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Asie. China. Chine. Maps of China - China City and Province Maps. Strategia, potere, estetica, storia, filosofia della natura, da Oriente verso Occidente. Indice di Tutto Cina - Il portale sulla Cina. Chinese philosophy. Méditation et culture chinoise. History of China. History of China. Ancient China. La Chine antique. Chinese Imperial Examination System. This is an article taken from our China in Focus magazine (2002) written by Justin Crozier.

Chinese Imperial Examination System

Justin Crozier examines how China's Imperial examination system and its modern remnant - the Eight Legged Essay and the Gao Kao - are unique attempts in world history to aim for a government of wisdom. In "On a Chinese Screen", notes from his encounters during a journey on the Yangzi in 1920, Somerset Maugham relays his conversation with a great Confucian philosopher. The Chinese philosopher, who has studied in Berlin and Oxford, concludes that all wisdom is to be found within the Confucian canon. In a bitter mood, he denounces the modernity that is sweeping China, and extols the Confucian system of old: “Do you know that we tried an experiment which is unique in the history of the world?

Ancient Chinese Civilization. 1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance: Gavin Menzies: 9780061492181: Books - Entretien avec François Jullien. François Jullien - Cette étrange idée du beau. Depuis quelques années déjà, dans le cadre de Citéphilo, François Jullien vient présenter à Lille son travail, prenant un plaisir manifeste à ces causeries avec le pugnace Jean-Jacques Melloul.

François Jullien - Cette étrange idée du beau

La controverse est parfois rugueuse, les questions du présentateur sans complaisance, poussant à dessein le conférencier en ses retranchements – parfois de manière peut-être légèrement trop insistante. Mais toujours l’échange se déroule dans une ambiance de cordiale amitié, dans un climat propre à faire avancer le débat d’idée. Ainsi, en 2008 François Jullien venait présenter " De l’universel, de l’uniforme, du commun et du dialogue entre les cultures ", tandis que l’an passé la conférence portait sur le premier tome d’une nouvelle série d’étude, proposant un détour par un dehors ; " un pas de coté – du grand coté chinois ".

Même sous Mao, la Chine n'a jamais cessé d'être Taoïste. Il y a quelque temps, deux bus se sont télescopés dans la région de Canton.

Même sous Mao, la Chine n'a jamais cessé d'être Taoïste

Chinese Character for Immortal: Xiān (仙) The Chinese character 仙 (xiān) refers to an immortal, a fairy, or a celestial or supernatural being.

Chinese Character for Immortal: Xiān (仙)

It is also used to refer to a genius or sage. 仙 (xiān) has two variants: the earliest recorded form 僊 (xiān), and the rarely used form 仚 (xiān). All three are phono-semantic compounds—characters consisting of a sound component and a meaning component. In all three variants, the meaning component is 人 (rén) or its variant 亻(rén), referring to a human being or humankind. WISDOMCHINA. Collected and translated by Yuwu Song (Copyrights Reserved) ACCUMULATIONThree feet of ice is not frozen in one day.


PROVERB ACCURACYDeviate an inch, lose a thousand miles. Les Classiques chinois. Sun Tzu's Art of War. Danger + opportunity ≠ crisis. There is a widespread public misperception, particularly among the New Age sector, that the Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of elements that signify “danger” and “opportunity.”

danger + opportunity ≠ crisis

I first encountered this curious specimen of alleged oriental wisdom about ten years ago at an altitude of 35,000 feet sitting next to an American executive. He was intently studying a bound volume that had adopted this notorious formulation as the basic premise of its method for making increased profits even when the market is falling. At that moment, I didn't have the heart to disappoint my gullible neighbor who was blissfully imbibing what he assumed were the gems of Far Eastern sagacity enshrined within the pages of his workbook. Now, however, the damage from this kind of pseudo-profundity has reached such gross proportions that I feel obliged, as a responsible Sinologist, to take counteraction. Mianzi e guanxi nella cultura cinese: due concetti fondamentali per capire la Cina. East Meets West: An Infographic Portrait. By Maria Popova What’s not to love about minimalist infographics — such an elegant way to depict complex concepts with brilliant simplicity.

East Meets West: An Infographic Portrait

We also have a longtime love affair with social psychology, some of which deals with the fascinating cultural differences between Eastern and Western mentality — from the individualistic tendencies of the West versus the pluralism of Asian societies, to how differently Westerners and Easterners read the emotions of others. The Useless Tree. La vie et la mort selon la pensée chinoise. Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy?

Picture a world where human relationships are challenging, narcissism and self-centeredness are on the rise, and there is disagreement on the best way for people to live harmoniously together.

Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy?

It sounds like 21st-century America. But the society that Michael Puett, a tall, 48-year-old bespectacled professor of Chinese history at Harvard University, is describing to more than 700 rapt undergraduates is China, 2,500 years ago. Puett's course Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory has become the third most popular course at the university.

The only classes with higher enrollment are Intro to Economics and Intro to Computer Science. The second time Puett offered it, in 2007, so many students crowded into the assigned room that they were sitting on the stairs and stage and spilling out into the hallway. La storia dei cinesi negli Stati Uniti ci fa capire il razzismo di oggi - Igiaba Scego.

I Qing

I ching, Tao te ching. YI King & Qi Gong. Qigong Summary. Qi gong (Chi Kung) The Life Touch of Healing. Qi Gong. Qi gong. Qi Gong Also Known as Chi Chung. Walking_With_Qi. Feng Shui. Taichichuan. Learn tai chi. We know you want to learn tai chi and it's very tempting to just say 'Start - now - today!

learn tai chi

And point you to qigong exercises and let you read about the fundamentals and start to learn some individual exercises. It's important to remember that any exercise done the wrong way has the potential to cause damage. Tai chi is no different in that respect. If you do decide to learn on your own it's really important that you protect your knees and back by following the posture guidelines at the beginning of the exercise instructions.

Please read the instructions guidelines techniques, they tell you how to use our instructions. If you want to know more about what is involved before you start to learn tai chi then please browse through the tai chi information section for the answers you need and don't forget to browse through the video clips sections to see if anything appeals to you.. Tai Ji Quan. Chinese. Chinese Horoscope. Chine et kung fu. Singing Dragon. Asia blog. Eastonline - Ultime News dal mondo - opinioni e approfodimenti dal mondo. China Files. Chine - China. La Chine et ses périphéries de l’Ouest (Tibet, Xinjiang) » Print. Compte rendu du Café Géo du 24 septembre 2013.

La Chine et ses périphéries de l’Ouest (Tibet, Xinjiang) » Print

Chinese Revolution. The Chinese Revolution of 1949 - 1945–1952. The Chinese Revolution of 1949 On October 1, 1949, Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong declared the creation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The announcement ended the costly full-scale civil war between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang (KMT), which broke out immediately following World War II and had been preceded by on and off conflict between the two sides since the 1920’s. The creation of the PRC also completed the long process of governmental upheaval in China begun by the Chinese Revolution of 1911. The “fall” of mainland China to communism in 1949 led the United States to suspend diplomatic ties with the PRC for decades. Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world. Chinese peasants suffering from the effects of the Great Leap Forward. Who was the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world?

Most people probably assume that the answer is Adolf Hitler, architect of the Holocaust. A Most Secret Tragedy. By MICHAEL FATHERS It is difficult to look dispassionately at some 45 million dead. It was not war that produced this shocking number, nor natural disaster. It was a man. It was politics and one man's vanity.

The cause was famine and violence across rural China, a result of Mao Zedong's unchecked drive to turn his country rapidly into a communist utopia and a leading industrial nation. Culture chinoise. A Chinese alternative? Interpreting the politics of China's `New Left' By Lance Carter June 2010 -- Insurgent Notes -- In a country where the Communist Party (CCP) has dominated “left-wing” politics for over sixty years, dissent has often been deemed a “right-wing” or “counterrevolutionary” affair. Subsequently, many dissidents and parts of the general population have embraced the term “right wing” as implying something anti-authoritarian or progressive.

To make things more confusing, since 1978 the CCP itself has moved farther and farther to the right while still claiming to be socialist. Un sogno cinese di mezza estate. Shanzhai. China's Threat to the U.S. - The Atlantic - France - Chine - Asie. Uyghurs Are Told to Confess Political 'Mistakes' in Mass Meetings. In scenes reminiscent of China’s Cultural Revolution, ethnic Uyghurs in the country’s Xinjiang region are being called to meetings to confess their “crimes,” with punishment threatened for those whose misdeeds come to light in other ways, RFA’s Uyghur Service has learned.

The meetings, conducted as part of a campaign called “Revealing Errors,” are being held in Xinjiang’s Aksu (in Chinese, Akesu) prefecture to uncover behavior considered politically destabilizing in the restive, mostly-Muslim region in China’s far northwest, sources say. “Village residents from 18-65 years of age are being brought to their village office every day to admit to their mistakes or to point out mistakes they have seen others make,” according to a letter from an Aksu resident received by RFA. Uyghurs are also asked if they have ever made politically “harmful” statements in public or in smaller gatherings of family, neighbors, or friends, or if they have heard anyone else do so, the officer said. 'A big mistake'

China's New World Map Claims Hawaii And Most of Micronesia. The tension between China and its neighboring countries has risen further, according to a new report stating that the country is claiming territories in the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii and Micronesia. Xinhua News reported that China’s Education Ministry has issued an order for all government offices and education facilities to use the new world map, which indicates that the aforementioned islands in the Pacific are part of China.

Manny Mori, Micronesian President, has already said his thoughts, calling China’s move “absurd” and accused the country of doing “cartographic rape.” The United States government has yet to provide a comment regarding this matter. China’s new neighbors are believed to surely question how legitimate the map is and it is expected that these countries will object to China’s expansion. China is currently in a territorial feud with the Philippines and other South-East Asian countries involving Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

Surprise Findings: China’s Youth Are Getting Less Nationalistic, Not More. Anyone who’s spent any length of time following Western press coverage of China is familiar with the notion that China’s leaders are obligated to look tough in order to appease a rising nationalism. Much has been written about the online activities of aging Maoists, “angry youth” (fenqing), and the more recent phenomenon of self-named “little pinks” (xiaofenhong), young women who jump over the great firewall that blocks U.S. social media platforms in order to make their nationalist case on Facebook and Twitter. Western coverage frequently asserts that pressure from this rising nationalism has obliged the Chinese government to craft its foreign policy accordingly on issues ranging from territorial disputes in the South China Sea to managing testy ties with Japan.

The paper’s headline result suggests that nationalism among Beijing’s residents has not increased over time. Cina, la provincia fallita che ha gonfiato per anni i dati economici rafforza i dubbi su attendibilità dei numeri sulla crescita. China-Europe land-sea fast transport route opens. La flambée des prix de l’immobilier creuse les inégalités en Chine. Fin officielle de la politique de l'enfant unique en Chine - Asie-Pacifique.

The Chinese government is flooding the internet with 448 million fake social media comments a year. Tull of bullies and blowhards spouting political opinions. And some of those loudmouths are even getting paid by their government for doing so. The Chinese government floods the internet with about 448 million fake social media comments every year, according to a new study by Harvard University researcher Gary King and his team. Using leaked emails from a Chinese Internet Propaganda Office, the researchers found more than 43,000 members of China's "50 Cent Party," so called because social media posts from these internet moles cost 50 cents apiece. These government operatives often work full time, receive directives each morning from the government and create elaborate arguments and group discussions to influence onlookers.

Beijing is banning all foreign media from publishing online in China. Urbanizing China’s Ethnic Minorities. The Environmental Downsides of Urbanizing Western China. Le gouvernement chinois annonce une grande réforme des « hukou » La Chine saisie par la folie des barrages. La Chine tapisse son désert de panneaux solaires. La Chine accélère le développement de l'énergie nucléaire -

La campagne chinoise en chiffres (Le Monde diplomatique, novembre 2015) La pauvreté rurale en Chine du Sud-Ouest : exemples de deux communes du Guizhou. Les empreintes spatiales de la sinisation dans les petites et moyennes villes du Xinjiang. L'agonie de Kashgar, ancien joyau de la route de la soie. Chengdu, ville mémoire ravagée par l'urbanisation. 1,200-year-old village with 17 residents. Tourisme et apprentissages, « Comment les Chinois sont-ils devenus touristes ? »

Benjamin Taunay, Le Tourisme intérieur chinois. Teas of China. Imperial Tea Court: Fine Chinese Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Puerh Tea, Teaware, Yi Xing Teapots. Terre des Thés: oolong, puerh, thé vert, thé rouge, thé blanc, thé noir. Kombucha.