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The central platform for crowdsourcing US Government challenges, contests, competitions and open innovation prizes | Mixing it Up: Engaging News Partners « It’s been an amazing launch week for the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership (aka “MoJo”). We saw hundreds of tweets every day, coverage by 15 news outlets and blogs (plus lots of re-posts), almost 200 sign-ups on our new community list serve, and over 20 news organizations have already asked me how to get involved. We also received our first bit of critical feedback publicly. Regarding our first cohort of news partners, Tom Foremski wrote at the Silicon Valley Watcher: It would be better to concentrate on the smaller media organizations, especially neighborhood newspapers. The first and most important thing to say is that we welcome feedback like this. With so many news organizations responding to the announcement, I too have been thinking seriously about how we recruit and support a great mix of news partners. To Foremski’s point, our priority is to shape the marketplace of news applications by offering solutions built on open technology. I hope to hear back from people.

Flowing Data Tutorials How to Make a State Grid Map in R Something of a cross between a reference table and a map, the state grid provides equal space to each state and a semblance of the country to quickly pick out individual states. How to Make Animated Line Charts in R Sometimes it's useful to animate the multiple lines instead of showing them all at once. How to Make a Multi-line Step Chart in R For the times your data represents immediate changes in value. Symbols-based Charts to Show Counts in R Add visual weight by using individual items to show counts. Introducing a Course for Mapping in R Mapping geographic data in R can be tricky, because there are so many ways to complete separate tasks. How to Edit R Charts in Adobe Illustrator A detailed guide for R users who want to polish their charts in the popular graphic design app for readability and aesthetics. How to Make an Animated Map in R, Part 4 In the the last part of the four-part series, you make a longer animation with more data and annotate.

The challenge of partnerships: NewsCloud looks back on a Knight-funded project that didn’t pan out Editor’s note: It’s easy to get people to talk about their successes. Getting people to talk about projects that haven’t gone well is harder. That’s why I was happy to see Jeff Reifman of NewsCloud open up about how their recently concluded Knight Foundation grant didn’t deliver what they’d have hoped. Reifman’s final report discusses the difficulties their project — which aimed to partner with news organizations to build online communities around Facebook — faced. Some are familiar complaints: difficulties getting buy-in from large news outlets; struggles to interact with their technology side; and problems dealing with a shifting underlying platform (in this case, Facebook). Reifman is writing from his perspective, obviously, and the news orgs he worked with would likely have a different take — but he does try to note some of the complaints his partners raised here too. Our Vision Our primary belief is that news organizations have evolved to favor a culture of one-way publishing.

Jesse James Garrett: Visual Vocabulary for Information Architecture Looking for more? My book The Elements of User Experience puts information architecture and interaction design in context for beginners and experts alike. You can now order the book from version 1.1b (6 March 2002) Jesse James Garrett (contact) Translations of this document are available: Chinese (thanks to Arky Tan) Japanese (thanks to Atsushi Hasegawa) Spanish (thanks to Javier Velasco) Italian (thanks to Laura Caprio and Beatrice Ghiglione) French (thanks to Francois Lamotte) German (thanks to Marcus Brinckhoff) Portuguese (thanks to Livia Labate and Laura Cretton Lessa) Table of Contents Summary Diagrams are an essential tool for communicating information architecture and interaction design in Web development teams. Version history 1.1b (6 Mar 2002) Information on built-in support in OmnGraffle 2.0 New shape library for iGrafx Flowcharter 1.1a (17 Sep 2001) New shape libraries for Macromedia FreeHand Posted cheat sheet and PDF shape template 1.1 (31 Jan 2001) 1.0 (17 Oct 2000)

Knight Mozilla News Technology Partnership We are OpenNews We're helping a global network of developers, journalists, makers, and hackers collaborate on innovative code and new ideas. We believe a community of peers working, learning, and solving problems together can create the tools journalism needs to thrive on the open web. Here's how: Fellowships Knight-Mozilla Fellows spend 10 months embedded in partner newsrooms. Code We believe the code that's being written in journalism today is transformative to the web itself. Hack Days We sponsor hack days across the globe to write code and build community and momentum around creating technical solutions to problems that working journalists face. Source We run Source as a centerpoint for the code being written throughout the journalism community. Community The hacker-journalist community is a vibrant one, and we love helping it grow in size as well as strength.

Information Design – Course description:The course introduces basic concepts, methods and procedures of information design with focus on mapping information. It investigates visual systems and information structures such as maps, graphs, charts and diagrams. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of conceptual and visual solutions, and on the creative process of organizing, visualizing and communicating information. The objective is to examine design solutions that make complex information easier to understand and to use by a specific audience. The course will be delivered as studio projects, individual and class critiques, lectures, –discussions, and readings. The course is required for Graphic Design majors, Department of Art + Design, Northeastern University. ASSIGNMENTS: For description and student work prior to 2009 please visit previous archive, which requires Flash player. Assignment #1 :Task (2010): The assignment consists of weekly diagrams communicating world facts.

dispatch-from-ire-important-lessons-from-investigative-collaborations171.html... From the air-conditioned meeting rooms to the muggy poolside bar, everyone at this year’s Investigative Reporters and Editors conference was talking collaboration. It seems that our once doggedly independent industry is beginning to embrace a lesson long forgotten from elementary school: how to play nicely with others. And that might be because there are few alternatives. With newsrooms across the country still reeling from the plummeting revenues of the last half-decade, many organizations have begun working together as a survival strategy — especially when it comes to the typically more costly and time-consuming endeavors of investigative reporting. IRE’s four-day convention, which took place June 9 – 12 in Orlando, featured a good number of sessions focused specifically on collaboration, and the C-word trickled into many other panels that were supposed to be about other topics (global crime and corruption, working with students, etc.). Yes, but How? GET IT IN WRITING (and get it early)