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Anti-Intellectualism and the "Dumbing Down" of America

Anti-Intellectualism and the "Dumbing Down" of America

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Antediluvian maps: Evidence of advanced civilizations before written history How is it possible that there are prehistoric, ancient maps, depicting regions of our planet like Antarctica without ice, dating back thousands of years? Did these maps belong to Antediluvian civilizations which inhabited our planet before written history? 1534: The Oronce Finé World Map. An early cordiform projection which features the Antarctic continent splayed along its southern edge some 300 years before it is believed to have been discovered. An inscription spans the width of the continent, “Southern land newly discovered, but not yet fully explored.” How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization I want to discuss a popular TV show my wife and I have been binge-watching on Netflix. It’s the story of a family man, a man of science, a genius who fell in with the wrong crowd. He slowly descends into madness and desperation, lead by his own egotism.

How I realized that boring, dependable guys are rare — and desirable He was a man I matched with on Tinder in a moment of boredom. His name was Evan, and he was attractive: dark eyes and hair, with just the right amount of scruff. I'd swiped right on him without even bothering to read his bio. When I did, I realized I'd made a terrible mistake. Evan loved cars, football, fishing, and hiking.

The Woman Behind the Man: Celtic Warrior Scathach, Teacher of Warriors The most notorious warrior from Irish mythology, akin in many ways to the great Greek warrior Achilles, the intense tales of Cú Chulainn's life and battles were really only possible because of one very important person—one very important woman. A woman whose only purpose in Irish mythology is to teach the best and strongest of Ireland's warriors to harness their martial skills, but who is only recognized through the exploits of the men she trains. That woman is Scáthach of Alba. "Cú Chulainn Riding His Chariot into Battle", illustration by J. C. Leyendecker in T.

US public’s acceptance of scientific knowledge erratic The Associated Press has commissioned a poll that delves into the US public's acceptance of some extremely well-established scientific findings—so established that most scientists would consider them facts. Although some of these facts have clearly entered the public's consciousness, there are a number of issues where US citizens haven't accepted reality. The survey, which had a sample of over 1,000 people (for a margin of error of about three percent), simply stated the facts and then asked people to express how confident they were in the accuracy of the statement. The pollsters broke it down into three general categories: extremely or very confident, somewhat confident, and what you'd call the doubters: those who were not confident and not confident at all. The good news is that more than 80 percent of those surveyed are strongly confident that smoking causes cancer; only four percent doubt it.

30 Funny and Short PG-Rated Jokes (Page 2) 1 How do you find Will Smith in the snow? You look for the fresh prints. 2 How does Jesus make his coffee? 3 What do you call a nun in a wheelchair? 4 I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. Ancient Signs of Pride and Power: Unravelling the Secrets Behind Irish and Ce... The ancient Celts believed their symbols and signs held amazing and meaningful powers which could influence their lives. Bards and storytellers have carried on the stories and meanings behind Celtic symbolism from one generation to another. Their efforts have helped maintain pride in the Celtic heritage and allowed it to live on until today. The Claddagh and Harp The Claddagh symbol has a triple meaning. The hands symbolize friendship, the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the heart symbolizes love which is not affected by time.

Almost Two-Thirds of 18-29 Year Olds Believe in "Demon Possession" What Is Happening to America? October 30, 2013 | Like this article? Join our email list: gardiners_island_in_new_york_state_has_been_owned_by_the_same_family_and In 1639, this island in what is now New York State was settled by a man named Lion Gardiner. The island was made a proprietary colony, granted via a royal decree by Charles I that gave Gardiner “the right to possess the land forever.” As far as forever goes, that remains to be seen. But the descendants of Lion Gardiner still hold the 3,300-acre island, making Gardiners Island the oldest estate in the United States and the only royal grant from the English Crown still intact in the country. Over the last 400 years, the island has been embroiled in a series of contemporary flashpoints.

Feminine Energy - the Return of Lilith - Abigail's Insights There may be a return of the feminine energy right now. Thank fuck for that. For those of you struggling with the return of her; I’m here to let you know you are not alone. Feminine energy, her divine source is our birth right. For women it is especially difficult to move through old wounds to honour and embrace your natural essence. Life does not give you the fucking chance.