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Zigloo Custom Container Home Design

Zigloo Custom Container Home Design
BLOCKS and BONDS is a concept utilizing a standardized set of living units and connectors to create an infinite number of custom housing combinations. BLOCKS: Standard container units that include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and stairs. Create and invest in unique dwellings with standardized up-gradable … View More Specs: BLOCKS: 20' and 40' containers BONDS: S, M, L, XL connectors standard units, infinite possibilities scalable, exchangeable, reusable soy based spray-foam insulation prefabricated construction

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Lefevre Beach House von Longhi Architects © CHOlon Photography Zwischen Sand und Wasser steht das Lefevre Beach House und trotzt den Naturgewalten. Inmitten der trockenen Wüste Perus an der Punta Misterio 117 km ragt gewaltig das Strandhaus aus dem Felsen. → Architecture container : construction modulaire en container ISO L’architecture container est une nouvelle tendance des architectes spécialisés dans les constructions modulaires et le recyclage, ce type d’architecture possède de nombreux avantages : - les containers sont très résistants : ils sont conçus pour être transportés dans des conditions extrêmes (vent violent, résistant au choc des tremblements de terre, …) - une très bonne isolation native : doit résister à l’eau salée, au grand choc thermique, poussière, … - peu chers, on en trouve en abondance : les déficits commerciaux entre orient et occident font qu’un grand nombre de containers sont stockés à vide dans les ports européens et américains. En effet, un retour à vide d’un container coûte en moyenne 900$. Le prix d’un container neuf est d’environ 4500$ et un container d’occasion brute 1500$

Prefab The Prefab Greenhouse Design To Grow People Not Just Their Plants Photos by Luc Roymans Even us gardeners with Black Thumbs, understands why plants love to live in green houses. Studio 804 - Modular 3 Prefab House Previously featured on Archinnovations for their Sustainable Prototype, Studio 804 is a design/build program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Studio 804 provides students with critical knowledge that prepares them for their future work as young architects in a rapidly changing and challenging profession. This is another tour-de-force by this program. Constructed in the spring of 2006, Modular 3 is a prefab house perched from the highest point in its local vicinity. Families, Empty-Nesters 3-4 bedrooms + additional pods3 baths1 level56' x 54'starting at $635,000optional pod $155,000+ 2-3 bedrooms2-2.5 baths1 level57' x 39' - 6"starting at $350,000 3 bedrooms2 baths1 level60' x 36' | 71' x 40'starting at $465,000+ 2-3 bedrooms2 baths1 level57' x 20' - 6"$285,000+ 2 bedrooms + additional pods2 bathrooms1 level36' x 64' - 6"starting at $465,000optional pod $155,000+ 2-4 bedrooms3 baths2 levels48' x 20' footprintstarting at $446,000

Your Ultimate Guide To Prefab Homes - Green Diary In recent years, we’ve seen some highly ultramodern homes going beyond the reach of the commoners. Keeping it a bit low, where an average American home costs about $200,000 (more or less), a distinctively attractive abode, dubbed as Prefab Home – unrelated to the futuristic aspect of living; promises style, of course – has gradually come to the fore. Frequently derided as trailer homes, mobile homes, manufactured housing, and modular homes, these wide trailers or mobile-home parks are, now, an essential part of modern American way of life. The Trend:

PieceHomes Standard Series Standard As the name of this range of products will highlight, the Standard series by Piece Homes focus around their basic prefab offerings which are built with the affordability principle in mind. In total, there are nine products will fall under the Standard umbrella: 2250MV3Solar WallSolar PassageVenice 2Venice 3The SingleThe Double320 As some may gather through the name of this building, it is set across 2,250 square feet of internal floor space. Treehouse Solling by Baumraum By Eric • Sep 26, 2011 • Selected Work Andreas Wenning, principal of Bremen-based studio Baumraum has sent us photos of the Treehouse Solling project. This amazing two-story contemporary treehouse and its 280 square foot main terrace are located in Uslar, a town in Lower Saxony state, Germany. Though Solling is not a true treehouse as it doesn’t rely on living trees for its structural support, it is really a dream come true for its lucky owner! Treehouse Solling by Baumraum: “The site of this treehouse near the town of Uslar in Lower Saxony is located beside an old forester’s house in a small side valley.

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