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CPR for DBT/FT/1B/01

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1. Post at least one entry on the assigned topic for the week. Summarise in 1-2 sentences what the entry (video clip, article, picture, etc.) is about.

Explain how it is related to the topic, e.g., The article provides a good coverage on the dos and don’t of creating impactful PowerPoint slides.

2. Comment on at least one other person’s entry. Specify 1-2 tips you like about the entry and why you like the material, if applicable.

3. Post one response to your lecturer’s entry.

Lesson 10 Using Visuals in Presentations

Lesson 11 Persuasive Oral Presentation Techniques. Lesson 12 Using Appropriate Para-verbal Qualities/Body Language. Lesson 13 Management of Q&A Segment.