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IOU. Unique handmade clothes. Artisanal clothes India. Greenblut Ethical Fashion Growth Consulting. OMWA Maasai Women + Idia'Dega Eco-Fashion Collaboration - Home. Talento masái: moda y ecodiseño para un desarrollo sostenible. Hace un año Esther Mpuyuk cogía un lápiz entre carcajadas.

Talento masái: moda y ecodiseño para un desarrollo sostenible

Era la primera vez que ella y otras 35 mujeres masái usaban uno, ya que nunca habían ido a la escuela. Un año después, sus diseños han sido presentados en las Fashion Week de París y de Nueva York. Este sorprendente salto se debe a la colaboración entre la cooperativa de artesanas masái de Olorgesailie (Omwa) de Kenia, a la que pertenece Esther, e Idia’Dega, una marca basada en Nueva York y dirigida por Tereneh Mosley. La primera colección que surge de la iniciativa, The Tomon, empezó a tomar forma en Olorgesailie (Kenia) a finales de 2013.

Situado al sur del Valle del Rift, Olorgesailie es una región de gran interés cultural, en parte por los esfuerzos de los propios masái por conservar su entorno y su patrimonio, y también de un gran interés arqueológico debido a los hallazgos sobre evolución humana encontrados en el territorio. “La comunidad es muy rural y muy pobre. The Tomon: moda global para desarrollo local. Sunsais Ecofashion group - Portal de Moda sostenible y Ropa ecologica. Razão Social. Slow fashion – marcas y tiendas que te encantarán. Cada vez que compramos algo estamos expresando nuestra opinión.

Slow fashion – marcas y tiendas que te encantarán

Knitting Kits Ovillos de Lana a buen precio. The Panama Hat Specialist - Certified Fair Trade - Pachacuti. Bags - Elvis & Kresse. Bottletop Official Online Store. Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship. Miguel Angel Gardetti, Ph.D has been the head of the Center for Study of Corporate Sustainability (IESC) since its foundation in 2002, and he also holds the same position at the Center for Study of Sustainable Luxury.

Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship

He is head professor in MBA and masters programs both in Argentina and abroad. He has provided training within frameworks of executive education and in house programmes to CEOs and Corporate Managers both from domestic and multinational companies in Argentina and Latin America. He has lectured at the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain), one of the top business schools in Europe. Moreover, he was a speaker in Identidad Uruguay, an event organised by the Universidad de Empresa (Montevideo), with a lecture on Fashion, Luxury, and Sustainability. IOU. Prendas Unicas Hechas a Mano con Artesanos Indios y Europeos. Groups - Ethical Fashion SOURCE Network. Boutique. Slow Fashioned. Slow Fashion Daily- moda sostenible. About. Log in SIGN UP FOR FREE news and business bulletins direct to your mailbox.


Flavia Aranha Biografia. Poesia, leveza e contemporaneidade resumem o trabalho de Flávia Aranha.

Flavia Aranha Biografia

Nascida em Campinas, veio para São Paulo para cursar a faculdade Santa Marcelina e adotou a cidade como sua primeira casa. Vuelo. Vuelo. Made in Brazil : Fashion Revolution. By Fernanda Simon17/06/14 Brazil: home of the 2014 World Cup and birthplace of some great sustainable fashion brands!

Made in Brazil : Fashion Revolution

Created by François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp, childhood friends, who after traveling the world for a year studying sustainability projects undertaken by large enterprises, got disappointed with what they saw. Delighted with the idea of preserving the Amazon forest, they decided to create a different brand of shoes which seeks to respect both humans and nature. Collection with the collaboration of model Lily Cole Designed in France and made in Brazil, sneakers from Veja are made with organic cotton and natural rubber from the Amazon. Flávia Aranha Timeless modeling, organic cotton and natural dyes (such as leaves, bark and herbs) are present in her collections, complemented by a line of accessories in tilapia leather and blown glass.

Chiara Gadaleta – Ser Sustentável com Estilo. A Comunidade de Paraisópolis em São Paulo convida para um dia de moda, beleza e claro muita dança e música.

Chiara Gadaleta – Ser Sustentável com Estilo

Veja a programação. 2013: The Year of Sustainable Fashion — Sustainable Fashion. In less than 24 hours, we will be welcoming in the new year and saying goodbye 2013!

2013: The Year of Sustainable Fashion — Sustainable Fashion

But, before doing that, we thought it would be a great idea to look back at this year and see what 2013 brought to the sustainable fashion industry. So without further ado, here is our top 5 picks of 2013 sustainable fashion events! 1. SOURCE Summit 2013 In July, the SOURCE Summit 2013 conference was held at the Crystal in London. 2. September saw the Green Carpet Challenge and Net-a-Porter launch a world wide exclusive capsule collection, where all the pieces were created in accordance with GCC® ethical criteria and produced to the highest sustainable standards. 3.

This year also saw the creation the annual commemorative day Fashion Revolution Day. Check out Fashion Revolution Day Facebook page here. 4. Eco-friendly Clothing & Accessories. sustainable urban + outdoor apparel. La boutique de l'upcycling - accessoires de mode en matières recyclées - VAKILI.

La Plataforma de Moda Sostenible, Formaci. Sunsais Ecofashion group - Portal de Moda sostenible y Ropa ecologica. The 11 Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Sites to Do Your Fall Shopping. Summer is officially over, and your Instagram is about to blow up with Fashion Week pics.

The 11 Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Sites to Do Your Fall Shopping

It might just be time to start thinking about fall shopping. I know EcoCult readers aren’t the kind of girls who go running to the nearest department store, filling their arms with clothes from Bangladesh. No, the EcoCult reader keeps a carefully curated closet, filled with classics mixed with updated looks that scratch your trend itch. If you’re as specific about I am about what you want to buy (“I’m looking for a pair of silk-ish, high-waisted trousers with a tapered leg and large print”), and you’re also looking for it in the sustainable option, you have some searching in your future. But it can be found. To make your job a little bit easier and more comprehensive, I’ve rounded up my favorite ethical and sustainable online shopping destinations, in alphabetical order.

ASOS Green Room The British company ASOS has been cleaning up on the American scene over the past few years. BeGood Beklina Ethica Zady. Top 10 shops making sustainable fashion products work for them. SOURCE Deputy Editor, Sarah Ditty, highlights 10 multi-brand fashion retailers that are making sustainable product ranges work for them - keeping customers coming back for more.

Top 10 shops making sustainable fashion products work for them