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American Antigravity

American Antigravity
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John Hutchison -- Free Energy from Rocks and Such "Canadian inventor John Hutchison uses ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter in interesting ways. The "Hutchison effect" is a form of levitation by translational movements, where objects become lighter and move around. "Applications make use of zero point energy to power propulsion-type technologies. For example, a crystal energy converter interfaces with the jittering of zero point energy, powering motors that can scale up to many horsepower. "This is very much on the outer edge of science, where a type of dimension shift is created at the subatomic level by conventional electrostatic, RF fields and Tesla waves which open up a keyway into time and space. "Through the activated zero point energy fields and interdimentional gravitational waves, Hutchison shows us stainless steel bars falling apart and transmuting into unknown metals and objects (we see a 70-lb. cannon ball becoming weightless and floating)."

Spacecraft Propulsion Device Invented by 19-year Old Student By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. With passion to persevere and see a project succeed, anything is possible. This is certainly true for a young student in the Middle East.Aisha Mustafa, a 19-year old female student from the University of Sohag in Egypt, recently developed a new type of propulsion system for space crafts. Her newly patented invention uses cutting edge quantum physics instead of thrusters, and is an innovative design that may radically change a more than one field. The new system exploits the quirky law of quantum physics which states “there is no such thing as a vacuum devoid of particles, and energy”. annihilate each other in such a short amount of time they cannot be easily detected. For her invention, Mustafa developed a way of tapping this quantum effect, which is also known as the dynamic Casimir effect. Mustafa’s device differs from current methods of initiating movement in space. The potential of this new design is enormous.

Anti-Gravity From PESWiki The movie Back to the Future had flying skateboards in the year 2015 (not to mention what the black-budget secret ops have). So come on, all you counter-gravity inventors, let's pick up the pace. See also News:Anti-Gravity and PowerPedia:Anti-gravity Directory of Anti-Gravity technologies, with special emphasis on clean, renewable systems. Devices and theories for counteracting the effects of gravity for levitation or propulsion. Some electromagnetic overunity phenomenon and anti-gravity seem to be as physically intermingled as electricity and magnetism. Related Directories Anti-Gravity at PESWiki Featured: Anti-Gravity > Gravity Motors > Rolf Guthmann is Posting Gravity Motor Info - This Brazilian inventor is in process of disclosing how his gravity motors work. Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) - SEG generator capable of cheaply and safely producing electricity without fuel, pollution, friction, or noise. GM Flying Cars not just special effects? Open Source Interviews

SF Signal - A Science Fiction Blog The Rodin Coil: Is It The Greatest Discovery of All Time? Free energy is easily one of the hottest topics in the world within alternative news. While mainstream news continues to ignore the growing interest around the subject, alternative news outlets are providing new information about the inventions, science, mathematics and suppression of free energy technologies. We even covered the subject in our new documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift The trouble with the advancement of free energy as it stands now lies in a couple clear areas. 1. However, these hang ups are not stopping the spread of information surrounding not only the science but also the reality of these devices. “They say mathematics is the language of god, but until now nobody has been speaking god’s language”. As stated by Marko Rodin and his volunteers, the Rodin Coil has the ability to completely transform our world given what it is capable of. Practical Implications Of This Technology More Free Energy Research Sources:

Welcome to Swallow Command. Professor John R.R.Searl's life in Pictures and Videos Big Spin" Model of Gravity by Sergey Ivanenko Posted: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 Last updated: Saturday, February 25, 2006 PACS 04.50.+h – Alternative theories of gravity (formerly "Inertial Theory of Gravity ", modified) This is an attempt to explain fundamental reasons for gravity, going beyond its relativistic definition as spacetime curvature. Motivation Although General Relativity is a widely accepted theory of gravity with some aspects of it proved experimentally, it serves as a mathematical model, rather than physical explanation of a phenomena that can be matched with an intuitive analogy from everyday life. Higher Dimensions, Moving Universe, the Law of Inertia It is accepted to think of our Universe as a multi-dimensional object. I believe it will be a valid assumption that, besides the “Big Bang” expansion, the Universe can also have some other kinds of movement. First, we are going to consider a couple of scenarios of a moving universe. Let's look at the lower-dimension analogy. ). A flat universe . where

Star Trek Inspirational Posters HOPEGIRL BLOG | HOME OF THE FIX THE WORLD ORGANIZATION Managing Expectations for QEG Distribution: Important Information From myself and my family, we would like to thank you for your support around the development and distribution of the QEG. Over the course of the last few weeks … Continue reading “Well, does it work?” This of course seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. QEG Update from HopeGirl February 3, 2014 Thank you so much for your donations! Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) REVEALED!!! MEDITATION Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes. QEG – Quantum Energy Generator FOR THE PEOPLE Four months ago, FTW boldly went where many have tried to go before. QEG Update 3 Dear QEG Family, Friends and Supporters, Well you all know by now we’re a little behind in our calculations for when we thought the device would be ready.

Richard Obousy on Alcubierre and Casimir Warp Drives Dr. Richard Obousy describes an advanced space-propulsion concept based on modifying the local cosmological constant to facilitate an expansion/contraction of spacetime around a spacecraft to create an exotic form of field-propulsion. This idea is analogous to the Alcubierre bubble, but differs entirely in the approach, utilizing the physics of higher dimensional quantum field theory, instead of general relativity. "In the spirit of Morris, Thorne and Yurtsever these warp drives, provide an unique and inspiring opportunity to ask the question 'what constraints do the laws of physics place on the abilities of an arbitrarily advanced civilization'. In this paper a new and innovative mechanism to generate the necessary 'Alcubierre warp bubble' is proposed. At such an early stage in the theoretical development of this idea it is challenging to make predictions on how this 'warp drive' might function. Arxiv - Warp Drive: A New Approach Abstract