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11 Steps to a Perfect Logo

11 Steps to a Perfect Logo
Spanish industrial designer Borja Acosta de Vizcaino has created a simple guide that teaches readers how to create the perfect logo in 11 steps. His guide was based on the 4 essential rules of effective logo design by Webdesigner Deport.

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The Three Dimensional Calligraphy of Tolga Girgin Like us, you probably thought that calligraphy didn’t really have any room in which to evolve. It definitely couldn’t get any better. After all, calligraphy is beautiful, but can it really be done differently? Well, according to Turkey-based graphic designer, Tolga Girgin, it can. Girgin has created a series of wonderfully scripted letters that look three-dimensional. Upon first sight, it looks as though his gorgeous lettering is leaping off the page, and you quickly assume it’s a sculpture. SubStation Alpha This subtitle format is frequently used in anime fansubs, either to overlay subtitles onto video while it is being encoded (hardsubbing), or to store subtitle data alongside video data in a Matroska (MKV) container (softsubbing). Hardsubbing is irreversible but does not require VSFilter or other special resources for playback. Softsubbing allows the end user to choose whether subtitles will be displayed, and makes it possible to include multiple subtitle streams in the same video file. The current version of SSA is v4.00. There are many freeware and open source subtitling applications that support the SSA format.

Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally In the 1960s, when Britain applied to join the European Economic Community, a predecessor of today’s European Union, it was vetoed by France. Twice. The UK made it into the club, eventually, in 1973. Creating geometric patterns in Illustrator Create a cubical pattern background For this tutorial I'll first show you how you can create a cubical pattern background using Illustrator's so called Pattern Maker feature. So you need version CS6 or later for this tutorial. Then secondly I'll also show you how you can create a triangular pattern. Let's get started…

Learn Web Design: 50+ of the Best Online Educational Resources to Learn to Build Web Sites Tutorials & Guides Free or Low Cost Keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket Text-Based 3 Core UX Design Process Principles - Professional Development- PMP Certification, ITIL v3, Zend PHP Summary: UX design is a user-centered design approach. You will learn about the three core principles of UX design process and their applications in this article. Core Principles of UX Design Process 9 Houses That Look Normal On The Outside But Are Anything But On The Inside Never judge a house by its cover. 1. This looks like just another one of those average storage barn places. The key to creating photoreal renders Getting renders to read as realistic is one of the more difficult aspects of 3D. Achieving a realistic look is definitely important, but the thing that really helps to sell it is having the image tell a story or convey a feeling. Many artists try to achieve this in their scenes using specific render settings or physically based properties, but for me it has always been more about having a setup that can start off as something that could be considered accurate, but then allows the artist the control to adjust and manipulate those properties in order to achieve a certain look or feel in their render.

20 Inspiring Posters with Design Quotes Design exits for as long as humans are on this planet. It is a very creative process and requires exceptional skills, talent and lots of hard work. Today I’ve collected some of the most inspiring design quotes on creating, inventing, polishing and achieving success in design scene. In this collection you will find 20 inspiring posters with intelligent design quotes. Hopefully these will inspire you to work harder to achieve your goals and become an outstanding designer. Author: Tomas Laurinavicius All posts by Tomas Laurinavicius 7 ui/ux principles to help create a fresh experience - Fresh Consulting Most of us spend 3+ hours online every day using a myriad of devices with screens that require near exclusive attention where over 1 trillion web pages and millions of mobile apps are competing for our time. To help you be effective, Fresh Consulting has selected 7 of its 50+ principles that assure your application or website is sweet and stands out from the rest. 1. Design should focus on an experience

Build a DIY Portable Solar Power Generator For Under $150 Want to build your own portable solar power generator to take with you on camping trips or for use in an emergency? I’ll show you how below, it’s easier than you think. Goal Zero’s version of this cost over $400 and doesn’t include any solar panels! Depending on what you include yours will cost under $150 by buying inexpensive parts from How portable do you want your solar generator to be?