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Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video.

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3 Core UX Design Process Principles - Professional Development- PMP Certification, ITIL v3, Zend PHP Summary: UX design is a user-centered design approach. You will learn about the three core principles of UX design process and their applications in this article. Core Principles of UX Design Process Early and continual focus on users and their tasksEmpirical measurement of user behaviorIterative design Starting from $19/month - create charts and graphs like a Pro! Pro $ 19 / month billed annually $ 25 / month billed monthly For individuals who want to use Infogram's more powerful features.Downloading & privacyCommercial licenseMore designs, maps & iconsLibrary size: 100 Buy now Business $ 67 / month billed annually $ 79 / month billed monthly For communications professionals and smaller teams who want customization.All Pro features, plus:Your logo and brandingCustomize linking and sharingTraining if you create a teamLibrary size: 1,000 Buy now Enterprise Contact Us includes unlimited use for up to 3 users For larger organizations or multiple teams who want support and full power.All Business features, plus:Custom-designed themesDedicated supportUptime SLA3 user licenses includedLibrary size: 10,000 Contact Us Compare plan features All plans include: 35+ charts Pre-designed themes Data imports from 10+ sources

7 ui/ux principles to help create a fresh experience - Fresh Consulting Most of us spend 3+ hours online every day using a myriad of devices with screens that require near exclusive attention where over 1 trillion web pages and millions of mobile apps are competing for our time. To help you be effective, Fresh Consulting has selected 7 of its 50+ principles that assure your application or website is sweet and stands out from the rest. 1. Design should focus on an experience People don’t always remember information presented, but they do remember what they feel.

11 Steps to a Perfect Logo Spanish industrial designer Borja Acosta de Vizcaino has created a simple guide that teaches readers how to create the perfect logo in 11 steps. His guide was based on the 4 essential rules of effective logo design by Webdesigner Deport. Developing Google Chrome Extensions It's no secret that my favorite browser is Google Chrome. I like it because it's fast, reliable, it doesn't crash (very often), and it looks good. There's also something else which I find even more valuable. It's the fact that you can build an extension for it using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I always support such products, products that are open to the community and Chrome happens to be one of these products. If you need something and it is not yet implemented, you are free to develop it yourself.

OAuth 2.0 from Chrome Extensions Applications that access online services often need to access a user's private data. Chrome Extensions are no different. OAuth has emerged as the standard way of letting users share their private resources across sites without having to hand out their usernames and passwords. 18 Free Ways How To Download Videos off the Internet Video is the future. Periscope has taken the world by storm, and YouTube has launched a subscription service. Even Spotify and Facebook are getting in on the act. We’re not here to ask why you’d want to download any of that video content – the reasons are too numerous.

Tutorial: OAuth OAuth is an open protocol that aims to standardize the way desktop and web applications access a user's private data. OAuth provides a mechanism for users to grant access to private data without sharing their private credentials (username/password). Many sites have started enabling APIs to use OAuth because of its security and standard set of libraries. File Formats and Codecs You Need to Know When Working with Video - TopTenREVIEWS Many of us have run into the complication of receiving a file format or DVD that our computer can’t play. Usually you’ll get an error message “codec not supported” or “can’t find file codec” and not knowing what a “codec” is you give up and think something is broken. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all, instead your computer is missing a simple, but key element needed to play your video. Watching DVDs and video on your computer is easy if you just have the right players and a little knowledge about codecs.

SubStation Alpha This subtitle format is frequently used in anime fansubs, either to overlay subtitles onto video while it is being encoded (hardsubbing), or to store subtitle data alongside video data in a Matroska (MKV) container (softsubbing). Hardsubbing is irreversible but does not require VSFilter or other special resources for playback. Softsubbing allows the end user to choose whether subtitles will be displayed, and makes it possible to include multiple subtitle streams in the same video file. The current version of SSA is v4.00. There are many freeware and open source subtitling applications that support the SSA format. Principal sections in an SSA subtitle[edit]

Communicating from the Browser to a Desktop Application Introduction There are many scenarios where it's useful to integrate a desktop application with the web browser. Given that most users spend the majority of their time today surfing the web in their browser of choice, it can make sense to provide some sort of integration with your desktop application. Often, this will be as simple as providing a way to export the current URL or a selected block of text to your application. For this article, I've created a very simple application that uses text to speech to speak out loud the currently selected block of text in your web browser.