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Patriotic Text Using Displacement Masks

Patriotic Text Using Displacement Masks
Step 1 Lets jump right in and get our document set up. Create a new document by choosing File>New from the Main Menu. My working file for this lesson will be 540px x 300px at 72ppi. If you’re following along at home I suggest you start with something similar so that the Layer Styles we apply later will work for you without any adjustment. Before we even get into the text lets change the background color. Step 2 Set your foreground color to #CAC9C9 which is a nice light gray the press the T key to switch to the Type tool. Set a nice large font size and type your text onto the stage. Step 3 Next we’re going to add a preliminary series of Layer Styles to our text. Pull up the Layer Styles dialog by Control-Clicking (PC: Right-Clicking) on the Text layer in the layers palette and by choosing Blending Options from the menu. Pay special attention here to all the settings in these styles. Step 4 If you were a good little monkey your text should now look like this. Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9

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Reader Tutorial: Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop We have accepted some tutorials from readers and we think it's really good to open the blog, so anyone can share their skills with the community. Because of that, we will start the "Reader Tutorial" series. If you have or want to write a tutorial and publish it here on Abduzeedo, just send it via email to us. Thank you very much and enjoy our first tutorial from Jonathan Connolly.

Text Reflection Effect in Photoshop Written by Steve Patterson. In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, we're going to create a simple text reflection effect. This effect has been used everywhere in advertising, and as we'll see, it's very easy to do. Here's the reflection we'll be creating: Smart filters and the filter gallery Share this Episode Autoplay End of Video Show End Screen Default Quality How to Create Inset Typography in Photoshop By Jacob Gube In this beginning-level design tutorial, I’ll show you how to apply a beautiful and super-easy text treatment in Photoshop: the inset text effect. It’s also often called the letterpress effect because it looks similar to text created by a Letterpress printer. Final Result Here’s a preview of what we’re about to create.

Camera RAW Sharpening Book Excerpt: Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers by Martin EveningMay 2009 (updated October 2009) The following book excerpt has been republished from Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers by Martin Evening with the permission of Focal Press. The complete book is available for purchase by users for 20% off the cover price for a limited time (use promo code “PHOTONET”). Martin Evening’s Adobe Photoshop for Photographers titles have become classic reference sources for photographers at all skill levels. Whether you are an accomplished user or just starting out, the Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers book contains a wealth of practical advice, hints and tips to help you achieve professional-looking results. Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers You can use the area above to navigate to all the Tools and Panels pages that are listed in this section. Click on the tool or panel icon or click on a name in the alphabetical lists. The Tools panel layout contains 72 separate tools. Double-clicking any tool will automatically display the Tool options panel (if it happens to be hidden) and from there you can select individual options for that tool. A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Masking in Photoshop What Is a Mask? Layers are probably the single most important addition to Photoshop since the original version, but layer masks are a close second. I would posit that until you thoroughly understand how and why to use masks, you simply don’t understand the power of Photoshop. The term “mask” isn’t immediately understandable to someone outside the realm of graphic design. At its simplest definition a mask is a way to apply something to a very specific portion of an image.

Masking out Difficult Images in Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial we are going to learn the best way to cut out difficult images from their background in Photoshop. I’m not talking about solid shapes and people against green screens. I’m talking about hair and irregular edges against less-than perfect backgrounds. You know, the kind of thing that you have to deal with in the real world, not just for tutorials. As you know, here at photoshopCAFE we are all about keeping it real and tackling real-world stuff rather than eye-candy that you can’t actually use. Advanced Glow Effects In this tutorial, we're going to create some really sharp-looking glow effects using a combination of layer styles, the Pen Tool and Color Blending. The end effect is quite stunning and hopefully you'll pick up some tips you didn't know before. As with pretty much every tutorial I've ever written, we begin with a radial gradient. This one is pretty harsh and goes from a reddish brown color to black. Here are the exact color codes: