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Small/Sustainable Living

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Crate Inspiration: A Home Furnished Almost Entirely With Vintage Boxes Marie Claire Maison. Tiny Paris Apartment. Would you like to tour a sweet little apartment in Paris with me today?

Tiny Paris Apartment

No you say? Eco Friendly Furniture - Green Furniture - Eco Furniture. I'm On To You!: Wall Shelf Moonlights As Secret Drawer. This is the Clopen Shelf from Torafu Architects.

I'm On To You!: Wall Shelf Moonlights As Secret Drawer

It might just look like a plain old shelf, BUT IT CONTAINS A HIDDEN DRAWER FOR VALUABLES. Don't own any valuables? Welcome to the club. The drawer is only 23mm (~0.9 of an inch) tall though, so you can forget about stashing a big ol' dildo in there. *shelf buzzing* A teensy vibrator, yes. Hit the jump for a couple more product shots. Interview with Vela Creations’ Abe Connally, Off-Grid Homesteader. Abe and Josie Connally are two of my maker heros.

Interview with Vela Creations’ Abe Connally, Off-Grid Homesteader

Their infectious positivity and passion for preserving the environment fuel their unfaltering dedication to living the DIY off-grid homesteading dream. They’ve built their homestead from the ground up in the hills of Chihuahua, Mexico, and they relish in sharing their know-how with the greater maker community through their site, Vela Creations. Their names have appeared in at least 11 volumes of MAKE, and they’ve taught us how to make wind generators, seed starters, honey cows, solar food dryers, compressed earth brick floors, fabric-formed posts, solar wax melters, and more.

We recently caught up with Abe to get a window into off-grid life: building, growing, teaching, and raising two beautiful kids. DIY Off-Road Motor Home. The 1-Square Meter House (Isn't A House If You Ask Me) This is a one-square meter "house".

The 1-Square Meter House (Isn't A House If You Ask Me)

Index. Beijing architect lives in tiny egg-shaped house on sidewalk. Own Your Very Own Hobbit Hole Playhouse For $3K. Ever dreamed of owning a hobbit hole playhouse where you can read nudey magazines and guzzle beers away from the prying eye of Sauron?

Own Your Very Own Hobbit Hole Playhouse For $3K

Well you're in luck, all thanks to the Hobbit Hole Playhouse from Wooden Wonders. Maybe Gandalf will even pop in for a smoke! No, no he won't, but you will have to bug-bomb the thing every summer after the spiders move in. Attractive and spacious children's playhouse in the style of a Hobbit Hole, with a dome shaped front, curved walls, windows on either side of a round front door and a dormer with a round window. Provides a perfectly cozy enclosed space that kids will love to call their own.

Super Sleek High Altitude Pod. Tiny House Blog - Living Simply in Small Spaces. “Stuart Little:” A Small House with a Big Personality. Welcome to Movie Monday, when I feature the houses from our favorite films.

“Stuart Little:” A Small House with a Big Personality

The first Stuart Little movie, which was based on the classic book by E.B. White, came out in 1999, and it may have been marketed to kids, but the sets were a treat for their parents, too. When I watched it with my children, I was wowed by how colorful and creative the Little family’s house was. It’s a New York City brownstone near Central Park, wedged tightly between much larger buildings on either side. Mr. and Mrs. KCI. The Simple, Organized Life: Mindful Consumption Why not ask a professional?


Guest Author Crystal Eakle is a licensed professional organizer who brings extensive experience to helping businesses and consumers organize their priorities, processes and possessions. In this post, Crystal offers advice to start de-cluttering your stuff. Amazing Mini Egg House by dmvA. This project is one that is hard to name so I am calling it the “Mini Egg House”.

Amazing Mini Egg House by dmvA

The project scope was to create a mobile office unit for Xfactoragencies. The architectural design firm behind the project was dmvA of Belgium. I cannot be certain how an egg was chosen as the inspiration, but I am sure there is a great story behind that. Despite its small size, the house has a kitchen, bathroom, a bed and a lot of shelving for storage. It is interesting the way that the nose can open to provide a way to open the house to the outdoors. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Share on GooglePlus. MiniHome: The Green Prefab Modern Trailer. For those who wonder why Treehugger likes modern prefab so much, here is the answer.

miniHome: The Green Prefab Modern Trailer

We think people can live with less and don't need so much space. We think prefabrication generates less waste and more opportunities for greener construction methods and technologies. We think traditional land development restricts peoples choices and costs too much money. Sustain MiniHome: Sustainable Prefab Now. TreeHugger loves modern prefab- It should make good green design affordable and accessible.

Sustain MiniHome: Sustainable Prefab Now.

It often does not live up to this promise- many are built far away as second homes, founded on concrete and tethered to the grid like any other house. Thats why we continue to be so excited about the Sustain MiniHome- conceptually a travel trailer, it can go anywhere, including parks all over North America. We have gushed over it before here and here but finally got to really see it and we are going to gush again.

Everything we talk about at TreeHugger is in this baby. We talk about:living with less- It is well laid out and comfortable, and feels much larger than 340 square feet. So forgive us for gushing. . Architect Andy Thomson in dining area.