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Custom Container Home Design

Custom Container Home Design
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Shipping Container Homes - Home Design Software | Interior Design Software | Kitchen Design Software | CAD Software | House Plans Software | Landscape Software | 2D & 3D Shipping Container Homes | By victor | Category: Samples and Demo Models The interest in converting old Shipping Containers into real world homes is exploding. A few years ago we created an add on module for our Home Design Software for the task of visualization of Shipping Container Modules in the Built Environment, now I am more aware of just how many people are interested in this area I have decided to make those library modules into a public release of our Home Software. If you are interested in Shipping Container Design you might be interested in these two design resources that I came across in my research. The first is a book called Intermodal Shipping Container Small Steel Buildings which is quite mouth full but its a good resource. It explains how to purchase steel cargo containers and modify them for use as buildings saving up to 40% over tradition construction methods Intermodal Shipping Container Small Steel Buildings is 116 pages and includes photos, diagrams, and plans.

Lefevre Beach House von Longhi Architects | Studio5555 © CHOlon Photography Zwischen Sand und Wasser steht das Lefevre Beach House und trotzt den Naturgewalten. Inmitten der trockenen Wüste Perus an der Punta Misterio 117 km ragt gewaltig das Strandhaus aus dem Felsen. Der Pazifischen Ozean klatscht gewaltig gegen die Felsen und erzeugt seine eigene Dynamik. Artikel-Autor Philipp Thom → Architecture container : construction modulaire en container ISO L’architecture container est une nouvelle tendance des architectes spécialisés dans les constructions modulaires et le recyclage, ce type d’architecture possède de nombreux avantages : - les containers sont très résistants : ils sont conçus pour être transportés dans des conditions extrêmes (vent violent, résistant au choc des tremblements de terre, …) - une très bonne isolation native : doit résister à l’eau salée, au grand choc thermique, poussière, … - peu chers, on en trouve en abondance : les déficits commerciaux entre orient et occident font qu’un grand nombre de containers sont stockés à vide dans les ports européens et américains. - les containers ISO sont standards et possèdent donc des dimensions … standards. - écologique : en réalisant une construction modulaire en container vous recyclez des containers en fer qui ne servent plus; vous réduisez considérablement les travaux de votre habitat : peu de fondation, moins de nuisance sonore, …

VF-Aéro Portable Steel Storage & Shipping Containers FAQ If we haven't answered your question here, let us know We're often asked the questions we've listed below, and you'll find the information by clicking on a question that interests you. If you need an answer that we haven't already provided, please contact us… Click on a question… click "Back to FAQ" to return to this page How strong are Pac-Van portable storage containers? How strong are Pac-Van portable storage containers? Very. 14-gauge corrugated steel sides. 14G steel roof. 14G steel cam-locking double doors. 1-1/8" thick marine wood floors. How much space is needed for delivery? A 20' storage container needs approx. 75' of straight clearance. How do you deliver a portable storage container? Pac-Van, Inc. can deliver your container to you via a tilt-bed truck if you would prefer us to unload it at the desired location. Is there any site preparation necessary? The only thing to be concerned about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. We can move the container for you.

Prefab The Prefab Greenhouse Design To Grow People Not Just Their Plants Photos by Luc Roymans Even us gardeners with Black Thumbs, understands why plants love to live in green houses. They are basically no different than your average vacationer, they want to sunbath all day and be wrapped in a warm blanket of air? Through the clever use of the insulating glass, the same heating effect that is found in a real greenhouse is successfully mimicked. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos Charles Lazor Knows A Thing Or Two About Prefab Design In the world of Architecture, choosing to build your career and business on the leading fringe edge is a dangerous choice. One such company which has emerged out of the woods and seems to be on the road to success is Flatpak House, founded by Charles Lazor. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos The Ugly But Functional Shipping Container House What do you get when you combine the ever popular shipping containers with old airplane fuselages? Prefab Planit House

Maison conteneur à l'Estaque

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