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Consumption, Production, Waste challenges and solutions

RSVP for Special Event. Your Energy Savings. Sustainable development goals - United Nations. World Economic Forum sur Twitter : "Which countries produce the most waste? #environment... United Nations sur Twitter : "What is sustainable development & how do we achieve it? This new video explains: #GlobalGoals. Colleen M. Fletcher sur Twitter : "I do this for the generation that is coming behind me. #sustainability... Moving From Protest to Prototype, Entrepreneurs Gather in Paris to Solve Climate Change - The Daily Catch. Photo: Wikimedia Commons For six weeks, over 100 entrepreneurs will be living communally in a 16th-century castle outside of Paris.

Moving From Protest to Prototype, Entrepreneurs Gather in Paris to Solve Climate Change - The Daily Catch

Their goal, like all cults worth their dianetics, is to save the world. The Proof of Concept 21 Innovation Camp (POC21) is being billed as an “extreme co-creation event format which blends strategic design, prototyping, co-making and co-living.” While there, teams will be working on 12 open-source projects that will solve all of our environmental woes. They include a $30 wind turbine, a pedal tractor, an antibacterial water filter, a greenhouse controlled by your smart phone, and a re-design of the kitchen that includes an “aquaponic theatre,” which — as far as I can tell — is a fish tank underneath your sink.

VentureBeat reports: POC21 is a collaboration between France’s OuiShare, a sharing economy organization, and Germany’s Open State, which focuses on finding innovative new ways to reduce people’s impact on the planet. Read Full Story. Logan Lerman sur Twitter : "People are risking their lives to cross the Med. Please read this account by @douglasbooth #WorldRefugeeDay" EcoWatch sur Twitter : "We Have Already Consumed a Year's Supply of the Planet's Resources in Less Than 8 Months. UN Environment sur Twitter : "Farne Islands celebrate 90 years of #conservation: Pic: David Tipling #wildlife. Girl Up sur Twitter : "You're never too young to make a difference! Happy #YouthDay to those working to support girls' empowerment worldwide.

Svein T veitdal sur Twitter : "Happy Earth Overshoot Day! We’ve Now Used All Our Resources For The Year. Agriculture Might Be Emitting 40 Percent More Of One Greenhouse Gas Than Previously Thought. Synthetic fertilizers are used throughout agriculture — and especially in the United States’ Corn Belt — to help plants grow.

Agriculture Might Be Emitting 40 Percent More Of One Greenhouse Gas Than Previously Thought

But the fertilizers also emit a greenhouse gas known as nitrous oxide (N2O) that is almost 300 times more potent, pound for pound, than carbon dioxide. Now, a recent study out of the University of Minnesota suggests that emissions from nitrous oxide have been severely underestimated, by as much as 40 percent in some places. Nitrous oxide emissions have historically been calculated in two ways: either by adding up the amount of nitrogen used as fertilizer (known as the bottom-up method) or by taking measurements from the air (known as the top-down approach). Researchers at University of Minnesota wondered where the discrepancy in the two models came from — what was the top-down model measuring that the bottom-up models were missing?

Dutch Government Ordered to Cut Carbon Emissions in Landmark Ruling. Photo Credit: El Greco/ A court in the Hague has declared the Dutch government’s climate policy illegal and ordered it to cut its emissions by at least 25 percent within five years, in a landmark ruling.

Dutch Government Ordered to Cut Carbon Emissions in Landmark Ruling

To cheers from climate campaigners in the court, three judges ruled that government plans to cut emissions by just 14-17 percent compared to 1990 levels by 2020 were illegal. In the first climate change liability suit brought under human rights and tort law, Judge Hans Hofhuis said that the threat posed by global warming was severe and acknowledged by the Dutch government in international treaties. RELATED: Kids Win Landmark Climate Battle Against Washington State Government “The state should not hide behind the argument that the solution to the global climate problem does not depend solely on Dutch efforts,” the judges’ ruling said. The Verge sur Twitter : "Conservationists are embedding cameras in the tusks of rhinos to deter poachers.

Introducing our new sister site - One Step Off The Grid. RenewEconomy is proud to announce the launch of One Step Off The Grid, our sister site that will focus on the consumer side of the energy market, and how the uptake of rooftop solar, battery storage and other technologies will usher in a dramatic transformation of our energy system.

Introducing our new sister site - One Step Off The Grid

Australia is at the cutting edge of this revolution. Already, it has more “pro-sumers” – consumers that produce at least some of their own electricity needs – per head of population than any other country. The advent of battery storage will offer even more choice. For some, it will mean the ability to leave the grid. But what are the social, economic, and business impacts of this transformation? That is why we have created One Step Off The Grid.

It will provide information to consumers – in households, business and communities – on all of the latest developments, such as these new projections on commercial solar uptake, and the latest on solar, battery storage, tariff and policy changes.

Urban Centres

Climate Reality sur Twitter : "Great planets are hard to come by. Retweet if you’re ready to #ActOnClimate. Mike Hudema sur Twitter : "#Exxon knew about #climate change in 1981, – but it funded deniers for 27 more #actonclimate. Financing the post-2015 sustainable development agenda. This month, the international community will meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss the policy reforms, financing, and international coordination challenges involved in implementing a new sustainable development agenda.

Financing the post-2015 sustainable development agenda

The targets—the Sustainable Development Goals—driving that agenda are ambitious, and intended to be applicable to all countries. In Addis, governments, international organizations, the business community, and civil society will explore the options for mobilizing the financial resources needed to achieve these targets over the next 15 years. The debate will include issues ranging from maintaining global economic and financial stability to financing infrastructure, boosting tax collection, and attracting foreign capital—but also to issues of improving inclusion, gender equity, and climate change. How To Talk To A 5-Year-Old About Climate Change. Climate change can be a scary thing to talk about with grown-ups, let alone children.

How To Talk To A 5-Year-Old About Climate Change

It is also very complex, with long-term effects that reach into future decades and centuries, and causes that include an invisible, odorless gas. When the president’s top science adviser encounters problems explaining climate change to members of the House Science Committee, the prospect of explaining fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, or ocean acidification to a 5-year-old or pre-teen can seem daunting. “When we talk to our kids, we have to explain the science of what’s happening,” said Lisa Hoyos, co-founder of Climate Parents, an organization focused on mobilizing families on the issue. “But it’s important to quickly pivot to what we can do to solve it.” The grassroots organization Moms Clean Air Force hosted a “Play-In for Climate Action” last week, with parents from all over the country rallying in a park north of the U.S.

“No,” said Lucy, sitting on the lawn. Some parents, however, can’t avoid it. Mike Shellenberger sur Twitter : ""Sociality in animals is biological — not in humans. Shared intentionality, culturally defined social org., non-kin subsistence exchange."" Mike Shellenberger sur Twitter : ""No other animal depends on non-kin exchange relations like humans. We require culture to survive. Our young require education to survive.""

Pope Francis visits Paraguay slum to ask for struggling residents' stories. Pope Francis put into practice his insistence that the world’s poor not be left on the margins of society by visiting a flood-prone slum outside Asunción on Sunday to offer residents a word of encouragement on the final day of his three-country South American tour.

Pope Francis visits Paraguay slum to ask for struggling residents' stories

Francis drew cheers when he opened his remarks by saying he couldn’t have left Paraguay without visiting Banado Norte, “without being on your land”. Many residents of Banado Norte are squatters on municipal land who have come from rural areas in the northeastern part of the country where farmland has been increasingly bought up by Brazilians and multi-national companies.

Residents argue they should be given title to the land because they have worked to make it habitable with little help from the city. Third International Conference on Financing for Development. 5 ways to make the taxation of multinationals fairer. The paltry sums paid in tax by some of the world’s largest companies have made headlines and provoked outrage in recent years.

5 ways to make the taxation of multinationals fairer

Tax avoidance has prompted intense international debate. Major steps are being taken by G-20 and OECD members to increase cross-border information-sharing on tax matters as part of the fight to end “balance erosion and profit shifting” (BEPS). Preparations for the upcoming Addis Ababa Financing for Development Conference on 13-16 July are also raising the issue of reducing tax avoidance and illicit flows, as countries look to mobilize more resources for development.

Third International Conference on Financing for Development. Over half of the world’s population today lives in urban areas.

Third International Conference on Financing for Development

By 2050, this figure is expected to increase to two-thirds. Asia and Africa, still largely rural, are urbanizing faster than other regions and will contribute a significant share of the additional 2.5 billion people that will live in urban areas by 2050. More than 80 per cent of global GDP is generated in cities, meaning cities are vital to the sustainable development agenda. At the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), governments recognized the contribution that cities and human settlements can make towards sustainable development. This was reinforced by the Open Working Group’s inclusion of Goal 11 to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable in the proposal for Sustainable Development Goals. Urban finance as an investment in the global future. UNICEF Ethiopia sur Twitter : "Fact: 8 days of global military spending could fund 12yrs of free quality education for #everychild V/@GlblCtzn #FFD3.

How "Liter of Light" Is Illuminating the Globe With Repurposed Two-Liter Bottles  By Chelsea Stuart Photo via Padarth Why We Love Liter of Light: Liter of Light is the latest project launched by the MyShelter Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing low-cost, innovative green technology to rural communities with limited resources.

How "Liter of Light" Is Illuminating the Globe With Repurposed Two-Liter Bottles 

Using a technique created by MIT students and Alfredo Moser, the organization brings to homes a simple plastic bottle that when filled with water and chlorine, and activated by sunlight (through the process of refraction) produces the same light as a 55-watt bulb. So far, Liter of Light has operated primarily in the Philippines, bringing light to 28,000 homes and 70,000 people in Manila alone. While their goal may seem lofty, the organization has some pretty big sponsors and partners including Pepsi, Reuters and the US Embassy of Manila to move things forward. Photo via Liter of Light FaceBook The Mission: The Founder's Story: Photo via Liter of Light FaceBook Diaz travels around the world sharing how green technology can change lives. Peak Oil update sur Twitter : "Going Off the Rails with Dangerous Crude Oil - Emergency Management... Caroline le couteur sur Twitter : "But how to use natural materials? RT @renew_economy:Factory houses are the secret to green building.

Arnav sur Twitter : "How to mitigate #Heat Island Effect ? Simple! Adopt #CoolRoofs > ; #SmartCities... Ryan Schuchard sur Twitter : "Why #bicycling is good for the economy. #climate #transportation"...

Food / Agriculture

Forests. Freshwater scarcity. Climatehawk1 on Twitter: "Local action to cut #carbon emissions could avoid dangerous #globalwarming, study says: #climate" CECHR sur Twitter : "#Coal mine in Scotland turned into multiverse #education #earthart #universe... Wilderness Society sur Twitter : ""Beauty...comes in a swift conception wherever nature has not been disturbed." -Sigurd Olson. UN Environment sur Twitter : "Efficient cookstoves have been shown to reduce fuel use by 30-60%: via @CCACoalition #climate.