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T.E.A.M. EduACTION - Designing Digital Media. Search this site Designing Digital Media Design Tips It's easy to design digital media with the tools available today, however, designing digital media that inspires action, changes thinking/behavior, or goes viral is quite a challenge!

T.E.A.M. EduACTION - Designing Digital Media

First and foremost, design with your audience in mind (see: Getting a scientific message across means taking human nature into account). Awesome Screenshot App - Chrome Web Store. Free Screen & Video Recording Software. Introducing Loom for Teams.

Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Now in Beta. Learn more → Humanizing our Online Teaching and Learning. Tell a Story with Adobe Spark Video. Online Whiteboard for Realtime Visual Collaboration. Sketchnoting Module Overview: ML - Mesa LOFT Badge Program. Making of Whiteboard video in OneNote. Visual Thinking.

Print Version by CFT graduate program coordinator Maria Ebner & assistant director Derek Bruff Introduction Our brains are wired to rapidly make sense of and remember visual input.

Visual Thinking

Visualizations in the form of diagrams, charts, drawings, pictures, and a variety of other ways can help students understand complex information. A well-designed visual image can yield a much more powerful and memorable learning experience than a mere verbal or textual description. Below you’ll find resources for integrating visual thinking in your teaching. On March 17, 2010, the CFT hosted a workshop on this topic. For more notes from the workshop, as well as ideas participants generated during the workshop, see the bottom of this page. Images as Metaphors Presentation Zen: Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, maintains a blog in which he writes about effective presenting. Flickr: A great source for free, high-quality images is Flickr, the photo-sharing site. Katie's Intro - SketchNote Style.

Take notes on top of slides in OneNote for Windows - OneNote. If you want to gather feedback about a presentation you’ve put together or you’d like to add your own comments to lecture slides, you can send the presentation to OneNote and annotate it.

Take notes on top of slides in OneNote for Windows - OneNote

Create or open a page in OneNote where you want to insert a PowerPoint presentation. Click Insert > File Printout. Navigate to the presentation file you want to send to OneNote, and then click Insert. When the images of the file printout appear on your notes page, right-click each image and then choose Set Picture as Background. After a slide printout is locked to the page background, you can start typing notes right over it.

If you’re the presenter of the deck you’re annotating, you can create links to supporting information and open them during your presentation. Microsoft OneNote - 2018 Detailed Tutorial. Sway.


How to Create Your YouTube Account. Create your YouTube channel. Create and delete playlists - YouTube Help. A Few Basic Settings Teachers Should Know When Uploading to YouTube. YouTube Captioning Wizard: ML - Mesa LOFT Badge Program. Examples & Ideas. Snagit_screecast_player. Free Tool for Teachers, Students, Administrators - Animoto. Explain Everything Interactive Learning. Tips for Recording Instructor Videos with a Phone. Creating Microlectures Pocket PD Guide. Webinar Recording: Recording Effective Microlectures. Creating Engaging Asynchronous Lectures With Your Phone or Laptop - The K. Patricia Cross Academy. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many if not most college faculty teaching in virtual classrooms.

Creating Engaging Asynchronous Lectures With Your Phone or Laptop - The K. Patricia Cross Academy

While many of us are turning to synchronous lectures with video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, many of us are also choosing to create asynchronous video lectures that students can watch anytime, anywhere. There are many valid reasons for making this teach-from-home choice; among them are some students may have difficulty accessing synchronous class activities—they may be living in a different time zone, have limited internet access, among other reasons. The benefits of an asynchronous e-classroom setup, beyond time and place flexibility, include the fact that students can scan, search, and re-watch lectures.

Moreover, as faculty, you have the luxury of time to think fully through what you are going to say ahead of time and afterward, to edit the videos so that you produce the best e-lecture product possible. UDL On Campus: Video. [Narrator] The health of our nation's economy is tied to the health of the oceans and Great Lakes.

UDL On Campus: Video

(truck engine running) [A large truck drives along a road with mountains in the distance.] [Narrator] The economic benefits that flow from our coasts are immense. (birds chirping and ocean sounds) [A barge floats along in a river with hills in the background.] [Narrator] The resources of the oceans in Great Lakes create jobs across the country and increase the quality of life for all Americans from sea to shining sea. How to Create an Audio Slideshow Video in Canva. LATTC Winter 2020 Welcome Video and Reminders. Streaming Media, Spring 2019 DE@SWC Webinar. Teaching with Adobe Spark Video Guide - Online Network of Educators.

3C Media Solutions. Services provided by TechConnect (3C Media Solutions) are listed here.

3C Media Solutions

For more information on each, please select the individualized link or contact us. TechConnnect Cloud (3C Media) On Demand (get an account)TechConnnect offers faculty, staff, and administrations of the California Community Colleges System the opportunity to create an account, (free of charge). Amara – Award-winning Subtitle Editor and Enterprise Offerings. Empower Every Voice. StoryCenter.