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Earth Hour

Earth Hour

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Mapped: A hot hot summer of climate action The weather is heating up, and so are the protests against “dirty energy” that contributes to climate change. Fearless Summer is a coordinated effort by more than 50 organizations and unaffiliated individuals taking aim at everything from coal mining to fracking to the Keystone XL pipeline (natch). Launched in June, the campaign will last through September, organized by a range of grassroots efforts and larger nonprofit environmental groups ranging from the more hardcore 350 to the more traditionally uptight Sierra Club. We’ve mapped all of this summer’s actions, past and planned, from puppet theater to kayak flotillas (!) to arrestable civil disobedience. Know of an event that’s not on this map?

Browser Support for CSS3: What’s the Current Status? Creating a website with HTML5 and CSS3 without having to worry about using techniques like progressive enrichment and polyfills is the ultimate dream for modern-day front-end developers. But unfortunately, mainly because of the widespread use of IE6-8, that is still just a distant dream. But it is getting closer.

Interview with Martin Pyper on Posters in Amsterdam Martin Pyper from Me Studio is a designer with a drive and a very nice design blog. He has built up a lot of design and art directing experience over the years at agencies like VBAT, CCCP media collective, BBDO and PPGH/JWT. Now he works mainly solo creating designs in diverse styles and doing all the tasks and chores that make a design agency run. From building identities to making coffee. He considers himself lucky. Because he still loves his job as much as he did 20 years ago.

Conference Schedule & Talk Descriptions // beyond tellerrand 2011 We did our best to create an interesting and colorful schedule for you. Have a look on Monday and Tuesday, but please note that this schedule is subject to change. If you want to print out a schedule, use our PDF. We created one in A6 (format of a postcard) and one in A5. Denmark aims to get 50% of all electricity from wind power The Danish government has stepped up its green energy and carbon reduction targets for 2020, hailing the plan as the "broadest, greenest, and most long-term energy agreement" it has ever reached. Danish minister for climate, energy and building, Martin Lidegaard, confirmed on Friday that parliament had agreed a new set of goals designed to wean the country off oil and gas. The deal aims to see Denmark cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 34% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels and decrease energy consumption by more than 12% compared to 2006. It also aims to supply 35% of its total energy from renewables, with half of its electricity delivered by wind farms. The agreement also covers advances in renewable heat, smart grids, and biogas among other green technologies. "Denmark will once again be the global leader in the transition to green energy," said Lidegaard.

Pipeline dreams: Why fossil-fuel divestment is easier said than done I admit to being relatively ignorant about the fossil fuel divestment campaign until several months ago, when some of my peers at Northwestern University proposed a resolution establishing Northwestern as a leader in environmental sustainability, a move that pissed off our president and even inspired its own hashtag, #divestNU. For a while after that, I was excited to see college students rallying around something larger than a 40-second keg stand (admittedly impressive). Hey — at least we know what a smart investment in the future looks like, even if we can’t always make one ourselves. But then I educated myself further and I got angry.

9 Seriously Useful Online CSS Code Generators Nowadays CSS is one of the most important and most used style sheet languages for web development. It might however seem not really user-friendly for a person who is new to it and decided to build a website on his own, but he has never heard of it or worked with it. Now of course a professional would be able to write a CSS code even on the palm of his hand if he didn’t have a computer in front of him, but this doesn’t really sound so easy for a newbie in this subject. And what would make his life easier for all those who want to learn it fast and efficiently? – an online CSS code generator of course! CSS code generators help you create the desired code automatically; therefore there is no need for you to be an experienced CSS programmer, plus it will help you get to know CSS better and soon you will even be able to write it on your own.

30 Grid-Based Websites Recognition and prestige for Web Designers and Agencies 30 Grid-Based Websites February 22 By awwwards-team In Web Design Kisko Labs Sito Kaiku Sito is a Finnish company that provides comprehensive infrastructure, traffic and environmental services. We've worked with them extensively to create and develop Kaiku, their project collaboration tool. Mad Gang Mad Gang aims to be your trusted source for recommendations, tips and advice. We've worked with them to build a modern, responsive web application from scratch and iterate on it over time.

New evidence argues against prehistoric extraterrestrial impact event ( -- Evidence used to support a possible extraterrestrial impact event is likely the result of natural processes, according to a new collaborative study led by U.S. Geological Survey scientists. Elevated levels of iridium, magnetic spherules, and titanomagnetite grains, collectively called "impact markers," form the bulk of the evidence for the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, a hotly contested idea that links climate change, extinctions, and the demise of the Clovis culture. Scientists found high levels of the reported markers in deposits called black mats, the organic-rich remains of old marshes and swamps, at several sites in the southwestern U.S. and the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

Divest EBRD from Fossil Fuels! The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, one of the world's largest development banks, recently published a draft of its future energy strategy. A central theme of the strategy is transitioning to less carbon-intensive energy sources, yet the EBRD fails to establish realistic and measurable policies to facilitate that transition. Under the Bank's draft strategy, lending for fossil fuel projects—including dirty coal and fracking—as well as large-scale hydropower, will continue (albeit with some additional restrictions).

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