreviations: ss – slip stitch / chain stitch dc – double crochet [tr - treble - in British English]Start by chaining the amount of stitches necessary to get your scarf's desired width. Round 1Then chain six more stitches. Round 2Chain 3, then 1 dc [tr] in the space created by the 3 chain in the previous row. Repeat rows 1 and 2 till the scarf is long enough, finishing with row 1. And, after one episode of House (43 mins, fact fans), the scarf is more than 60 cm (2 foot) long. Keep going till the scarf is the desired length, and finish with a Round 1.

Louie's Loops: Movember (No Shave November) Many famous people have sported these bad boys throughout the years, like Hulk Hogan, John Lenon, and Seth Rogen, and now, you too!! Along with this bad boy comes these sweet sideburns that can be attached to glasses, you may have seen them on the Early November Giveaway I did a while back. I know it may be a little late, but better then never, here's the pattern for the Horseshoe Mustache and Sideburns! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Materials:Lion Brand Cotton /Lily Sugar'n Cream /Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (basically any 100% cotton works) -Crochet Hook-Size G6 4.00mm -Needle to sew in ends with Abbreviations: -SL.ST = Slip Stitch -SC = Single Crochet -HDC = Half Double Crochet -DC = Double Crochet -Ch = Chain -Rnd = Round To attach it to glasses, weave in the temples (things that hold on to your ears) in and out of the dc's from the last row. Make sure you check out the Movember website here, and donate!

Vinkkejä amigurumien tekoon Tarvikkeet Langat Valitse lanka, joka on tiiviisti kierretty, jotta koukku ei mene langan väliin. Catania löytyy Helsingistä ainakin FiinaNeuleesta (Annankatu 20), Menitasta (Korkeavuorenkatu 20), Haminasta Käsityöliike Maijukasta (Sibeliuskatu 25) ja ainakin kolmeasta Jyväskylän lankakaupasta. Kun amigurumeihin jää koukkuun, kotiin alkaa kertyä helposti aikamoinen määrä lankoja. Nyt lankoja saa tauon jälkeen taas myös Sokoksesta, Stockmannilta, Anttilasta ja vaikka mistä. Voit virkata myös kotoa löytyvistä langanpätkistä, mutta siisteimmän lopputuloksen saat, kun ostat puuvillalankaa tai ohutta villalankaa. Virkkuukoukku Yhdellä pärjäät, kahdella loistavasti. 3,5mm tai 4mm. Silmät ja kuonot Amigurumeista saa pienillekin lapsille sopivia, kun niille laittaa läpipainosilmät eli turvasilmät. Liimattavia silmiä löytyy monista kaupoista. Jos et halua ostaa silmiä, voit myös käyttää nappeja tai helmiä. Täyte Amigurumit täytetään polyesterivanulla. Ohjeet Voit myös keksiä ohjeita itse! Kirjat 1.krs 6

Anleitung: Sunburst Flower Granny Square haekeln ? Kasa Amend Geschafft: Meine Foto-Anleitung zum Häkeln der Sunburst Flower Granny Squares für eine dieser tollen Decken, wie sie viele wahrscheinlich von Sandra Juto oder dieser Flickr Group kennen, ist fertig. Für eine Freundin, die heute Geburtstag hat, wollte ich schon längst mal meine kleine Übersetzung dieser englischen Anleitung von MaryjoO abtippen. Nun hab ich mir etwas mehr Zeit genommen, um die Anleitung noch etwas detaillierter auszuarbeiten. Dank des tollen Fußauslösers, konnte ich die ganzen Häkel-Schritte selbst fotografieren und da die liebe MaryjoO nichts dagegen hatte, stelle ich das Ganze nun auch hier in den Blog und wünsche viel Spaß beim Häkeln. Wolle: Cool Wool 2000/ Merino Superfein von Lana Grossa (Das aber nur als Info, ihr könnt selbstverständlich auch ganz andere Wolle nehmen. Häkelnadel: 4,0 (etwas dicker als zur Wolle empfohlen, dadurch wird die Decke schön locker) Bedarf: Etwa 9 g Wolle habe ich pro Granny Square verhäkelt. ::::: RUNDE 1: Der innere Strahlenkreis :::::

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