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Yijing Dao. The I Ching Basics. I Ching is an ancient, sophisticated fortune-telling tool used by the Chinese to predict the pattern of events which will govern and shape our destiny.

The I Ching Basics

Terence McKenna studied the I Ching and developed his interpretations in the form of Timewave or Novelty theory. But what exactly is the I Ching and how does one use it? This has been succinctly explained in this guest post by Erik Oakenshield, who specializes in Art Nouveau Tarot reading, or Western Zodiac horoscope and Druid practice. The I Ching Basics: What Is It and How Do I Use It? The I Ching is one of the world’s oldest divination texts, with some claims putting it over 3,000 years old The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an oracle even, that has helped millions by providing advice and guidance to life’s questions, both complex and basic. The most common method to consult the I Ching is tossing the coin Mode of Consultation There are multiple ways to consult the I Ching. How to Throw the Coins to Obtain a Reading for the I Ching. How to Throw the Coins to Obtain a Reading for the I Ching The Chinese Book of Change – The I Ching (pronounced Yee Jing) – is one of the most ancient books in existence – some of it is 3000 years old.

How to Throw the Coins to Obtain a Reading for the I Ching

It is not about archaic religious beliefs, nor about fortune telling, or simple tribal convictions. Rather it is a profound study of change as it occurs in human life and the universe as understood by Chinese thinkers. Within the great Chaos or the Unexpected that is a basic fact of life and the universe, there also exists the push toward Order. The interaction between these two great processes brings about patterns and cycles. I Ching ♦ The Book of Changes. According to the original meaning, the attributes [sublimity, potentiality of success, power to further, perseverance] are paired. When an individual draws this oracle, it means that success will come to him from the primal depths of the universe and that everything depends upon his seeking his happiness and that of others in one way only, that is, by perseverance in what is right. The specific meanings of the four attributes became the subject of speculation at an early date. The Chinese word here rendered by "sublime" means literally "head," "origin," "great.

" This is why Confucius says in explaining it: “Great indeed is the generating power of the Creative; all beings owe their beginning to it. This power permeates all heaven.”3 For this attribute inheres in the other three as well. The beginning of all things lies still in the beyond in the form of ideas that have yet to become real. But the Creative furthermore has power to lend form to these archetypes of ideas. Map: Chan Dào (ZENTAO) - Yin Yang - Wu Xing - Yi Jing. Astrologie chinoise CHINASTRAL, Yi - King. Five Directions. LiSe YiJing. Tout se transforme. Tableau des 64 hexagrammes du Yi King Liste des 64 hexagrammes du Yi King N.B. : Sont données successivement, séparées par des points, les traductions des hexagrammes proposées par plusieurs auteurs (Richard WILHELM, Wang Dongliang, Pierre Louis Félix PHILASTRE, Cyrile JAVARY).

Tout se transforme

Source : Le Tao du Yi King, Jacques WARIN, éditions du Rocher, 2001. Hexagramme 1 : L’élan créatif. Le créateur. Pour connaître votre hexagramme de naissance Le tableau ci-dessous est un calendrier perpétuel. Le numéro de l’hexagramme n’est pas signifiant en soi. Trigrammes. @Cieloevento. Les hexagrammes du Yi-King. Yi King, le Livre des Mutations - Yi Jing. Ce dispositif de 64 hexagrammes et de leurs commentaires et transformations est à la source de la pensée chinoise.

Yi King, le Livre des Mutations - Yi Jing

Tr. Wilhelm (en, fr). Histoire du livre ↓ Les Hexagrammes ↓ Les Trigrammes ↓ Tirage ↓ Confer ↓ Présentation. Le Yi-King - À propos des… - Qu'est-ce que le… - Interroger le… - Le blog de Maître Shi. Yi-King (yi jing en pinyin*) signifie "Classique de la Mue" que l'on traduit en Occident par Livre des Mutations ou Classique des Changements.

Le Yi-King - À propos des… - Qu'est-ce que le… - Interroger le… - Le blog de Maître Shi

Son principe est d'examiner les traces potentielles des changements en cours, présent et avenir. Il s'agit de l'un des plus anciens livres de divinations. Il est l'un des cinq Classiques que devaient connaître les lettrés chinois. La base du Yi-King est constituée de 8 trigrammes (ba gua en pinyin*), engendrés par l'association des deux principes Yin et Yang et de leurs quatre évolutions (Vieux Yang, Jeune Yin, Jeune Yang, Vieux Yin) : - QIAN, "le Créatif" ; - DUI, "le Joyeux" ; - LI, "Celui qui s'attache" ; - ZHEN, "l'Éveilleur" ; - XUN, "le Doux" ; - KAN, "l'Insondable" ; - GEN, "la Tranquillité"; - KUN, "le Réceptif".

La légende attribue leur création au premier des Trois Augustes FUXI (de la période légendaire des "Trois Augustes et Cinq Empereurs"), qui en aurait reçu l'inspiration d'un cheval "sortant du Fleuve (Jaune)". Yi King. I Ching. I Ching Hexagram Lookup. Yijing cards. Just a version... « Yi Blog.

Yijing Research. Yijing Dao - Glossary of Chinese Yijing terms. This is a glossary of Yijing technical terms that appear on this site, in alphabetical order of pinyin syllables, so xiantian comes before xiangshu.

Yijing Dao - Glossary of Chinese Yijing terms

If you need a Chinese font, you can download one. bachungua 八純卦 'Eight pure hexagrams' – The eight hexagrams where upper and lower trigrams are the same (1, 2, 29, 30, 51, 52, 57, 58). Each heads a 'palace' of Jing Fang's Eight Palaces arrangement, so such hexagrams are also known as 'palace hexagrams' (GONGGUA). bagong 八宮 'Eight Palaces' – The Eight Palaces arrangement of Jing Fang. Sometimes called 'Eight Houses', though this is less accurate. bagua 八卦 'Eight trigrams' bagua wuxing 八卦五行 'Eight trigrams five phases' – Each of the eight trigrams is associated with one of the Five Phases (see WUXING).

Bigua 辟卦 'Sovereign hexagrams' – A sequence of twelve hexagrams that show the waning and waxing of yang and yin, correlating with the twelve months and lunar phases. The Image of the Cosmos in the Yijing. Le Yi Jing ne nous dit rien d'elle, il enclenche notre intuition. James DeKorne's Official Website - The Gnostic Book of Changes. Please select the chapter or hexagram below!

James DeKorne's Official Website - The Gnostic Book of Changes

Note: All hexagrams are now available! Studies in Crypto-Teleological Solipsism A Symbolic Key to the I Ching based upon the Insights of Analytical Psychology and the Western Mystery Tradition By “Michael Servetus” The I Ching is not magic; it is science that we don’t understand. -- Terence McKenna. Terence McKenna - Time and the I-Ching.