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MotionComposer - Website Content

MotionComposer - Website Content

13 Search Operators for Ultimate Link Building |JameSEO Every once in a while and depending on what website I’m working on, I’ll use different search operators to find easy links relevant to the keywords I’m targeting on the SERP’s. There are many search engine query cheat sheets and SEO Blogs that give huge list of search operators to use when doing link building. So I’ve composed a list of all the search queries I could find to help you build a nice list of relevant sites to get backlinks from. (You can copy this list to an excel spreadsheet or edit pad text editor and replace “keyword” with your targeted phrase) But check this out, all of these search operators can be used together. Imagine you are a webmaster for a hotel in Honolulu city and you’re looking for more ways to obtain links from sites relevant to yours. allintext:keyword – allintext:honolulu hotel This will bring up all the .edu sites that have “honolulu hotel” anywhere in the site’s text. allintitle:keyword “links” – allintitle:honolulu hotel “links”

The Best Free Tools to Create Visual Content Creating visual content that grabs people by the eyeballs doesn’t require a degree in design as long as you have the right tools. You need to create great visuals in order to hook your audience by their eyeballs and draw them into your content. Their brains will connect with your image 60,000 times faster than your brilliantly crafted headline. So how can you create these beautiful, eyeball grabbing images without spending a fortune? This is part of my Essential Guide to Sharing Images Online series. All of the following apps have been tested to the max by myself and some of my audience, clients and friends. The Best Online Apps The apps in this category are web apps. Canva My number one recommendation to anyone looking to create visual content in a quick, easy, and free way is Canva. You can watch my interview with founder Melanie Perkins on the official YouTube channel. Canva greets you with a number of options for your canvas based on what you are going to create. PicMonkey Gimp

Alternative Use of Google App Engine for Optimizing WordPress I was looking for a solution to optimize my site, in a very cheap way. Often a Content Delivery Network is a good solution but not cheap, so I used Google App Engine as a CDN with Ubuntu. Step 0: A Little Bit of Theory Things like stylesheets, images and videos are often the major hit taken by a webserver when a webpage is loaded. The First Approach Most people simply create sub-domains such as “”, “” and so on. This approach is useful, and there’s a noticeable difference in loading times. The Second Approach This consists of having a second webserver only to load assets while your main webserver deals with the other calls. The concept is really pretty, but it also means you’ll now have to maintain two webservers. The Third Approach Basically it consists of hosting your assets somewhere else, where you won’t have to maintain or keep an eye on performance, as this server’s primary task is to serve static content. Before We Start Step 1: Google Is Your Friend

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