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Knitty - magic cast-on

Knitty - magic cast-on
You have cast one stitch on to needle #1. 5. Bring needle #2 over the yarn tail on your thumb, around and under the yarn and back up, making a loop around needle #2. Pull the loop snug around the needle. You have cast one stitch on to needle #2. There are now two stitches on needle #2 Ñ the stitch you just cast on plus the anchor loop. The top yarn strand always wraps around needle #1 (the bottom needle), and the bottom yarn strand always wraps around needle #2 (the top needle). 6. 7. 8. In this picture, a total of 20 stitches, or 10 stitches on each needle, have been cast on. Turn back to the right side to begin knitting. 9. Knit the row of stitches from needle #1. You will see a row of stitches appear between the two needles. 10. Be careful! You have completed one round and are back where you started. Note: Do the stitches between the needles appear too loose or "sloppy?" There are two rows of stitches between the needles now. Round 3: K all stitches on both needles (no decreases).

Information ©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2014 In 2009 we suddenly took an interest in illusion knitting. It was very different from the mathematical work that can be found on the main part of the Woolly Thoughts site. As you move from page to page you will inevitably find some things repeated. 419 BAITER - Links When I first started scambaiting, I was inspired by a handful of sites. Unfortunately, a few of these sites have since vanished. I have listed the ones that remain. The Adventures of Wendy Willcox - I managed to locate this great story and thought, "Yeah, I could do that". I drew quite a bit of inspiration (and a few ideas) from Wendy's story. The 419 Game - Ebenezer Codpiece is back. What's the Bloody Point? After my first foray into this growing internet sport, I found many more sites devoted to scambaiting. 419 Eater - Claims to be the world's largest organized group of scambaiters. Scam-o-Rama - The operators of this site don't do any scambaiting themselves. Nigerian Money Scams - The Nigerian Letters - J. The Brad Christensen Exhibit - Hilarious scambaiting here, this guy even makes his scammers laugh, though not for long. - Home of "Anus Laptops". - "Gilbert Murray" is one of the best waster of the scammers' time I've seen. Vladdio...

How to knit with two circulars How to knit small circumferences with two circulars You don't need double-pointed needles to knit small circumferences like sleeves, gloves, socks, and the top of hats. Instead you can use two circulars, which cuts the number of joins down to only two. A few people have claimed credit for this neat trick; I think it's one of those things that occured to multiple people about the same time. Select your needles You can use two circulars of any length; 16" through 29" seem to work the best. I prefer to use two needles with different cable lengths so I can always tell at a glance which needle I'm holding. If your two circulars are identical in brand and length (which makes them impossible to tell apart) you can place a marker after a few stitches have been worked on the first needle so you know the circular with the marker is needle #1. Casting on Cast on the required number of stitches onto one circular. How it works The concept is amazingly simple. That's it! [Go to my knitting start page]

Top Ten 2.0 Tools – 2010 « John Steltz-Teacher/Author I am finishing my 14th year as an English-Language Arts teacher of students. I have grown more as an educator in this one academic year than in the lasGet Shortlinkt five years combined. I should really be more specific; I was on paternity leave for six weeks in November and December, so the new growth really didn’t begin until the New Year began. Through the assistance, encouragement, and on-going support of my colleague, Jessica (@jbrogley for Twitter followers), I have expanded my professional horizons to the vast frontier of technology. I can’t say enough about her confidence building personality, her willingness to help, and her wide range of Web 2.0 knowledge. It began with Twitter. Writing is a passion of mine and I was searching for an efficient way of sharing my writing with more people. Jessica sent me a link, maybe even through Twitter, to a Wiki that listed a plethora of Web 2.0 tools to for students (I consider myself a student too) to use, CoolToolsforSchools. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Pretty Picot Cast On...a Tutorial I have uploaded two videos demonstrating the details of today's post, but in the first video, I was alone, and had to content with severe body contortion and a deep sustained squint (I was eventually sure that I was looking myself in the eye...) in order to film this here little clip... Normally my precious daughter does the filming while yours truly demonstrates knitting bliss, but in the first video, I set up my trusty tripod and after considerable trial and error , I managed to get the whole thing focused, while leaning, arms akimbo, back pretzeled, around the darned tripod. This resulted in me only being able to see what the heck I was doing , by looking at the video viewer a half inch from my nose :[ Ok, so what am I trying to say? The Picot Cast On...with a twist! Now, I am sure that the vast majority of readers out in Blogland, have already come across or even mastered this little cast on, and if you have, I am sorry... a tedious description will now follow... Cast on 5 stitches.

31 Aquariums From Wow to WTF [Pics] People enjoy watching fish swim. It’s soothing in our otherwise crazy high-speed lifestyles. Fish habitats come in practically every shape and size you can imagine. Some are works of wonder while others are more like WTF were they thinking when they designed that aquarium. These are 31 of those very unique aquariums found around the world. Want an Aquarium? (image credits Born Rich,hometone,gizmodo,Sydney Morning Herald,Born Rich) Fish habitats have come a long way since simple rectangular aquariums or a round bowl. glass-art (image credits: Vanessa Mitrani ) If you have a fondness for glass art yet also want to keep fish as pets, there are dozens of options available for you. Ice (image credits doseng) Want fish but not the mess of cleaning their habitat? Strange or Cool? (image credits gizmodo,Born Rich,gizmodo,novate) The Spillarium has a waterfall effect to circulate and purify water in the aquarium. Fish Fans (image credits Luxury Housing Trends,Opulent Items,Opulent Items,Elseware Inc)

Paging... a doctor... of some kind... - The Pearl of Civilization 25 Sep 2006, 11:02 · diy, knitting, knitting patterns I’ve been trying to figure out who to name this knitted doctor mask after. It seems like surely there is a doctor who presides over fashion with accidental political relevance, the way Dr. Galen, in a heroic effort to work with my vague doctor-related presentiments, suggested Dr. Free knitting pattern: cozy doctor mask The mask is worked in stockinette stitch with a narrow garter stitch border, with garter stitch ear straps attached afterwards. Gauge: 4.25 sts and 6 rows per inch Needles: 4.5mm (or size to obtain gauge) Yarn: under 25g of worsted weight Size: adult (one size) Pattern Row 1 (RS): sl 1, P2, K to last 3 sts, P3. These two rows make up the pattern (stockinette bordered by a 3-stitch garter border). Main mask Straps Pick up 3 sts at top of left edge of mask. Repeat on right side of mask. Finishing Weave in ends. Tips and notes The mask is pretty warm, and I think it would be a great alternative to a scarf.

Health & Medical History of Osama bin Laden Doctor Zebra > Presidential health > Other notables > Historical figures All information about bin Laden should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. A Pulitzer Prize-winning 2006 book, The Looming Tower 1, scoffs at previous reports -- apparently well-regarded by the CIA -- that bin Laden has Marfan syndrome or kidney disease. Vital Statistics Bin Laden was born on March 10, 1957 2a. Comment: Being "forced to lie down" could be a result of hypotension, autonomic dysfunction, or some other cause of weakness. "The CIA has determined that bin Laden has an enlarged heart and chronically low blood pressure" 4. [Persons with Marfan syndrome are classically tall and thin. Resources Wright, Lawrence.

magazine - Short rows for bust shaping (technique feature) Short Rows for Bust Shaping Short rows have lots of uses. They make a flat object take shape. They can be the heel of a sock, or they can turn the stair stepping of a shoulder into a smooth angle. They can build up the back neck in a raglan sweater, or they can shape a sweater front for a large bosom. Today’s article is focusing on short rows for bust shaping. First, let’s talk about what short rows do Short rows add length to the overall body. As many of you know, I’m a very busty girl. One of the things I look forward to most about wearing a sweater I hand knit is that I won’t have to do any of that. If you’ve done some reading about short rows for the bust you’ve probably found several approaches to them.

Maybe on my next pair of socks I'll give that a try. I only do the 1 or 2 circs method. Should work fine I'd say. by douglasgrendahl Dec 21

I have done it and it's not hard to master, although I have to read the directions again each time I use it. I usually do socks 2 at a time and there are instructions for that on the Internet too. I don't know if I've save that link in Pearltrees. by stacyw Dec 20

Ok, has anyone tried this technique and if so, comments? by douglasgrendahl Dec 20