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QuiBids - Shopping Redefined

QuiBids - Shopping Redefined
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Wireless printing from an iPad | Printers | Mac 911 Reader Matt Ernst seeks the magic bullet for wirelessly printing from his iPad. He writes: Do you happen to know about printing to wireless printers, especially the Canon MX870, from an iPad? I wouldn’t have chosen your question if I didn’t. That printer doesn’t natively support AirPrint, the feature introduced in iOS 4.2 that lets your wirelessly print to a small number of HP printers. Fortunately there are other means. If you want to print just photos from your iPad, Canon offers its free Easy-PhotoPrint app. If you want to use the printer for more than photos—to print documents, for example—try Ecamm Network’s $10 Printopia ( ). I’ve used Printopia with other printers in my office and can vouch for its effectiveness and ease of use.

AntiRebate En ligne ou en magasin, l'expérience d'achat est le nerf de la guerre Les consommateurs annoncent de plus en plus quitter un magasin pour un autre, s'ils ne sont pas satisfaits de l'accueil qui leur est réservé, ou des services. Un constat valable sur tous les canaux. L'expérience d'achat est toujours plus invoquée comme l'un des leviers cruciaux du succès d'un marchand, qu'il soit en ligne ou dispose d'une boutique physique. Une étude YouGov, commandée par EmailVision, souligne ainsi que pour 53% des internautes adultes interrogés, c'est l'expérience qu'ils auront qui décidera de la concrétisation ou non d'un achat dans un magasin fréquenté. Ce qui est intéressant, c'est que cette attente d'un service est désormais aussi attendue sur tous les canaux. Un besoin de personnalisation Autant de données à ne pas négliger à un moment où le nombre des achats augmente, avec l'imminence des fêtes de fin d'année. Quelques distinctions

Google previews tablet-optimized Android 3.0 | Tablets | iOS Central | Macworld Network World - Google Wednesday released a preview of the software development kit for Android 3.0, which has been designed specifically for mobile devices with larger screens, particularly tablets. The Android SDK also will support new administrative policies aimed at managing and securing enterprise tablet deployments, such as encrypted storage and password expiration. HISTORY LESSON: The Google Android timeline The announcement came in a blog post by Xavier Ducrohet, Android SDK Tech Lead. Google has been showing off the latest builds of the 3.0 release, dubbed Honeycomb, for a couple of months. Android 3.0 will feature a new "holographic" user interface theme, with a range of new features. With the preview SDK, developers finally can start testing existing applications to see how they play on the tablet form factor, and get used to the new features and APIs in 3.0. The preview SDK includes an array of new UI components and themes, and "richer" widgets and notifications.

Dell Last week to save an extra $50 on select PCs $599.99+. Use coupon code HDB?TLKS7SXTMM. Shop Now There's still time to upgrade.Windows XP support ended April 8, 2014. Forget flowers.This Mother’s Day, save up to 23% on select tablets for Mom.Shop Now The perfect companion.For a limited time, get a tablet for $139.99 with a PC purchase of $599.99 and above.Shop Now Welcome to Dell – Shop for Home PCs & Accessories Laptops & Ultrabooks™ Everyday LaptopsOn-the-Go Ultrabooks™Premium Design & PerformanceGaming AlienwareLaptop Deals Desktops & All-in-Ones Performance DesktopsAll-in-One DesktopsEveryday DesktopsGaming AlienwareDesktop Deals Electronics & Accessories MonitorsPrinters & InkTVs & Home TheaterCameras & CamcordersElectronics & Accessories Deals Touch PCs & Tablets Windows TabletsAndroid TabletsTouch Screen LaptopsTouch Screen DesktopsTablet Deals Advertisement You can only compare up to 6 products.

LesPAC - Site d'annonces classées numéro 1 au Québec. Immobilier, Autos, Emplois, Rencontres et plus Internet architecture: The Difference Engine: No more addresses REMEMBER the panic over the “millennium bug”, when computers everywhere were expected to go haywire on January 1st 2000, thanks to the way a lot of old software used just two digits to represent the year instead of four? Doomsters predicted all sorts of errors in calculations involving dates when the clocks rolled over from 99 to 00. In the event, the millennium dawned without incident. Well, something similar is about to happen in the months ahead. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) will then have doled out all its so-called "slash-eight" blocks of addresses to the five regional internet registries around the world. The issue is real and has been a long time in the making. But with the invention of the web in 1990 came an explosion in popular demand. Two raised to the 128th power is an astronomical number. That will come in handy when the "internet of things" becomes a reality (see “Chattering objects”, August 13th 2010). That is not the case elsewhere.

Today's Deal of the Day | | Money - Business and Financial News Proposed cigarette tax hike sparking debate 9:18 PM, Jan 19, 2014 Smokers in the Sunshine State may be paying more for a pack of cigarettes this year if a proposed bill is passed. The issue is lighting up some debate on the First Coast. App of the Day: US Presidents! 6:38 AM, Feb 18, 2013 App of the Day: US Presdidents. Business & Finance News Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers 8:26 AM, Jan 10, 2014 Target's data breach over the crucial holiday selling season was even worse than expected. Senate votes to extend unemployment benefits 11:27 AM, Jan 7, 2014 The U.S. Closure sought in embezzlement scandal 9:58 PM, Jan 5, 2014 The small city of Ailey, Georgia has a population of 543, according to the U.S. In 2012, residents learned that the bank director of Montgomery Bank and Trust in Ailey was being accused of embezzling over 20 million dollars and they were shocked. Facebook faces suit over private messages 8:14 PM, Jan 3, 2014 AT&T offers T-Mobile customers $450 to switch It's not cash.

Vestiaire Collective Vestiaire Collective was launched in 2009 by a team of 6 founders (including Sebastien Fabre, CEO) who recognised the need for an online platform that allowed people to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion. Vestiaire Collective creates a unique environment where all items are authenticated and checked before reaching the seller, thereby eradicating the risks of purchasing counterfeits, mis-selling or mis-pricing items. Vestiaire Collective's Timeline See some of our biggest accomplishments and newsworthy moments that make up the story of Vestiaire Collective. Vestiaire Collective crosses the Atlantic in search of the most beautiful items from American closets and opens new offices in the heart of Chelsea. Willkommen, Germany After France and the UK, Vestiaire Collective continues to conquer Europe and opens the site to the German market. Let’s start shopping in our German members' wardrobes! Happy 4th!!! One Year Strong Launch of the new version of the iPhone app Download it now for free!

Roots of the Egyptian Revolutionary Moment Ezzeldin: Egyptian uprising is the product of years of workers' strikes and student protests - now inspired by the Tunisian people - Bio Mohammed Ezzeldin is a graduate of political science from Cairo University, and is doing his Masters' Degree in History at Georgetown University. Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. End of Transcript DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. Comments Our automatic spam filter blocks comments with multiple links and multiple users using the same IP address. Envie de décoration ? Nous vous proposons des tableaux d'artistes originaux qui illumineront votre intérieur ! Envie de personnalisation ? Nous vous proposons de fabriquer votre tableau à partir de vos photos et créations numériques ! J’aime la déco originale Découvrez des milliers d’oeuvres sur Voir les Top créations Je crée mon tableau Vous ne trouvez pas le tableau que vous souhaitez ? Je crée mon tableau Je suis artiste Publiez gratuitement vos fichiers numériques en haute définition (tableaux, photos, créations) et my-art s’occupe du reste, promotion, vente, fabrication et livraison. Je m’inscris Fabrication française Choisissez parmis 3 supports différents de qualité et de fabrication française. J’aime la déco originale Recherchez Une idée ? Aimez Suivez vos artistes et collections favorites. Partagez Montrez vos oeuvres préférées. Achetez Recevez chez vous de sublimes tableaux. Accédez à des milliers d’oeuvres avec une simplicité remarquable. Je suis artiste Inscrivez vous Exposez Postez

The Egyptian Army And The Uprising Mohammed Ezzeldin: The Egyptian people trust the army over the police, but Mubarak is still commander-in-chief - Bio Mohammed Ezzeldin is a graduate of political science from Cairo University, and is doing his Masters' Degree in History at Georgetown University. Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. End of Transcript DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. Comments Our automatic spam filter blocks comments with multiple links and multiple users using the same IP address.

10 Etsy Alternatives Credit: yingko/Shutterstock Third-party online marketplaces have made it easy for crafters and artists to turn their hobbies into businesses. Many of these entrepreneurs choose the popular Etsy as their primary virtual storefront, but it's certainly not the only one out there. This Milwaukee-based site promotes handcrafted products made exclusively by American artists and artisans. Artists from across the globe can gather on ArtFire, a community-oriented marketplace selling a wide variety of handmade items. ArtYah is a global creative marketplace for handmade and collectible goods. Though it lacks the social community aspect of some smaller sites, Big Cartel is a great place for sellers who want a lot of options for shop customization. Bonanza offers comprehensive category searches, eBay and Etsy importing options, and a ton of features for its community members, like coupons and promotions. When Craft Is Art started in 2009, the site sold only retail jewelry and accessories.

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