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Knitting Increases

Knitting Increases
An increase is simply adding a stitch to the knitting. Consider all of the ways you could create a new loop of yarn on the needle. Each way is likely to have been named and used by someone. If I could use only three methods (and I pretty much do only use these three), they would be M1L, M1R, and Yarn Over (YO). The first two are the most discreet and invisible, and match each other symmetrically for the fussy among us. The sampler below contains both increases and decreases. Make One Away This doesn't match the right side absolutely perfectly, but it is just fine for beginners. view continental videoview english video This is the easiest increase. Make One Left view continental videoview english video This creates the exact same stitch as Make One Away, it just does it tighter and more invisibly. Knit Right Loop view continental videoview english video This increase, paired with KLL, is ideal if you ever need to do two symmetrical increases in adjacent stitches. Related:  схемыKnitting

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Teknika conductive-thread gloves: Knitty Winter bis 2011 2 –Color Tubular Cast On: On larger needles and with scrap yarn, provisionally cast on 32 sts. Join CC and knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Join MC, knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Carefully undo provisional cast on and slip resulting 32 sts to a spare needle. Fold in half so that spare ndl is to back of work. Ribbing setup row: Using MC, k2 from front ndl, with CC p2 from spare ndl, rep across until all sts have been worked. 64 sts. Change to smaller needles, distributing stitches as you prefer, and join for working in the round. Shaping the Thumb Gusset Round 1: Work Hand Chart row 1 four times, pm, Work Thumb Gusset Chart row 1, pm, work Hand Chart row 1 to end of round. Next round: Work Hand Chart as set to marker, slip 20 sts to scrap yarn or holder, work Hand Chart again to end of round. 64 sts. Continue to work chart through row 30 of chart. Yarn will be placed to begin pinky finger. PINKY FINGER Change to smaller needles. RING FINGER Change to smaller needles.

Summer 2006 Okay, so you've put hours and hours (and hours) into knitting and you've finished. Now to bind off. (Some people call it casting off because there's a lovely symmetry to "casting on, casting off", isn't there?) But which bind off? Do you usually bind off too tightly? The most usual way to bind off is as follows: Knit two stitches then *insert the left hand needle into the front of the first stitch on the right needle, pull it over the second stitch and off the right hand needle. Knit another stitch*, then repeat from * to *. When you knit the stitches, the result is a row of V's, which are slightly facing the front of the work. Next couple of times you knit a gauge swatch, try casting off using knit stitches on the right side of stockingette stitch vs. the wrong side and see the difference. To bind off in purl from the right side, do the exact same thing, but purl the stitches instead of knitting them. Sometimes bind offs can be a bit tight. The decrease bind off The suspended bind off

Silver's Sock Class These patterns are sized for the average adult foot, male or female, and will fit a very wide range of feet. Later in the patterns, you will be instructed to measure the length of the intended foot. This is where you will customize the length of the sock for a perfect fit. Socks stretch nicely, and thus unless you have exceptionally sized feet, fit should not be an issue... with the following exceptions: - If your foot is very narrow or small, you should knit on a needle size or two smaller for a tighter fit around your foot. - If your legs/ankles are large, cast on using a larger needle for more elasticity around the cuff. Please remember, these are not knitting patterns.

Simple Knits: 653 patterns to knit with 1-285 yards of yarn! As promised, here are all 653 pattern links. Some of the yardages are guesstimates. I've placed question marks after those. If someone knits these, post a comment letting me know how much yarn you used and I'll change it. Yarn weights are given as a 2 or 3 letter code. There's more! Feel free to post more pattern links in the comments section of this post. A note: Please be courteous to the bloggers whose patterns are on this list. 1-3 fw Valentine heart ring3? 10? 20 ww Hexagon fish blankie (per fish)20 ww Fun fur hanger cover20 ww Felted mushrooms20? 30? 40?

untitled Нашла очень интересную статью о начальном ряде крючком БЕЗ воздушных петель! "А знаете ли вы, что вместо привычного способа начала вязания крючком "Наберите цепочку из .... воздушных петель" есть способы для набора начального ряда сразу столбиками с накидом, без накида и т.д.? Преимущество такого набора в том, что он значительно более эластичен, чем цепочка воздушных петель. Все петли нужно вязать за левую внешнюю стенку. Наборный край из соединительных столбиковСвязать 2 в п., ввести крючок в 1-ю вп. Наборный край из столбиков без накидаСвязать 2 вп., ввести крючок в 1-ю вп. * Подхватить рабочую нить и вытянуть 1 петлю. Наборный край из столбиков с накидомВначале связать 4 вп, 1 накид, ввести крючок в 1-ю воздушную петлю. По материалам книги "Волшебный клубок. 700 узоров для вязания крючком", М., АСТ-Астрель, 2008

The Dudester My friend, Bob, just opened his own Edward Jones investment office. He always looks ultra professional and put together, so I wanted to knit him a guy scarf that would be formal enough to wear with his overcoat and suits but transition to weekend wear, too. I made it extra wide so it can be worn flat or kinda scrunched up and tucked inside his coat as he said he will wear it. The scarf is knit in a hurdle stitch with garter ribs which is reversible, easy to memorize and makes an interesting texture that doesn't curl. Approximately 10" wide by 48" long Moda Dea Bamboo Wool (55% rayon from bamboo, 45% wool; 145 yds/80 g): 3 balls Heather Grey *This yarn is discontinued, but any worsted weight that gives you 5 sts/inch will work* Size 7 single points Yarn Needle It doesn't matter, but I got 19 sts/4" with a 7 and the drape was just right without being too tight or loose CO 48 sts Rows 1 & 2: slp 1 st p-wise, k to end of row. Rep Rows 1-4 until desired length

The Invisible Ribbed Bind Off For 1x1 Rib | KNITFreedom Video Tutorial I’m almost done putting my toe-up socks video e-book together, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my favorite technique: The stretchy, hemmed-edge invisible ribbed bind-off. You need a stretchy bind-off so you can get your foot into your toe-up sock. Here’s how to do it (written instructions below the video: To do the invisible ribbed bind-off, cut a long tail of at least 6 times the circumference of the project you want to bind off. Set-Up: - go purlwise into stitch 1 (the stitch closest to the needle-tip) - go knitwise FROM THE BACK into stitch 2. Identify stitches 1, 2, 3, and 4. Repeat: 1) go knitwise into stitch 1, remove stitch from needle 2) go purlwise into stitch 3 3) go purlwise into stitch 2, remove stitch from needle 4) go knitwise FROM THE BACK into stitch 4 An easy mantra to repeat: 1) knit off purl, 2) purl off knit Here’s an illustration of the steps of the invisible ribbed bind off that has proved to be really helpful for some of my students. Tweet this:

The Right Way To Wash Sweaters (Because You're Doing It Wrong) Spending too much time and money on taking your sweaters to the dry cleaners? Save money with these simple tips that help you to wash your sweaters correctly at home. This can work for everything from wool, cotton, and cashmere. Free Crochet Bath Puff Pattern Extra Luscious Ruffle Bath Puff I’ve never been one for washcloths, having always preferred the luxurious suds created by a bath puff. With one skein of yarn and simple stitches you can crochet yourself what will hopefully become the best bath puff you’ve ever owned. Make sure your stitches are loose to allow for maximum sudsing power. Please be advised that this bath puff took nearly my entire skein of yarn (I was left with 17 grams). If your gauge is off you may find you need a second skein. Skill Level: Easy MaterialsYarn:1 skein Knit Picks Dishie [100% cotton; 100 grams; 190 yards; worsted weight], Color “conch” If you wish to make a yarn substitution you’ll want to look for another 100% cotton in a worsted weight. 180 to 200 yards of your yarn will be needed to crochet a bath puff of similar size to the one in the photos. Crochet Hook:US size G/4.5mm crochet hookUS size I/5.5mm crochet hookAdjust hook sizes as necessary to achieve gauge listed below.

Интересный узорчик Цитата сообщения NudeloperВяжем замечательную вещицу Схемку и Мк нашла на осинке. Спасибо большое kaprizzza за этот Мк!!! источник Так же выкладываю словесное описание вязания этого мотивчика Набраем 72 петли на 3 спицы. 1 ряд: набор петель. 2 ряд:изнаночные петли. 3 ряд: накид, 10 лиц, 2 вместе( протяжка) 4 ряд: накид, 9 лиц, 3 вместе( протяжка)т.е. ( 2 провязать вместе, протянуть через 3-ю). 5 ряд: накид, 8 лиц, 3 вместе(протяжка). 6 ряд: накид, 8 лиц, 2 вместе. 7 ряд: накид, 7 лиц, 3 вместе. 8 ряд: накид, 6 лиц, 3 вместе. 9 ряд: накид, 6 лиц, 2 вместе. 10 ряд: накид, 5 лиц, 3 вместе. 11 ряд: накид, 4 лиц, 3 вместе. 12 ряд: накид, 4 лиц, 2 вместе. 13 ряд:накид, 3 лиц, 3 вместе. 14 ряд: накид,2 лиц,3 вместе. 15 ряд: накид, 2 лиц, 2 вместе. 16 ряд: 2 лиц, 2 вместе. 17 ряд: 1 лиц, 2 вместе. 18 ряд: 2 вместе ( ост.6 петель). 19 ряд: стянуть все петли в одну.