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Cassandra Strings - John Juzek Violin, Master Art Copy Balasteri. Viderekomne (Produktliste) [Dirdals fioliner] 佳典提琴-最值得信賴的弦樂達人. Edmonton acoustic guitar mandolin banjos ukelele bass violin fiddle amplifiers music lessons instrument repair - Orchestral stringed. Best Violin Store - VN 920. Long Island Violin Shop - Ming Jiang Zhu Violin. ร้าน ไวโอลิน และ สาย ไวโอลิน สุขุมวิท 22 - เชียงใหม่ (Violin & String Shop Sukhum 22 - Chiangmai) - สาย ไวโอลิน Evah Pirazzi, สาย ไวโอลิน larsen, ไวโอลิน ยุโรป, ไวโอลิน จีน, Gliga Violine, Hora Violine, Kremona Violine, Song Professionelle Violine. คุณภาพเหนือราคา Bakos Zoltan ชมรายละเอียด และฟังเสียง Acoustic ของไวโอลินแต่ละคันได้ โดยเข้าไปในหมวด ไวโอลิน ยุโรป.

ร้าน ไวโอลิน และ สาย ไวโอลิน สุขุมวิท 22 - เชียงใหม่ (Violin & String Shop Sukhum 22 - Chiangmai) - สาย ไวโอลิน Evah Pirazzi, สาย ไวโอลิน larsen, ไวโอลิน ยุโรป, ไวโอลิน จีน, Gliga Violine, Hora Violine, Kremona Violine, Song Professionelle Violine

Zheng Quan Biography. S a professional violinmaker, Prof.

Zheng Quan Biography

Zheng has been awarded more than 20 prizes at international competitions. These include Gold Medals at the 9th International Tchaikovsky Competition, Italian ¡°Baveno National Competition¡±, and the Bulgaria 2nd Internaional Competition. In addition, Professor Zheng has been recognized as the ¡°Violin Making Master of China¡± by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. Professor Zheng has made an enormous contribution to the cultural life in China and has laid a foundation that will insure a rich and wonderful future for violinmaking in China. Violin Family at Gianna Violins. SIGNATURE by Ming-Jiang Zhu (Certified) Ming-Jiang Zhu Certificate and Label for Quality Assurance. This Signature piece is meticulously handcrafted by our 2 time gold and 2 time silver medalist of the Violin Society of America (VSA) international violin making competition, Mr. MING JIANG ZHU VIOLINS 32% off. Commercial notices: Fiddles4Less sells all five levels of Mingjiang Zhu's workshop violins.


Our prices, of course, are HUNDREDS LESS. From Chevy Mallory Posted May 3, 2010 at 06:40 PM. How do you think about Chinese made violin?? - Discussion Forums - Fiddle Hangout. About Cremona Inc. Master-Made Violins. Scott Cao Scarampella Violin   Stefano Scarampella is regarded as one of the foremost makers of the early 20th century.

Scott Cao Scarampella Violin  

This Scott Cao model is a typical full pattern that produces a large, robust tone. Hand-carved by experienced luthiers from beautifully figured and aged tone-woods. Spruce top of medium grain. Two piece maple back of a relatively medium to wide flame, slightly descending toward the bouts. Ribs and scroll similar. Fittings: Ebony fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and endbuttonString adjuster on E stringAubert Mirecourt bridgeGuarneri ebony chinrest Brand: Scott Cao. Master Instruments: The Violin Shop. Zhu Violin Testimonals at Skip to: - Workshop Models 903 - 905 - 907 - 909 - Handmade Models Zhu 903 I'm from Japan and a total beginner in violin.

Zhu Violin Testimonals at

I visited Rhiannon in person. First, I was thinking to buy Zhu 901. I'm so impressed with the work of Ming Jiang Zhu's workshop. Used Student Violins. Small inventory of used violins, sometimes I am able to offer exceptional deals on new student violins, please inquire for current list. $2700.00 (Morelli 1929) Karl Herrmann, pre-war German SOLD $1350.00 (Lyon & Healy 1916) one piece back, great player $1700.00 (H.

Used Student Violins

Concert Music Instruments & Choirs. Violin Handmade Hi, and thanks for stopping by.

Concert Music Instruments & Choirs

If you have been here before thanks for returning, but if this is your first visit listen up. Here at our Concert Music Instruments & Choirs Shop on we help match people up with the products they want to buy. Finding things on our site is quick and simple, and completely safe, with just a few clicks of your mouse. Wonder how we do it? There is probably an item you need you have not found yet this week, so try it and see what happens. Please wait a second before you go. Shopping online is all about saving time and money and that is the main goal of this website. Be Sociable, Share! Violins, Violin Bows items in Gianna's Acoustic Instruments store on eBay! How to Choose the Right Violin?

Instruments: I am currently on the search for a new violin to call my own, and would like suggestions on different brands, and the qualities one should have.

How to Choose the Right Violin?

From Jessica Vong Posted June 11, 2012 at 12:05 AM The hardest part in the search for the perfect violin is the vast number of options that are out there. I am currently an intermediate to an advanced player, and the violin that I have now was passed down to me as it is a family instrument. That being said, I have never had much experience in finding my own, and I feel that I have graduated from the one that I currently have. I'd appreciate any advice on qualities a good violin should have, and if you'd prefer a new violin over an old. From Brian Lee Posted on June 11, 2012 at 01:09 AM A couple of my friends have the basic model Snow viola, and it's quite a good instrument for the price. Bas van den Broek. Schmitt & Sons Violin Distribution: Violins: Ivan Stankov. Schmitt & Sons Violin Distribution is an authorized wholesale distributor of fine violins by Ivan Stankov: Master models.

Schmitt & Sons Violin Distribution: Violins: Ivan Stankov

About Mr. Stankov: Ivan Stankov is a Master Luthier among Bulgaria's most respected makers. His instruments are gaining a sparkling reputation for tone, craftsmanship and finishing. Stankov studied with graduates of the Cremona School in Italy. In 2009 Stankov took part in two contests – in Italy at the Trianalle and in the European Eufonia Competition. Stankov lives in the Kazanlak region or "Rose city" of Bulgaria with his wife, Angela Moneff, who is also a fine maker. About the Violins: He uses traditional Italian methods of construction and select well-seasoned European spruce and Balkans maple tone wood. Clement & Son - THE STORE -