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Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn

Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn
Another tutorial to help save our Mother Earth by turning unwanted items into something useful. This is the yarn ball I made out of an old T-shirt which I have been wearing for 10 years day-in day-out, wash-in wash-out. It finally broke down and tore at the collar and sleeves. Waste not, want not, I decided to recycle it. I have finished making the drawstring bag as shown above. Please click here to have a look and you can download the simple pattern I created. {CLICK HERE to get the Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn.} Pages: 1 2 Print / Download PDF

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DIY Fringe Scarf Everyone needs a go-to fringe scarf in their fashion repertoire. Here’s an easy way to make your own. What You Will Need: -Old T-Shirt -Good Scissors You Can Crochet Avec draps! - Création mère juive I don't know about you, but this is my perfect vision of summer! Well of course I'd like to be sitting next to a beautiful lake with an iced coffee, but for now I'm quite happy sitting next to our largish wading pool with a gorgeous mountain view beyond. You see, when you need to watch your kids in the pool, there's nothing better than a little (or a lot in my case) crocheting! In fact I'm probably the only mother begging her kids to get into the pool, so that I can have an excuse to relax with my current favorite craft! If you're wondering what ever happened to the crocheting with t-shirt yarn, well suffice it to say I ran out of yarn, and my little rug turned out to be so lopsided that I had to tear about 1/3 of it out.

Amigurumi Teddy Ornaments This was our first year setting up our Christmas tree in our new house. We bought our tree last year at Walmart after Christmas when all the prices were heavily reduced, so we had to wait almost one whole year before we could set it up! As we assembled our tree and placed the lights and ornaments upon the branches, Ryan and I thought how it’d be so adorable if we could somehow incorporate our love of amigurumi onto our tree. I had been wanting to make some sort of Christmas-themed amigurumi, so we came up with the perfect solution: make amigurumi ornaments!

Button Bookmarks « Quiver Full of Blessings Oct18 Christmas gift ideas are totally swirling around in my mind. If you, like me, are also thinking of pretty little gifts that you can make ahead, here’s another quick idea for you. Also, if you are familiar at all with my blog, you’ll know that I did another bookmark idea not too long ago. Well, here’s another one, this time for all of you non-sewers out there. Free Pattern – Crochet Drawstring Bag I am so glad that my blog’s migration is finally over, phew!!! After numerous sleepless nights fighting against broken links, fine tune the layout (still doing though), adding plugins, widgets, blah blah blah…. I am back to posting again, YAY!!! knotted jersey headband tutorial hey there LOVE STITCHED PEEPS!! it’s LESLIE from LITTLE MOOKIE back again with another fun tutorial, and while i’m a sewing contributor here, sometimes the best sewing tutes are the ones that involve ZERO SEWING! am i right? (tell me i’m right, mkay?) i’ve always wanted to learn how to tie celtic-ish style knots and this one was super cute so i started searching around for a tutorial and found this one. she used long crochet chains but i don’t crochet. so i figured, why not UPCYCLE something? one of my best friends lost 55lbs last year and she gave me all of her clothes (yay for free fabric, eh?!)

inspiration et réalisation: Bricolage Mode + Accueil: bracelets DIY corde faciles these bracelets are easy, fast to make...and just lovely I made these with silky satin ropes, but sure the possibilities are endless: cords of leather, cotton, jute, and ribbons, beads... and more. * scissors & fabric glue * flat nose pliers *masking tape * 2 ribbon crimp ends Crafty Tutorial: Super-Chunky Crocheted Infinity Scarf [Giveaway!] By popular demand, you can now download the PDF for this pattern here!!! I got a bunch of emails, comments, and tweets asking me to do a tutorial for the giant bulky infinity scarves I’ve been crocheting. Usually, when I get a request for something, even if it’s just one of you, I’ll go for it… So, this is my infinity scarf that I made for myself, though I haven’t worn it yet.

Best way to make fried marbles+a suncatcher... kind of. - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS I made fried marbles!! There are already several people who have posted these around this site, and on each post there are people trying to figure out the best way to make them. So I took the liberty of trying all of the methods to see which is best. I tried boiling, "frying" in a cast iron pan... But the very best way, as well as the easiest, was to bake them in the oven.

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