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Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

101 Social Media Stats to Make Your Spirits Bright and Your Head Spin Finding the right needle in the haystack that is the Internet is often times an exercise in futility and frustration. Sure, you can find “quick tips” for just about anything, a “how-to” guide for maximizing anything you’d like to maximize, and “case studies” that illustrate someone else’s success story which you believe – for a fleeting moment – you can just as easily apply to your own situation. Most often the tips are oversimplified, the how-to guides leave much to be desired, and the case studies seem to more like exceptions than they are rules. What you really need, at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, is the truth. Or something that is almost close enough to the truth: like social media statistics.

Beyoncé: being photographed in your underwear doesn't help feminism Next month marks the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan's hugely influential study that helped to spark that pervasive second wave of feminism that – for all its faults and stuttering incompleteness – shaped the western world as most of us know it today. As a book it was – as Friedan was herself – a flawed advocate of women's rights: Friedan had little apparent interest in women who were anything other than white and upper middle-class. Her homophobia became an embarrassment to the women's movement. Her egotistical paranoia about being ousted as the face of the women's movement was captured with wince-inducing brilliance by Nora Ephron in her 1972 essay, Miami.

In China, New Sustainable Cities Are Rising From Nothing In 1902, a self-taught urban planner named Ebenezer Howard published his utopian vision for "Garden Cities"--self-contained circular towns radiating from a central city, connected only by train. Neither town nor country, they were a dense, compact fusion of the two: suburbia without sprawl. Although Garden Cities never really caught on in the West, the Chicago-based Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture has resurrected the idea with Chinese characteristics: a “prototype city” twice as populous and 20 times as dense, with a tower taller than the Empire State Building at its core. Working with one of China’s largest real estate developers, the firm aims to build them by the score. The first is slated for a patch of farmland roughly 10 miles from the core of Chengdu, China’s westernmost mega-city.

From Facebook to Twitter: Save Your Community From Redundancy Caroline Chen | March 10, 2011 | 8 Comments inShare107 By understanding the nuances of each platform's digital culture, you can create unique and relevant content, speak the right language, and effectively grow both communities. Gender role Gender roles may be a means through which one may express their gender identity, but they may also be employed as a means of exerting social control, and individuals may experience negative social consequences for violating them.[2] Various groups have led efforts to change aspects of prevailing gender roles that they believe are oppressive or inaccurate, most notably the feminist movement. The term was first coined by John Money in 1955 during the course of his study of intersex individuals to describe the manners in which these individuals express their status as a male or female, in a situation where no clear biological assignment exists.[3] Background[edit] Some systems of classification, unlike the WHO, are non-binary or gender queer, listing multiple possible genders including transgender and intersex as distinct categories.[10][11] Gender roles are culturally specific, and while most cultures distinguish only two (boy and girl or man and woman), others recognize more. Dr. Islam

Susan Herbst: What Do Professors Do, Anyway? On March 23, the Washington Post ran an op-ed by David Levy, a former chancellor at the New School University, asking: "Do college professors work hard enough?" He suggests that faculty at non-research institutions don't put in enough hours for the pay they receive. Not surprisingly, this created a small firestorm among faculty nationwide who weren't shy about telling him what they thought. I have held faculty and administrative positions only at research institutions -- where the mission is both teaching and research -- so I wouldn't presume to speak for faculty at schools focused exclusively on teaching. Yet there are some across-the-board myths about academic life in general, and professors sometimes seem to be a target.

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now What's the first thing young women do when they wake up? Check Facebook. How do enterprise employees pass the time at work? With social media. With so many studies highlighting ever-accelerating social media usage rates, the conclusion is obvious — social media is everywhere. What follows are five of the hottest social media trends right now. Boekverslag: De meisjes van de suikerwerkfabriek Titel: De meisjes van de suikerwerkfabriek Auteur: Tessa de Loo Eerste druk: november 1983 Gelezen uitgave: twaalfde druk, maart 1985 Uitgeverij: De Arbeidspers, Amsterdam Aantal bladzijden: 194 bladzijden Boekbeschrijving Tessa de Loo, De meisjes van de suiketwerkfabriek; verhalen. 11e dr. De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, november .1984.

Anne Loyd: Feminism is Dead, Long Live Femininity I don't want to be labelled a feminist because deep down I believe it's out dated, aggressive and all about "the fight" - the fight for equal rights, the fight for the vote, the fight for freedom. I acknowledge all the work done by our predecessors and for what they have achieved. I am of course, thankful. I am now one of many women who have their own business, can vote and freely express an opinion. Historically there was a lot to fight for, by why now in 2012 do women in the West still feel the need to fight for the things we want? tijdschrift LOVER - feministische journalistiek - Marjolijn Februari feliciteert LOVER Deze maand bestaat LOVER 35 jaar. En daar zijn we reuzetrots op. Begonnen in 1973 als een gestencilde bijlage bij de nieuwsbrief van ManVrouwMaatschappij, heeft LOVER zich steeds opnieuw weten uit te vinden als het lijfblad van feministisch denkend Nederland.

Nu snap ik die columns van Februari pas Uit mijzelf zou ik er nooit over zijn begonnen, als Marjolijn Februari niet alom ruchtbaarheid had gegeven aan haar transformatie tot Maxim Februari. Ik las ergens dat hij voluit Maximiliaan heet. Dat hebben zelfs mijn ouders niet gedurfd, maar wie eenmaal van vrouw tot man wordt, wil het kennelijk groots aanpakken. Dit stukje schrijf ik vooral ook uit verwondering. Al jaren probeer ik de columns te lezen van degene die met Marjolijn Februari ondertekende. Interview met Tessa de Loo In 1984 was je een Schrijver van Nu met de titel De meisjes van de suikerwerkfabriek. Betekende dit een doorbraak in je schrijversbestaan? Ja, het betekende dat ik de sprong kon wagen en het schrijven, tot dan toe een sporadische speelse bezigheid, als beroep kon uitoefenen – een beslissing die mijn leven ingrijpend veranderde. Wat is de beste debuutroman die jij ooit gelezen hebt? ‘Alles is verlicht’ van Jonathan Safran Foer was een van de beste debuutromans die me op dit moment te binnen schiet. Hoe bedenk je een verhaal zoals Ode aan mijn hond, of zoals je laatste boek Harlekino (zie pag. 49)?

Why I loathe feminism ... and believe it will ultimately destroy the family By Erin Pizzey Updated: 11:52 GMT, 24 September 2009 ERIN PIZZEY set up the world's first refuge for battered women in 1971 - and went on to establish an international movement for victims of domestic violence. But what she has never made public before is that her own childhood was scarred by the shocking cruelty of both her parents. The Undeserved Stigma of the Feminist Fight Feminism should not exist. This is not to say that it is outdated or unnecessary, only that it should be outdated and unnecessary. Even though feminism has adapted over time to face the issues of different eras to keep itself from becoming outdated, anti-feminist sentiment continues to live on today, mostly due to mislabeling and misunderstanding of the movement’s purposes. There are countless examples of commonplace discriminations against women that could clarify those purposes – from women and girls being objectified by popular media to legislation meant to limit the rights women have to their health – but there is little value in these stories to men, who have no real equivalent discrimination against them that would allow them to properly empathize with women’s struggles, to women unaffected by gender discrimination, or to those whose view of feminism is completely skewed because of media distortion. Index Works Cited